Hey, Fab Entrepreneur Giirrllls Over Forty!

Wanna Build a Transformative Dream Biz + Life in Just 8 Weeks? 

The 10/10 Club Will Help You Do it OR YOU Don’t Pay!

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"Joining the 10/10 club is a complete no-brainer. Hayley has empowered and inspired me in both my personal and professional areas. The toolkit she and her team have developed is a golden resource that enables anyone to gain clarity and stay focused on their goals. Hayley is not only honest and smart, but she is also an open book. You can ask her or her team practically any question, and they will respond immediately or follow up promptly. The wealth of resources, knowledge, and the overall experience of being part of the 10/10 club has been nothing short of amazing. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend giving yourself permission to join this fantastic club."

—Yvette P.

The 10/10 Club is the place to be to get exclusive access to a proven roadmap to take your life + biz next level. I’m literally handing you my knowledge, my resources, and my network. 

Inside this mastermind-style community, you’ll be able to connect with others, just like us, and be seen, supported, and encouraged
 to live a big life and expand your business. As well as:

✨ Get crystal clear(er) on your vision.
✨ Let go of stories you’ve been telling yourself… That are still holding you back.
✨ Position yourself strategically in the marketplace.
✨ Raise your vibration and energy.
✨ Be responsible and IN intentional connection with others.
✨ Actually go into committed action so you see results.

Plus, you receive hands-on coaching from me. I’m here to answer all your questions and help guide you to achieve your own 10/10 life. 


Let me let you in on a little secret…

Building a successful online biz is not just about the skills. 

Yes, they’re totes important…

But it’s more about the bigger picture of leveling up what I refer to as the Wheel of Life, which includes:

  • Health.
  • Family + Friends (Connection).
  • Relationships (+ Romance).
  • Time Creation + Management.
  • Spirituality + Personal Growth.
  • Personal Space + Physical Environment.
  • Financial Security.
  • Career + Business.

  When you improve all areas of your life, the money WILL come. 

This is one of those life lessons that took me a while to get. 

I thought that if I had a vision… and I could hustle, I’d be golden. 

You know… Talk about it on social media. Find my people. Make a few sales + just rely on that alone. 

Turns out it doesn’t work like that. At all.

There’s a real art + science to excel not just in business – but also in life. 

It means shifting your way of BE-ing.

Which ultimately levels up every area in your life…

So that you can legit achieve a 10/10 in all 8 parts of the Wheel of Life. 

The truth is… You can’t separate them from each other. 

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

This A-HA moment revolutionized everything.

With this knowledge, I was able to expand to my next level.

I skyrocketed my biz growth – I quit wasting all my time in the weeds + started getting super clear and laser focused on improving EVERY area in my life. 

I discovered brand new energy + motivation – I stopped putting myself last + began treating my body as my most valuable asset. Now I eat healthier, sleep deeper, maintain a healthy weight, move my body on the daily, have closer relationships. I feel … and literally look younger.

I turned every area of my life into a 10 out of 10 — Full transparency, this took time ‘cause some areas were literally a 2 or 3 when I started. 

I landed incredible opportunities I never dreamed of – I refocused my energy on what was working.  And quit spending my time on things that zapped my energy and didn’t align with my vision. 

I surrounded myself with a network of entrepreneurs, leaders, + big thinkers who got me – supporting me with the strategies, resources, + coaching I needed to go to my next level.

For me, that next level looked like having a thriving business. 

A 7-figure business. 

And still being able to have a family. 

It’s not all about the money. 

But it’s all about the money. 

So we could travel, create experiences together. And not sweat the small stuff (like a $14 avo toast). 
Your next level may look different.

Get to YOUR Next Level 

Maybe your next level is being able to confidently call yourself an entrepreneur because your biz isn’t costing you money each month — it’s actually making you tons of money while you take back your time. You’re working smarter, not harder. 

Maybe it’s generating enough cash to enroll your kids in gymnastics or summer camp so you can gift them the memories + friendships they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Maybe it’s treating yourself to that purse from your fav designer as proof you have what it takes to lean in to your passion + make money at the same time (and ‘cause you deserve it *wink*).

Regardless of what your goals are, YOU get to create a 10/10 life — whatever that may look like for you. 

Inside the 10/10 Club, I show you EXACTLY how to habit hack your way to a healthier + wealthier life. 

This exclusive mastermind-style community is an annual commitment… 


Consistency is the secret to achieving anything + everything you want in life. 

So if you want to create a life you’re completely obsessed with, you get to be ALL IN. 

Join the 10/10 Club

As a 10/10 Club member, you’ll gain access to an interactive engaging + supportive community for women over 40 who strive to look + feel younger. So they can achieve a 10/10 life AND build an additional (or residual) stream of income.

