Live Well 

Wellness is all about proactively taking care of yourself. It’s what you eat, who you surround yourself with, your mindset & attitude, plus how you show up in your life & your biz.


Why do people suck at creating healthy habits that stick?

They try to change too much, too fast. Your habits determine your success in life. Because you’re the foundation of your business. And if your habits are holding you back, you’re not going to be as successful as you could be. #facts.

Yeah, you know you’re supposed to eat smarter, rest better, and manage your stress… But when you’re busy AF, how are you supposed to do all.the.things… and live a healthy life?

That’s why you need hacks—AKA: simple lifestyle shifts—that make all that heavy lifting way easier. You also need the right people around you—a team you love that’s lifting you up, helping you out, and joining you on the journey. If you’re an entrepreneur or creative professional, Habit Hackers is the exact community you need.

ready for a little
plant magic?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for optimal, natural health. From mood-balancing to stress management and boosting your immune system, EO is part of a holistic wellness lifestyle.

already using essential oils?

Take your knowledge and passion to the next level to...

Earn recurring, passive income as an essential oil affiliate marketer (training provided!).

Create a healthy lifestyle that sticks (for you and your fam!) in a way that’s fun and actually works.

Share your love of wellness—and get paid for it—by getting certified as a Health Coach.

choose to live well

By putting healthy, positive things into your body—and healthy, positive things out into the world—you can fulfill your soul’s purpose.

private business coaching

Want 1:1 sessions with me? Fast track your path to success with the personal touch that drives results.

fill up on healthy goodness

Jump start your wellness journey with 3 popular articles loaded with healthy
habit-building hacks.

stay in the know

New podcast episodes and blog articles added weekly—everything from how to scale your biz in a sustainable way to delicious, sneakily-healthy recipes for busy professionals on the go.

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