Calm Your Nerves Blend

It’s Fri-YAAAAAY!!!!

And I’m so excited because Marie Forleo and I are coming at ya live on Facebook today at 2:30pm MST. 

Join us and have all your B-School questions answered, this is your chance!

Also, tomorrow is her final FREE masterclass! Want to join us? Just type “I want to go” and I’ll send you the link to register.

And I don’t know about you, but when I’m super busy growing my biz, I find I turn towards the calming oils to help me get through the day. So I came up with this beautiful blend to calm your nerves and calm your mind.

Just combine:
3 drops bergamot
2 drops clary sage
2 drops petitgrain
Get relaxed, get clear and I’ll see your zen face this afternoon with Marie!

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