I’m Ready … Are You?

Hey There!

You know a few months ago, I was debating going to yet another event.  I had so many thoughts going through my mind, like: 
 I’m already traveling too much! 

Do I really need to be at yet another event? 

The timing seems all wrong after Africa, Go Pro in Las Vegas and then Thanksgiving in Mexico….

Will it even be worth it?


And all those thoughts kept making me feel like I shouldn’t go.  

But then I changed my thoughts to: 

This event is going to be different as it’s different and in a niche of online digital marketing I want to rock out! 

I am ready to take my business to even the next level! 

I will be able to take what I learn at this event and explode to yet another level by working LESS!

And so I attended Amy Porterfield’s The Entrepreneur Experience. I decided I was ALL IN. And even though I had a strong year in my doTERRA business—like bursting at the seams awesome - I had a sense I could take my brand and my business to the next level. 
So watch out 2018 is going to be an awesome year if you’re willing come with me. 

Stay tuned for:  

A PRIVATE ACCESS membership site that’s going to blow you away.  

Tons of FREE material unique to my brand. You won’t find this stuff anywhere else. 



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