3 Biohacks for Better Mental Health + Productivity

You’ve heard of biohacks, right?

Did you know they’re useful for your mental health as well as your physical health?

In this week’s podcast, I dive deep into this topic. Tune in here and get all the latest info on this topic while you’re on the go.

Now, I dunno about you… but I feel like this connection between mental health and physical health isn’t talked about as much as it should be.

Tons of us separate them into two totally distinct areas. Even though they’re not – at. all. 

In fact, what happens in our mind and our body is actually a two way street. One impacts the other constantly.

Our minds has a massive impact on everything else in our lives, including:

  • Our work.
  • Our relationships.
  • How we feel about ourselves. 
  • Whether we achieve our goals and dreams or not.
  • How we view and experience the world around us.
I know it’s kinda cliche to say “mindset is everything” but it’s actually super true. 

Because your perceptions, emotional, and responses to things actually triggers physical responses in your body. As well as what decisions you actually make based on those feelings and reactions.

So if you aren’t where you wanna be in your life… your work… your relationships… you gotta look at what’s going on in your headspace.

Because it’s there that you have you have the most opportunity for change.

So to help you out with this, I wanna invite you to my upcoming summit – which I’m hosting with my bestie Julie Serot.

We’re pulling together some of the top experts in the industry to share wellness hacks for mindset… productivity… and mental wellbeing… so you can create a healthier, wealthier life.

It’s called the On the Edge Summit: The Ultimate Wellness Revolution – and you can RSVP right here and get your 1-day access pass – FREE.

It’s a full day of conversations, biohacks, and holistic wellbeing strategies to manifest your dream life.

So let’s talk about biohacks – and how they can be leveraged to improve your mental health and productivity.

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is a process of making small, incremental changes to your lifestyle.

This in turn kickstarts small improvements in your health – that increase your energy and productivity.

Today I’ve got 3 biohacks to help with mental health and productivity.

And they’re super easy, beginner-level hacks… 

3 Biohacks for Better Mental Health and Productivity

Biohack #1: Intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is a biohack for your gut – which is literally the engine of your body.

In case ya didn’t know this: what goes into your gut also has a direct impact on your brain – and therefore your mental health, thoughts, and emotions.

Because we all have this thing called the gut-brain axis.

And when we eat unhealthy food or have an imbalance of good and harmful microbes in our digestive system… our digestive lining can weaken and become porous.

Which means toxins can seep out and enter your bloodstream – and go straight to your brain.

The gut microbiome is an emerging area of science that’s getting tons of research poured into it.

In fact, scientists are now referring to our gut as our second brain.

Because gut bacteria produce – and respond to – the same neurochemicals that your brain uses for important things, like cognitive function and mood regulation (i.e. serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, and melatonin, just to name a few).

I tell you all that simply to point out how incredibly important it is to let your gut do its thing.

Because mental health DOESN’T just reside in your brain. It literally resides in your gut too.

And that means you gotta manage your gut health if you want to improve your mental health as well.

Intermittent fasting gives your gut a break so it can do all its important processes (cleaning, restoring, healing) without being distracted by new information (AKA food) coming in.

Have you ever tried to clean your house with a house full of kids?

Not gonna happen. 

That’s what’s going on inside your gut when you don’t give it quiet time to clean house – and get rid of harmful bacteria and toxins.

Intermittent fasting works best when you do at least 12 hours of no food coming in. Nothing other than water or maybe some plain tea or coffee. I personally go for 16 hours – sometimes 18.You can start your daily fast after dinner – around 6pm or 7pm. Then leverage your sleeping hours for a big portion of your fasting.

This generally means (at least for me) skipping breakfast and having my first meal at lunchtime. Which actually isn’t all that hard once it becomes a habit.

Biohack #2: Adaptogens.

Adaptogens are herbs and plants with properties known to relieve stress. 

They soothe your adrenal glands, which are the organs that kick into overdrive when you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and worried. They’re not meant to be turned on 24/7 – which is what happens when you’re in a chronic state of fight or flight.

This state actually causes low grade inflammation to flood your body… which has been shown to be a leading cause of up to 95% of all non-genetic diseases.

Which is just INSANE to think about, right?

So let’s talk about how adaptogens – and using them to manage stress – helps with your mental health.

When you’re stressed AF do you feel productive or energetic?

Probably not.

I know when I have too much on my plate, I literally can’t process information. My concentration sucks… I lose my train of thought easily… my memory goes out the door. 

Which is good for neither my mental health nor my productivity.

When I feel this frazzled, stressed out state coming on… I reach for adaptogens. 

Two of my favs are turmeric and ginger. They can be ingested as a supplement… in your food… or even via essential oils. Which is what I personally prefer.

A couple drops go right into my beverage – whether that’s a smoothie… or water… or even tea.

I’m also a fan of medicinal mushrooms, too. Like reishi mushrooms. Which you can pick up at pretty much any quality health food store or online.

Biohack #3: Peppermint.

I know… this one sounds a little weird. 

But this herb is a little magical, if you ask me.

It’s both calming AND energizing at the same time. How about that?

Peppermint is super versatile for your mental health and productivity.

You can put some peppermint oil into your diffuser and use it as aromatherapy… or even topically. 

Rub it into your skin with a carrier oil – like almond or fractionated coconut.

And of course, you can ingest it too. But be sure to ONLY do that when you are certain the oil is pure – like doTERRA oils are. 

Trust me… you don’t wanna skimp and go cheap on any oils you’re putting on or near your bod.

So those are 3 simple biohacks for your mental health and productivity.

Because the truth is…

  • You deserve to feel energetic and productive all day long.
  • You deserve to be in a mental state that feels GOOD. 
  • You deserve better ways to cope with stress than grabbing your fav caffeinated beverage or reaching for the sugar.
When this is how you show up in your life… you’ll start to notice how things shift for you. Which is why I’m so passionate about this.

And why I’ve put together the On the Edge Summit: The Ultimate Wellness Revolution.

It all takes place on Wednesday, June 8th.

It’s free when you show up LIVE.

Proactively investing in your health can feel super overwhelming. And when you’ve got a jam-packed life, it’s even more daunting. 

The key to success is having an arsenal of holistic hacks at your fingertips. So you can develop habits that work for you – and your unique lifestyle.

This summit will show you brand new systems, routines, and processes that protect your most important asset… your mental health. 

So you can have energy to do the things you want to do. Be productive in ways that make you happy… fulfill your soul... and create your dream life. 

You deserve to feel amazing. And you CAN. I absolutely promise you that.

It all starts with just one small step. One change that you – and only you – get to make for yourself.

Ok my friend, have a great week… and lemme know what you think about these three biohacks!


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