Eliminate Imposter Syndrome With These 2 Hacks

Have you ever heard of “imposter syndrome”?

It’s defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. Or a phony.

(BTW, if you are old enough to get ☝️ this reference ☝️, it’s time for your multivitamin. #justsayin)

I define imposter syndrome as that little voice inside your head that holds you back from being you. Taking bolder action in your life.

From following through on your desires, goals, and dreams… because you’re stuck in your story. 

And then you start to believe shit like:
  • “I can’t do this…”
  • “Who am I to want more…”
  • “I’m too old… 
  • “Not smart enough… “
  • “I’m behind already, why bother trying…”

Speaking of voices in your head… if you’re someone who prefers to listen rather than read, then pop on over to my podcast episode about this very topic.

Wanna know something cray cray?

Imposter syndrome affects high-achieving people wayyyyy more than anyone else.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You sign up for a program… you download a freebie… you buy a course… 

And you just don’t do it.

It’s clearly not lack of desire… if you didn’t desire it, you wouldn’t have taken action at all.

It’s not time… because we all make time for what we consider a priority. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

The main culprit is… that little voice inside your head. Deciding – for whatever reason – not to take action.

The thing is… this voice? It’s subtle AF.

It doesn’t scream at you, “You’re not good enough! You suck!”

It’s much sneakier. It distracts you with silly, shiny things. Things that hold you back from breaking out of your comfort zone. 

Whether that distraction is Netflix… or suddenly needing a snack… or deciding to work on something else.

In fact, I see it all the time when I put out my online trainings.

And until I started prepping people with some coaching around showing up… the “no show” rate was too high for my taste. Sometimes only half the people who signed up would show up.

I learned not to take that personally – because that’s not about me. That’s about them.

And the thing is… this is super well known in the business world. Especially online education.

So my goal for this next online training I have – called The 3 Biz Keys Masterclass: Secrets to Grow, Scale, and Automate Your Biz with Simple Marketing Funnels – is at least an 80% showup rate.

Which is pretty much unheard-of in this space.

BTW, if you wanna help me reach my goal, you can sign up for this class right here. 

So I’m prepping my community a bit differently this time.

I’m addressing those imposter syndrome thoughts head on…

I’m addressing the fact that this is a 2-hour class before they even sign up… because I’m encouraging them to literally block off the time NOW. So they actually show up and do something different.

So I’m hoping this shift helps people decide within themselves – because I can’t do it for ya – to literally show up and invest in growing their biz.

Imposter syndrome is a real thing.

To be real with you, I battled this A LOT.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, I was asked to speak onstage at the doTERRA Leadership conference.

Originally I planned to do my normal talk about leadership… how to grow your biz by connecting with others… and it didn’t feel right to me in the moment.

So I decided – what if I did something… CRAZY. And I told the TRUTH.

Because the truth is… for the first five years of my network marketing biz, I had NO idea what I was doing. Even though the numbers went up – and people asked me my secrets.

It was full on Andy Dwyer for me…

I grinded… I put in the hours… and honestly, I put my work above my family.

Which sucked. And to be real with you, I’m still dealing with the impact of that.

So every time I got on the stage (which I did for YEARS) I didn’t feel like a leader.

This is the thing about imposter syndrome. It makes it so you don’t feel like you know up from down.

It can feel like you don’t know WHAT the hell you’re doing… even if you’ve had decades of experience in the same field.

Imposter syndrome is really just your fear trying to take a front seat.

And we’re all afraid of something.

So today I thought we’d get real about imposter syndrome… what it looks like… and how to eliminate it so you can show up as your most badass self.

2 Hacks to Break Free of Imposter Syndrome for Good

Hack #1: Recognize what imposter syndrome feels like in your body.

What does FEAR feel like in your body?

Maybe it’s like a tornado of butterflies in your belly. Or your heartbeat picks up… or you feel jittery – like your body and mind are in a race to get past this feeling. 

AKA the literal fight or flight response.

