3 tech hacks good for your health & your biz 💓

Quick Q for ya… Where’s your cell phone right now?
Odds are it’s sitting next to you… Just like mine is. (Or maybe it’s in your hand reading this article!)
Our phones and tech are important AF to our everyday lives.
Where we go, our tech goes with us.
Which means a lot of experts talk about ways to cut down on your screen time or cause less strain on your eyes.
So yes, I do listen. I mean, I do have a pair of blue light glasses. Maybe three.
But I mean, a girl needs variety! 
Oprah once said that you need a different pair of sunglasses for each of your moods.
And who doubts Oprah?!
But anyway…
While I do what I can to lessen the eye strain, I purposely don’t check my screen time stats on my phone.
Because I use my phone and my tech for wellness and biz. All. Freaking. Day. Long.
So checking my screen time numbers don’t make sense for me when over half of the time is spent on GOOD things.
Healthy things. Profitable things. Biz things. And things for you!
You get what I mean about using tech for positive things?
And while tech can get a bad rap for being a drain on your life… I want to share 3 ways tech can make your life actually better. AKA tech that’s beneficial for your health and wellness.
And we all love helpful health hacks. That’s why we’re a great match. 😘
3 Tech Hacks Good For Your Health & Your Biz 
Tech Hack #1: The Oura Ring 
The Oura Ring is all about tracking your sleep.
I’m literally obsessed with tracking sleep and understanding how it affects my health and nutrition.
Because when your sleep is off, YOU are off. PERIOD.
And nobody wants that.
I love the Oura Ring because it’s a tech tool that’s stylish. And it’s all about my fav hobby: sleep.
It’s a ring. A piece of super cute – and thankfully water resistant – jewelry. I wear it 24/7. That’s really the only way it works.
The ring has all these sensors that are constantly monitoring signals from your body. All the info gathered from the sensors is sent to their free app.
Honestly, I will NOT admit how much of my screen time is dedicated just to checking this app. But, umm, it’s A LOT. Like maybe too much. 😬
But it’s seriously so interesting!
It’s really easy to understand the data too. They put it together in charts for ya... So you aren’t sitting there having to decipher anything. Or just reading general information. It’s super clear data.
And it lets you know about YOUR specific sleep cycle and habits. 
It’s completely personalized… all about you and YOUR sleep!
I cannot tell you how much my own sleep has improved.
And sleep, of course, is one of the biggest factors for maintaining health and nutrition. Which means how you show up in your biz… AND your life.
I ❤️❤️❤️ sleep. And the Oura Ring. LOL
I’m tellin’ ya… your sleep AND your life will only go up with this helpful AF tech tool.
Next up on the tech list, I gotta give a shoutout to…
Tech Hack #2: The doTERRA nutrition line 
It’s not technically tech the way you’re probably thinking… but it’s made POSSIBLE by tech… and it’s a main part of my everyday routine.
I truly find it essential… for my health, wellness, and peace of mind.
This nutrition line has used research and tech to deliver the best dietary supplement powder out there.
Personally, I have my daily go-tos:
  • The vegan protein – for amazeballs amino acids (gotta have those for energy and stamina). 🏃‍♀️
  • The fiber powder – keeps vitamin C levels up… and digestive systems regular. 💩
  • The greens – serve up those super important veggie and fruit servings (help with metabolism). 🥦
Because hello… it’s beach season. We all like a healthy metabolism! 🌊⛱️👙 LOL
It’s just automatic to add these to my diet throughout the day.
The vegan protein goes into my morning smoothie.

(No, this isn’t Xander, but he wishes it was! LOL)
I add the fiber to a hearty glass of water. And where I use the greens depends on my mood each day.
Sometimes it’s in water and other times, I throw it in the smoothie too.
And you know how much I love my essential oils. So it was really a no brainer for me to embrace the doTERRA high tech nutrition line too.
It’s made everyday nutrition SO much better.
I’m such a fan. Definitely check it out if you’re feeling BLEH and want an easy way to boost nutrition on the daily. And slide into my DMs if you want the hookup. 😉
Tech Hack #3: Wholetones. 
I love Wholetones so much… because I love music. 🎵
Like, the power of music is so, so real! And how our brains retain music lyrics is insane.
Just think about the last time you randomly heard a throwback banger...
Did you shock yourself by still knowing all the lyrics?
Like when I realized I still know ALL of “Shoop”.
Instant mood booster just thinking about it.
Like it doesn’t matter what else has gone wrong in your day, a great song just changes everything.
This is what makes Wholetones so groundbreaking.
They’ve harnessed the mind AND body healing powers of a good tune. It’s frequency-based music therapy. So they’ve used technology to specifically curate beats with health benefits.
That’s pretty awesome, right?
What you need will literally dictate the beat that’s right for you.
  • Some can improve your sleep.
  • Others are stress relievers.
  • And then there’s the ones that give you that much needed energy boost.
What could be better than targeted music therapy for your health? Not much.
Unless… you’re like me and you have this fantasy...
Imagine this…
You’re relaxing on your couch.
Rockin’ your Oura Ring for that amazeballs sleep health.
Drinking a smoothie with some doTERRA vegan protein in it.
And listening to a Wholetones beat for stress relief.
I mean… that’s like peak wellness right there. #sexyAF 😍
That blissful moment is all thanks to some amazing tech.
It’s literally my fav thing to think about before I go to bed. 
That’s a normal fantasy, right? So hot. LOL
So – like I said before – not all screen time and tech are bad and draining.
Tech can be sooooo good for you…when used right.
For your health and wellness. And your biz.
So grab your phone… which is still right there with ya… maybe throw on some blue light glasses... 👓
...and start utilizing these tech tools.
I promise, your health and wellness will only improve from these ones. Which means your BIZ will benefit from it.
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XO,  Hayley 

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