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Hello Goal-Getters

Wait. What? Am I talking to you? Of course, I’m talking to you! You have Big, Huge, Scary goals that make you happy dance and ugly cry simultaneously.  
Yes, I know…

Sometimes we mistake the euphoria of success for case of the crazies.  

But I know the real YOU.

Whole. Successful. Gorgeous. Healthy. Happy. Loving. That’s YOU! The REAL you!

Are you rolling your eyes? Snickering? Shaking your head in 
disbelief? But maybe you’re just a little curious about why I see you as more than you see yourself?

Because I’ve been there!

But before we get to me, let’s get to this-

Just the mere fact that you stopped whatever fantastic (or tedious) thing you were doing prior to landing on my page, diligently researching how you can get some help to:
Be, do, and have more in life 

Tells me that you - and I’m talking about the real you (not the whiny, procrastinating you) are well on your way to living all the adjectives listed above.  

I know this because -
SUCCESS BEGINS WITH AN INTENTION and you’ve already taken the first step. 

Get ready to open your heart to some props and praise right now!  

You landed here for a reason: because something inside you insisted there was something more to achieve than your current circumstances. That took guts. You listened to your intuition, you took action, and now you’re here on my page!  
Welcome! Say hello to the beginning of exceptional living. 

Yes, exceptional!

If you’re not THRILLED with every aspect of your life, you’re not living full-out. Something is very wrong. 
But then…you already know that. That’s why you’re here, right? Right. 

When you are in alignment, living as the [WHOLE YOU], the doldrums-daze of “Oh well, I tried” and “It is what it is,” will be so far in the past, you won’t even recognize yourself in your own life. 

When you are living as the Whole You, you will feel and possess an ever-increasing supply of:

  • Joy and HAPPINESS 
  • Financial Abundance 
  • Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health 
  • Increased Awareness 
  • Ambition and Opportunities 
  • Better, Stronger, and More Meaningful Relationships 

"You have been a true inspiration for me these past four years and I admire you immensely! I bought your books when they first came out and embraced your lifestyle recipes and ways, love your blog, and weekly emails. It has been a blast watching you take off in dōTERRA and travel the world! Sometimes with your daughter in tow. Love it! You are the reason I am in B-School and I look forward to these next couple of months working together. I appreciate your guidance and generosity with time and encouragement. Thank you for being you!" - Whitney Kabanuk
The Whole You Podcast

Hayley Hobson is an internationally known author, life coach and inspirational speaker. Her book, A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils launched this year and Get It Done, 31 Ways to Release Your Inner Boss launches this spring. As a life coach, Hayley passionately empowers others to create lifestyle transformations by supporting clients in becoming the best possible WHOLE versions of themselves. Hayley teaches that by consciously controlling our thoughts, we create results we desire in our personal and business lives. 

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I’m so looking forward to getting to know you.

The Whole You. And Nothing but the You, You created.

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