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Hi! My name is Hayley Hobson, and I’m a former hot mess turned holistic happiness badass entrepreneur. I’m here to tell you that if I could find a way to kick the unhealthy habits in my life, you can too.

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When you become a Habit Hacker this month, you'll get instant access to my Favorite Health Hacks for Holistic Happiness Cheat Sheet. This is a collection of my absolutely favorite hacks I use to keep myself healthy and happy all year long—seriously.

In the collection, you'll get access to special recipes for essential oil blends to improve focus, productivity and immunity. You'll also get a list of my go-to hacks when I need a pick-me-up. Plus, I'm sharing my 3 go-to shots... wellness shots, that is... that keep me protected no matter what is happening in the world.

It's super easy to get this cheat sheet—just become a Habit Hacker this month and you'll see it added to your membership portal.

Before you’re a badass, you’ve gotta kick the bad habits

Before I got my shiz straight, I had SO MANY BAD HABITS. Running myself into the ground, stressing about my biz, making pit stops for food on the go (like… a lot), staring at my schedule on the verge of a rage cry daily…

Back then, I knew the habits I had to change in order to feel better. Things like: streamline my tasks. Eat more veggies. Drink more water. Sleep more. Buy a planner and make some lists. All the things doctors, Oprah, and your mom tell you to do. But every time I’d make progress in one area, I’d see another problem rear its ugly head. Maybe you can relate?

For example, I know kale is a superfood, but have you tasted it? No thanks. Not to mention, a traditional To-Do list was not my jam. Sound familiar? Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything to “live better” and "scale your biz" only to be left feeling like something wasn’t quite right

Like maybe it’s not for you… at least, not the way you’re being told. That’s because the whole idea of “holistic happiness” feels kinda fuzzy, doesn’t it? Maybe even woowoo.

the truth is: holistic happiness is 

simply a strategy

to living your best life—which includes your biz

From your nutrition, to your rest (not just sleep, but actually manage stress and relax), to your daily productivity... holistic happiness is a total wellness package. Which leaves the question: how do you find the right package for you? And once you do, how do you implement the strategy behind that total wellness package?

It takes support. Encouragement. Consistent momentum. And a whole lotta hacks up your sleeve to bring it all together. Here’s the good news: there’s one place that contains all that (and more).

join the community

My new membership community, Habit Hackers, will connect you with everything you need to make your version of holistic happiness a reality. It’s an interactive, engaging, and supportive group for smart, busy professionals like you who are ready to eat smarter, rest better and be more productive.

This isn’t about changing your life in one fell swoop…

...this is about applying simple, doable shifts to create your "holistic happiness badass" story.

introducing: habit hackers

Your community where you’ll be guided through creating a total wellness package to write your own holistic happiness badass story.

As a member of Habit Hackers, each month you’ll receive:

exclusive, online community

Access to an exclusive, private, online community of like-minded creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals hacking their habits. Which means if you find yourself wondering “Will a turmeric latte really help me feel better? And BTW, what the TF even is that??” at 6pm on a Tuesday... You’ll get instant answers from your new BFFs.

live q+a coaching sessions

Live Q&A coaching sessions with me where I’ll help guide you along your journey.  This is about helping you achieve your goals. As a certified life and health coach, I’ll help you make mini shifts to your already-busy life that will have a MASSIVE impact on how you feel and show up every day. True holistic happiness takes teamwork.

habit hacking magazine

A digital magazine packed with helpful articles, tips, and information to help you tackle one of the 3 wellness pillars of your life (ya know… the holy trifecta: nutrition, progressive relaxation, and productivity). This magazine is actionable and interactive. Each feature contains info you’ll need to hack an important area of your life… without dropping everything  to make it work.

guest expert training

Live, interactive training each month with a guest expert. Handpicked experts join our exclusive group to share their expertise in one of our wellness pillars. You’ll get to hear from the best, take notes, and ask questions from leaders in business, wellness, health, productivity, mindfulness, and stress management… and much more.

habit hackers success blueprint

Choose a success plan that fits your lifestyle.  Whether you dedicate 2 hours a week to hacking your habits or just 15 minutes, you’ll find a recommended plan (with activities outlined for you) inside the Habit Hackers Blueprint.

recipes, health hacks + tips

Get delicious recipes, nutrition, productivity and progressive relaxation hacks delivered to you monthly that are specifically created for badass professionals with jam-packed lives. Being busy + getting healthy can be a journey full of yummy food, amazing hacks, and fun tips that make life better. (And yes, the recipes will satisfy anyone else who eats what you do!)

business tips + career advice

Invest in yourself so you can invest in your biz. You’re the backbone of your career, so being healthy and at the top of your game mentally and physically will help you take it to the next level. Plus, each month you’ll get fresh success tips to help you scale your biz, improve your leadership skills, and become the rockstar business babe you’re destined to be.

...and so much more!

You also receive a BONUS Welcome Pack (a $49 value) delivered straight to your membership account filled with my signature well-being boosting recipes, productivity hacks, and self-reflection exercises to get you prepped for your membership. This group is truly “interactive” in that I’ll be creating content as we go based upon what you’re asking for!
It’s the ultimate “crowd-sourced” community!

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I want this to be completely risk free for you

so here’s my guarantee:

Whether you pay in full or month-to-month, you can cancel at any time. There are no strings attached here. This is how strongly I believe in the power of Habit Hackers to truly change your life (one good habit at a time)

In Habit Hackers, you'll get access to premium, exclusive hacks you won't get elsewhere. These hacks are life-changing. Just imagine...

  • Experiencing a more vibrant life, as you create better habits guided by experts in their field.
  • Finally getting it when it comes to understanding the right moves to feel successful in your biz and career.
  • Knowing what foods will help you not only be healthy but feel better, which means no more wasted food or time spent wandering aisles unsure of what to buy.
  • Having tools to help you truly rest. And I don't just mean sleep. I mean truly feel rested.
  • Having more energy in your daily life so when you wake up, you're ready to face the day.
  • Meeting new people, having new opportunities and expanding your life by being connected to a group of like-minded women who are improving themselves, too. 

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