How to Be Committed + Determined AF

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I'm paving the way in the holistic wellness space for ambitious women, like you, to look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

If you’ve been part of my community for a while, you know all about what I like to call the Success Cocktail: which is a combination of Grit, Creativity, Flexibility, and Determination.

It’s a mindset recipe that helps you break past any obstacles life throws at ya – ‘cause, trust me, it will.

Quick recap for ya:

  • Grit is the super potent combo of passion plus persistence.

  • Creativity is about creative THINKING—not something based in artistic talent.

  • Flexibility goes right along with creativity ‘cause it means finding an alternate solution when you run up against a roadblock.
Or an approach doesn’t pan out.

So obviously, you get to think creatively about HOW you pivot when that happens.

Underlying all of this is the notion of Determination.

AKA: “I’m gonna make it happen NO MATTER WHAT.”

Even if there is zero evidence that it’s gonna work.

Determination is defined as firmness of purpose.

Being decisive and resolute.

Or as I like to say: Committed AF.

The thing is… determination is a powerful force that can propel you to achieve your dreams…

But it can also be one of the hardest things to maintain.

So we’re gonna get into that today—and I’m gonna give ya some simple tools that can help you activate your determination muscle whenever you feel stuck. 

Or lost. 

Or low energy.

‘Cause it happens.

‘Cause ya gotta know: the energy of determination is strong.

It’s active. It’s empowering.

It’s about stamina—AKA: a marathon, not a sprint.

So that’s why when I’m sitting down to do something that requires determination—like planning out my goals for the quarter… I drop my Determination Blend into my diffuser. 

You know I have a blend for everything, right? LOL

It’s a combo of: tangerine, patchouli, and vetiver.

  • As a citrus, Tangerine is an invigorating mood booster, giving you loads of energy, while stimulating positive emotions.

  • Patchouli helps create a grounded, balanced environment. On its own, it reminds me of going to 100 Grateful Dead shows in my college years. But with the Tangerine, its yum. And more adult. LOL.

  • And Vetiver is really useful for soothing anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue—and it also promotes your ability to concentrate.
PS—I’ve bundled up all these oils into ONE place for ya.

You can get the complete blend PLUS score my wholesale discount—when you go over to

So that’s actually your first tool to cultivate determination – aromatherapy.

Your next tool is reconnecting with your purpose.

I’ve found that, for most people, when you feel lost or stuck, it's often because you’ve lost sight of your purpose. 

  • WHY do you want what you want?

  • WHAT do you truly love?

  • What brings you joy AND abundance?
Reconnecting with your purpose can help you regain your focus and determination.

I mean, soooo many of us roll through the week just DOING – instead of BEing.

Checking off boxes.

Doing all.the.things we think we “have to”.

So when you find yourself zapped of energy… operating at a low vibe status… or just kinda floundering…

Take some time to reflect on why you're pursuing your goals—as well as what motivates you. 

It’s an easy way to shift into “get to” energy instead of “have to”.

Pro Tip: You can do this in several ways:

  • Talking it out with a friend. 
  • Journaling.
  • Getting quiet and still and sitting in contemplation.
  • Or moving your body (ideally outside in nature, which is both grounding AND energizing)---and letting your thoughts percolate in the background.
When I journal… or talk on the phone or IRL with a friend,...

I’ll often get my diffuser going with that Determination Blend I mentioned to ya.

Not only does it smell delish, but it always activates new ideas and thoughts—plus delivers that forward momentum of determination.

No fail.

Ok, your next tool is surrounding yourself with high vibe influences.

I’ll tell ya a quick story.

Recently my husband Wes and I had the opportunity to go on a vacation together—we both unexpectedly had our calendars free, so we decided, “Hey, let’s go do something fun together.”

And we were deciding who we wanted to go with.

And my #1 qualification for invites was how high vibe they are. LOL

Look, I know that might sound super woowoo, but I wanted my vacation time to be with people who were going to show up at a high frequency. 

And make the trip fun!

Now here’s the thing—I like to think that most of my inner circle is at that high frequency level.

But it’s not always the case.

People go through shit. They have tough times. 

They go through periods of low vibration.

They have breakdowns in shifting their mindset. And don’t go into committed action to clean up their shit scoops.

And I get it—but I also GET to decide who to surround myself with. 

Decide the energy I wanna create.

Especially on a friggin vacation!

So, we created a mutual list of who we’d LOVE to travel with—’cause they’re high vibe.

