Do you feel like you're stumbling around in the dark when it comes to getting your doTERRA business rolling?

Have you been trying to grow your business and wish you had a proven roadmap to follow?

That ends NOW my friend. Because this is your official invitation to Online Launch Camp!

12 top doTERRA Presidential Diamond leaders have teamed up to give you the step-by-step. YES! Help guide you through and teach you to use the Empowered Success Guides.  

These guides are THE tool you need to propel your organization to the rank you have been dreaming of achieving.

We'll show you how to LIVE the doTERRA Lifestyle, SELL like an pro, SHARE your message with the world, BUILD your dream team and successfully LAUNCH your business 

 Instead of drinking from a fire hose, your Collaborative Presidential team will take you, step by step, how to catapult your doTERRA business.

This Training Series Is For You If:

- You want a simple place to start

- You know there's training available, but you have no idea where to start or what applies to you.

- You've launched your own business but you're not sure you're practicing and implementing the daily, successful habits

- You're attempting to build your own business and need some help passing a duplicatable "system" to new members of your own organization.

- You’re tired of watching your other leaders grow successful businesses while you’re feeling like you’ve peaked at your current rank.

- You’re tired of looking at pictures on Facebook from incentive trips and leadership and wishing you’d finally qualify. 

- You're building your business and want the fast track to the top. 

We want to help you reach every goal you have for your doTERRA business by teaching you how to use the Empowered Success Guides in a daily, actionable way. 


Here's What You'll Learn:

- Different strategies which can help you build a heart centered approach in your business

- An in depth understanding about how to live and then teach an essential oil lifestyle

- How top enrollees continuously bring in customers and Wellness Advocates, thereby controlling their own rank

- How to handle objections that arise in your business

- How to attract your ideal customer and business builder with powerful recruiting tools

- How to step into the shoes of leadership and inspire others to rise up along side of you

AND you will leave with the confidence and encouragement from other global top leaders on how to seamlessly build your own doTERRA business with confidence and clarity. 

The LIVE Guide and Natural Solutions Class
Taught by Elena Brower, Ange Peters and Henriette Kalgraff

The SALES Guide
Taught by Hayley Hobson and Kacie Vaudrey

The SHARE Guide and Healthy Made Simple Guide
Taught by Rebecca Hintze, Sara Janssen and Andy Goddard

The BUILD Guide
Taught by Marie-Kim Provencher and Kim Reid

The LAUNCH Guide
Taught by Tara Bliss and Carmen Busch