Shhhh....I Know Where My Daughter's Rollers Went...

Sometimes Madeline’s Brave or Strong roller bottles go “missing”.

But, I always miraculously find them. (wink wink)

I just sometimes, ya know, want to use them and forget to hide the evidence. #oops

While she’s busy looking I run upstairs and toss them on her bed. #problemsolved

I mean “kids line” isn’t that a little misleading? Aren’t we all kids at heart?

Have YOU tried the new kid's line? #gamechanger  
I just need to order my own and fess up to Madeline that I’m just as obsessed as she is.

Can you even pick a favorite?



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Dec 13, 2018 10:48 AM CDT

OMG I can't WAIT for my kids kit to arrive!! My kids are loving EOs but something tells me that it might just be ME using the kit more than them (SO not sheepish about this either)!!

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