Since this is a mastermind-style community dedicated to help you shift your way of BE-ing, it’s important to note that consistency is key. Which is why becoming a member is an annual commitment so you can truly transform your life + biz. 

Here’s what you get inside the 10/10 Club:

Live Coaching with Me + My Team 
1 live group coaching session with me per month. Hot seat-style help where you get feedback on your own way of BE-ing and what may be in the gap for you.  AND, my eyes on your life & biz – so you can catapult your results.

quarterly 10/10 Toolkit jam-packed with my biz strategies, life tips, + wellness hacks.

LIVE coaching + training with handpicked guest experts from my own community to share their expertise in functional areas like creating healthy habits, business growth strategies, online marketing, + productivity hacks.

Your New Biz Besties
Access an exclusive, private, online network of like-minded professionals working toward their profitable next level – just like you.

Monthly Clear, Focused Goals
Peak your performance with exclusive toolkits. You’ll get my biz strategies, life tips, + wellness hacks – plus a downloadable Habit Tracker, so you can track your progress month over month.

My Handpicked Guest experts
Each month I handpick a guest expert from my own community to share their expertise in functional areas like business growth strategies, online marketing, + productivity who will train you LIVE.

My signature self-paced course Your Whole Biz ($2,495 value)
In todays’ world, learn how to elevate your brand + biz with a proven online social sharing strategy is a must for long-term growth and success. This course is included so you learn how to create impact beyond your current efforts and thereby increase your own income level with ease. 

"As a member of the 10/10 Club, I find the coaching circle, access to experts and monthly newsletter filled with tactics for getting out of my own way. I’ve learned how to reclaim waisted time, deligate tasks, remove what’s no longer a priority and how to say no. As an inaugural member, the Monday coaching is an important benchmark to my week."

—Jessica P.


You’ll also gain exclusive access to my Your Whole You course — which I’m completely revamping (and upleveling) and teaching LIVE module by module just for YOU. This course teaches you the habits, systems, and processes you need to have in place in order to create a 10/10 in EVERY area of your life.

When you pay in full, you get 2 months FREE + instant access to my ever-popular Your Whole Biz course.

When you pay monthly, your access to the Your Whole Biz course will be dripped month-to-month.

Subscribers with paying subscriptions will provide Hayley Hobson LLC with a valid credit card for payment of the monthly subscription fees. 
All fees are exclusive of all federal, state, provincial, municipal or other taxes.

The Service is billed in advance on a monthly basis and is non-refundable. 
You will be billed for your first month immediately after the trial period has ended and then on the same day every month thereafter.

Go ahead, give this a whirl and if it doesn’t work…you DON’T PAY.

If you committed to showing up 100% for the first 4 weeks and gave it your all — meaning attended 2 coaching calls, actively participated and asked Q’s in the group and on Zoom, and completed the first module of my Your Whole Biz course (along with producing the homework)... 

You can choose to cancel within 8 weeks of joining.

Most mastermind-style communities don’t offer one, but this is how strongly I believe in the 10/10 Club

It has that kind of power to truly change your life & biz (one habit at a time). 
In the 10/10 Club, you'll gain access to premium, exclusive content, resources, + connections you won't get elsewhere. 

Imagine what it will be like when you take the first step & say yes to your own success… 

  • You can finally show up confidently in your life + biz – knowing what steps to take in order to shift your way of BE-ing and profitably grow. 
  • You become more present, mindful & self-assured – both at home & at work.
  • You have the right tools at your fingertips to become more productive – the goals you set for yourself actually happen. Plus, your time is used efficiently & effectively. 
  • You attract new opportunities – because you strengthen your network with new people who shift your vibe and can broaden your horizons & introduce you to new ventures. 

Let’s Answer Some Questions

How exactly does this membership work? 
The 10/10 Club is a membership that works on a subscription model and is an annual commitment. You can choose between paying in full or splitting up payments month-to-month. When you pay in full, you'll receive 2 months free and get instant access to my signature Your Whole Biz course. If you choose to split payments up month-to-month, you'll receive dripped access to Your Whole Biz monthly. 

What if I change my mind? 
You are eligible to receive a full refund within 8 weeks if I do not deliver what I said I'd deliver. Please note: you will need to demonstrate evidence that you committed to showing up 100% for the first 4 weeks and gave it your all. Meaning you attended 2 monthly coaching calls, actively participated and asked Q’s in the group and on Zoom, and completed the first module of my Your Whole Biz course (along with producing the homework). Simply email us at hello@hayleyhobson.com.

How will I access the membership? 
Your monthly content — Zoom links to live calls, the quarterly 10/10 toolkits, course access, bonuses & other downloads — will be available on our platform. You'll receive your login information for this platform in your purchase confirmation email. Community interaction will take place inside our private Shout channel.