How I brought my health & wellness biz online

Today I’m getting a little personal with ya…

A year ago at this time, I was making holiday party plans with my friends.

Prepping some fun holiday vacation activities with Madeline.

Figuring out where to get a vegan, GF meal for Thanksgiving (because literally NO ONE has the same eating habits as me!)

But this year feels a little different.

So today, I thought I’d take a reflective, personal approach to the blog by sharing a bit about my story.

Why I Got into the Health and Wellness Biz – and Why I Brought It Online

When I was in my twenties (you know, four or five years ago… 😜), I was actually a lawyer!

I worked my buns off.

Being a lawyer was everything I THOUGHT I wanted: 

Success, prestige, achievement...

And then, my body decided to stage a revolution.

I explained all the symptoms away (migraines, bloating, exhaustion) because hitting “important goals” at work was top priority.

Until I landed myself in the hospital.

I’ll spare you the details but… IT. WAS. NOT. PRETTY.

It’s a little embarrassing when a doctor tells you that you need to change your life.  

For me, it’s up there with “your mom being disappointed in you”. 😳

But you know what?

I’m actually GLAD I had that wakeup call so early in life.

The universe had different plans for me.

Fast forward a bit… 

I quit my law career, became a Pilates and yoga teacher, and moved my way up the ladder at a fitness studio – my parents were super excited about that career change.  🙃😂

But I told myself it was “doctor’s orders” to live a healthier life, so I went for it.

One day I was introduced to the power of essential oils and VOILA…

The evolution of Hayley began.

I started with doTERRA… and here’s where the REAL magic happened.
Online marketing.
This was several years ago, so the online world looked different back then:
  • I had no website. 
  • No email list. 
  • Instagram didn’t exist. 
  • No one was “blogging” or “podcasting” back then.  
  • I maybe had 10-15 Facebook “friends” at the time.
But it seemed the smartest and easiest thing to do was talk about doTERRA online.
Online marketing is, I would say, the biggest thing that helped me achieve Double Presidential Diamond status with doTERRA. 
Within 15 months.  
Once I realized this whole online marketing was working, the rest of my biz began to fall into place.
I started doing online trainings and education-sharing with free webinars..,.
Which is an example of an online offering that helped me bridge my OFFLINE business (marketing and selling essential oils) to an ONLINE audience...
For massive reach, growth, and expansion into other sectors of the health and wellness space.
A Look at My Health & Wellness Biz Today
I’m still a leader in network marketing. And I still do webinars – but I’ve expanded beyond just the essential oil biz.
Here are some online health & wellness biz builders I do today: 
  • In 2020, I started is an ONLINE MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY called Habit Hackers, where I share my 20+ years of holistic health knowledge to help busy women with full, rich lives actually implement lifestyle changes so they stick.
  • I create ONLINE COURSES for various aspects of my wellness biz (social media marketing training for network marketers, business training courses for small biz owners in health & wellness, and how to create an online marketing funnel to grow your offline biz online, among others).
  • I COACH MY doTERRA TEAM ONLINE about how to market EO on the web so they can grow their own biz and be financially independent.
  • I have several PUBLIC FACEBOOK GROUPS for people who want to learn about holistic health and happiness – which often leads them to join my team or enroll in one of my other online offers (although that’s never required).
I truly believe my purpose is to teach women like you how to grow your own business in a scalable way, so you’re not relying solely on ONE THING for income.
Earlier this year, when COVID first hit, we all kinda froze in place.
And it KILLED me to see all these amazing small biz owners start worrying about their offline businesses – ones that relied on in-person experiences or a physical location. 
Even people like hairstylists, personal trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors who use their talents working for someone else… were severely impacted.
I wanted to shout from the rooftops: GO ONLINE!!!
And every time I said this, one-to-one?
They said…
I 👏 DON’T 👏 KNOW 👏 HOW 👏.
Wow, talk about a wake-up call!
I’ve done this for SO LONG.
That’s why I’m hosting a free masterclass-style webinar on this same topic.
3 key things every health & wellness biz owner needs for success in 2020 and beyond – so your business can thrive no matter what’s happening in the world.
With 4 class times to choose from between December 1-3.
The link to sign up is
So let me leave you with this…
  • All the challenges you’ve had this year in your small biz?
  • All the worries sitting in your mind about 2021?
  • All the fears you have about going online?
  • All the resistance you feel in thinking about stepping into something new?
I cover ALL of that in this new webinar class...
And I’ll show you how to go online in a way that’s manageable… and actually works.
To join the free masterclass-style webinar, sign up at
Once you sign up, I’ll send you all the info you need to participate. 
I’m asking you to reserve your spot so I can get an accurate headcount and make sure I am preparing the content to fit the right audience, okay?
Amazing! I’m excited to bring this to you next week.
Thank you for being here… I would not be living my passion without you. 🙏🏻💕🎉
I’ll see ya online.

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