And we actually had most people in common, which is pretty great.

Now, while this story isn’t really about determination (other than the fact that I was damn well determined to have a good time, LOL)... 

It does illustrate WHY operating at a high vibe is key.

It literally creates opportunities.

In this case, the opportunity to kick it with us on a fabulous vacation.

But your opportunities could be financial. Or professional. Or romantic.

When you surround yourself with positive influences, such as supportive friends, family, mentors, or coaches…

Honestly, even the social media you consume…

You literally pick up that energy.

You begin to show up with that energy.

So I figure, why choose low vibes when you can choose high ones?

Now, this next tool is actually super practical.

It involves getting super clear on your goals.

When you have clear, defined goals, it’s actually really empowering.

You have a finish line you’re working toward.

When you have NO goal, or even just a vague idea of what you want…

Pulling up that determination when it’s lacking can be super hard.

So, to get around this, sit down and literally write out some goals for yourself.

Maybe 2-3.

Don’t worry about getting them perfect on Day 1.

Just let a list flow out of you.

Then, once you have that big old list, either prioritize them in order…

OR simply choose a few that resonate with you right now.

From there, you get to take one goal and break down the steps.

This is incredibly helpful when you feel overwhelmed—or like your goals are unattainable.

Sometimes it’s easier to start backwards.

With the goal, and what the step right before it is.

Let’s say you wanna get to a place in your life where you can let loose a little.

Maybe it’s getting that nice house on the lake for yourself.

For me, it was the beach house I purchased almost 7 years ago.

What do you need to make that happen?

For me, I knew I needed the money.

Duh, right. That’s always one of the first things that comes to mind.

How much do you need? 

Define it. 

Even if it’s a ballpark.

I knew I needed enough for a down payment. And then enough monthly for the mortgage.

Maybe do a little research and write down a number.

From there, what do you get to do to make that happen?Remember, think creatively.

For me, I knew it was expanding in rank in my doTERRA business. And then maintaining it.

What about you?

What are ways you can generate income?

Even besides your “normal” paycheck?

Could you create something online? Get into some sort of affiliate marketing like I did?

Once you have that plan, break down what you get to do to make THAT happen?

A vision for the kind of side hustle you want to create? 

A product you feel strong enough to stand behind?

An audience to sell to?

And it goes on and on like that, until you end up at NOW.

BOOM—you just created a roadmap to get where you wanna go.

I wanna remind ya here again about another key element of the Success Cocktail—flexibility.

The roadmap you just created probably won’t happen exactly as you have planned it right now.

That’s ok. Expect it.

And tell yourself you WILL pivot as needed.

For me, when Facebook groups no longer worked for me to find customers, I moved over to Instagram.When my positioning around “3 cools things you need to know about essential oils” no longer worked, I shifted my positioning to longevity. Anti aging. Supplementation and skin care.

And you WILL keep going forward too, tweaking your plan and goals along the way.

AKA: flexing that determination muscle.

One more tool for cultivating determination.

And that’s to take of yourself.

AKA: getting rest. Relaxing. Eating well. 

Taking care of your bod AND your mind.

Again, surrounding yourself with positive, high vibe influences.

As I mentioned, determination is a marathon—not a sprint.

That’s extremely difficult to do if you’re running yourself into the ground.

Or giving away your power and energy 24/7.

Fact is, you’re gonna face challenges.

So expect it.

Prepare your body AND your mind for it.

So you aren’t thrown off track when (notice I said WHEN, not IF)... it happens.

Oh and PS—you know that Determination Blend I mentioned?

Yes, you can totally diffuse the oils…

But you can also weave them into your self-care routine.

For example, I use these oils in my skincare rituals.

Vetiver is one of my go-to oils for my pre-bedtime bath. 

It’s loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. 

Plus, it’s well known to promote skin cell regeneration.

Tangerine is chock full of Vitamin C, which has many anti-aging properties, including helping with collagen production and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

And Patchouli also has powerful anti-aging properties, such as being effective at tightening the skin.

Again, you can pop over to and pick all of them up in one place.

And use them for all.the.things. Determination and your skin. haha.

I’ve done ALL the research for you—literally tried ALL the brands…

And the ones I’ve selected here are the most pure, highest quality, and BEST oils out there.

So safe you can have them around your kids. Or your parents. Or your pets.

No junky shit off Amazon here! LOL

Ok that’s it for me today, friends…

Until next time… I’ll see ya online.