It’s time to become empowered …
Take control of your physical, emotional and even financial health…

There is no time to become a victim of circumstance.

You DO have the power within to consciously create a life full of physical, emotional and financial wealth.

By the way, my long-suffering health issues are now a thing of the past!

I run a successful business that generates a 7-figure income, I am a wife, a mother, a coach, and creator.   
I wake up every morning knowing I’m a part of something bigger.

What’s all the hype about essential oils? I’m glad you asked…

First, I’ll break it down with a definition:

An essential oil is a volatile aromatic compound found in some of nature’s most basic gifts (seeds, bark, roots, stems, flowers, plant pieces) that have AH-mazing benefits on our physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.  

I don't have a chemistry background, but here’s a quick science lesson.  Essential oils are considered compounds because at room temperature they rapidly transform from a solid or liquid into a gas (volatile). 

Fun Fact, so far there have been over 3,000 volatile aromatic compounds discovered in oils. Not all oils are created equal.Be careful, if it’s not a doTERRA Essential Oil. It might be a bottle of synthetic perpetrators faking the funk. 

doTERRA is the real deal. A brand you can trust backed by science and purity. I’m a girl who wants to know where her essential oils come from and what methods are used to harvest and distill. Don’t you?

Are you hungry for purpose?
You know the little voice inside of your heart whispering there’s gotta be more! 
The part of you tired of walking through life on rinse, cycle, and repeat.

Hear me out…

Sometimes identifying purpose isn’t obvious and it takes uncontrollable circumstances to ignite change.


By stepping out of your comfort zone and answering the call to work ON yourself. 

You know, the one that lead you to me - that genuine thirst to want and experience more.

Perhaps you're like me...

At age of 5, I was diagnosed with digestive discomfort. Little did I know, digestive issues were my gateway to sleepless nights, anxiety and mood problems. *Sigh*

No matter how well my success “looked” on the outside, my insides were literally tearing me apart. I wanted more out of life and kept searching for happiness.

#Truth, if it wasn't for doTERRA essential oils, I’d still be bogged down by my own “problems” instead of helping people like YOU.

Do you, too, want to feel incredible, both physically and emotionally?  And maybe help others feel amazing too?

Now that I have your undivided attention…KEEP READING because it’s about to get real.
If you have all the money in the world but don’t have holistic wellness are you truly wealthy?

I’ll answer…no

Let’s cut to the chase, I don’t scream doTERRA’s praises because of padded pockets, I’m a doTERRA essential oil junkie because it changed my life and gave me relief that Western Medicine couldn't. 
It WILL help you too.  #pinkieswear

How Essential Oils Work for Me

I already spilled the tea about my digestive issues, but what I didn't tell you is how a few drops of Digest Zen rubbed on my tummy daily literally keeps the bloating, gas and spasms away.

Frankincense is my go-to for so many issues…its SUPER anti-inflammatory, fantastic for brain function, smells magnificent and enhances EVERY essential oil blend in my opinion. #cantlivewithout

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Oh yeah and remember my mood storm...a little Wild Orange or ClaryCalm brings peace to that storm.

I use essential oils to keep the good vibes flowing inside but guess what?

They are non-negotiable as part of my everyday personal care routine (skin, hair, nails).  

Here’s a quick reminder:

•    You can collaborate, edit, rewrite and        turn the page, of your life story (embody a life of health and wellness).

•    You can become a part of something        “bigger” (a wellness movement).

•    You can experience abundance                  spiritually, physically and financially.

Here's what can happen next:

We talk - I walk you through how to change YOUR life with essential oils and how to receive the same wholesale pricing I do. 

You choose your first kit (and why wouldn't you). 
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Did you know our skin absorbs 60-70% of what we put on it?  

Nuff said.  Which is why I trust doTERRA for both my skin, my hair, my nutrition and even my household cleaners. 

Then I educate you. That's code for I support you. #winkwink

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"doTerra is a company that stands for quality and integrity. They have not only created a natural health movement but they have also freed thousands of families and helped them create financial security and abundance."
-Nav Scheie - Silver Wellness Advocate, ‘Women in Leadership Coach', Speaker and Workshop Facilitator.

Whew now that all the science stuff is over let’s get to the root of my why.

YOU are my why.

It’s not an accident you’ve landed here.
You can stop worrying about your problems and unlock a better life for yourself simply by tapping into natural solutions.

Don’t just take my word for it, answer your inner voice that’s been craving more. Looking back at my tangled webs…” Hindsight is 20/20.” Once I started experiencing my turn around, I continued to learn.    

My quest for knowledge led to ending fad diets, fewer toxins and a more holistic approach that changed my mind, body, and soul forever.

After being trapped physically and emotionally for so many years, I feel like I’ve got access to the best kept, yet accessible secret…COMPLETE WELLNESS, otherwise known as THE WHOLE YOU.  
If you:
Are sick and tired of being sick and tired
Want more out of your life
Are ready for a change
Are jumping up and down (cue Justin Timberlake) and are excited to become healthier, stronger, wiser and financially fit
Let’s do this.

too can receive your oils at the same price I do.

And it may even be time for a discussion l about whether the 
business makes sense to you too.  

"I started using essential oils to help my children with their learning disabilities and to enhance their focus. I feel blessed at how much more these oils and this company have provided for me and my family. doTERRA is not only about oils. Is about hope, friends, empowerment and sharing. Thank you for everything. I am a better version of me." 
-Georgianna Boian, Silver Wellness Advocate, Presedinte of Asociatia Alex