You can also pay attention to what’s going on in your mind.

Are your thoughts racing and spinning too? What are those thoughts saying?

Fun fact: not everyone thinks in words. 

Some people actually don’t have an inner monologue. 

Which is wild to me – but it’s actually a scientific fact!

If you DO have an inner narrative… what are those words? 

When you can become mindful and aware in the present moment – it’s actually one of the best ways to snap out of it.

Yes, I AM channeling my inner Cher every time I say that. Like a good Jersey girl does.

Hack #2: Make a list.

Now I say this as a total list enthusiast… but I find lists are really helpful.

You can make a list of 10 things that prove you ARE qualified for whatever the thing is you’re scared about.

Like… let’s say you’ve heard about my 3 Biz Keys Masterclass (HINT HINT) and you’re on the fence about signing up… 

You know you want to generate leads online. You know that’s how the world is moving these days. 

Yet, you haven’t played in this space yet because…

  • Frankly, it sounds overwhelming.
  • You carry around a story that you’re not techy at all – so you’re like, “UGH”.
  • You think everyone else there is gonna know more than you. 
  • You’re gonna feel inadequate.
  • You won’t “get” it.
  • You’re too old… or too behind the ball.

All.the.things. All the stories.

I’d encourage you to make a list of 10 reasons why you TOTALLY CAN learn how to create relationships in the online space. Because that’s honestly all you need to be successful.

In the 3 Biz Keys Masterclass, I’ll guide you through what that looks like in an online setting.

Plus… how to automate relationship building, so you don’t have to work so hard all the time. Or be limited by the number of hours you’re awake.

Not to mention… how to go out there and FIND your peeps online.

All this HOW stuff? That’s what I’ll teach you inside the 3 Biz Keys Masterclass.

I promise ya… it’s not scary.

And the way I teach makes it easy. And you know I’ll always make it FUN. LOL

Plus, I have a reason you should feel confident signing up… you’ve learned something new before. 

At some point in your life, you have learned something new. Whether it was from me… your kid… a friend… or something from YouTube, just as examples.

So remember this… and then tell yourself a new story.  

You have learned something new. And you can do it again. 

In fact… you WILL do it again.

This hack applies to literally anything.

You tell yourself you’ll never get that dream job so why bother applying?

Make a list of the reasons why you ARE qualified. 

You tell yourself that hot man would never swipe right on you?

Make a list of all the reasons why he should – because you’re a badass queen. You just need to remind yourself.

You tell yourself you don’t deserve to earn more money – because you don’t actually know anything and who would pay you your worth?

Make a list of why you’re totally qualified to share your expertise. And how you can help someone reach their dreams as a result.

And if you’re totally stuck… enlist the help of someone you trust to do this with you.

Often other people can see us much more clearly than we see ourselves. And we can all use a helping hand now and then.

So let’s say you DO wanna sign up for 3 Biz Keys Masterclass… but you’ve got some of those imposter syndrome thoughts…

I’m gonna encourage you to sign up anyway. 

Do it scared. Literally everyone there is in the exact same boat as you.

Right now the 3 Biz Keys Masterclass is free for you to attend… and I have no idea when this workshop will be free again. 

I was actually talking with my team last week about how much value is in here.  And how we should actually turn this into a half day paid workshop.

So register.

  • Commit.
  • Block your calendar for 2 hours (actually block it for 3 so you can ask questions).
  • Show up. 
  • Take notes.

And remind yourself I’d never deliver you content you could not understand – and implement yourself.  

I’m committed to back you into your own success.

You’ve got this. And I’ve got you.

If you are STILL struggling with this… bring a friend with you. 

To remind you who you really are. And to remind you that none of us know what we are doing. But we can still figure it out.  

And if it wasn't scary, it would be boring. Or average. 

And you're not boring. Or average. 

You're better than that.

So if you’re someone who wants to step into working online… and owning your badassery in your work, career, and/or biz…

Whether that’s to create an online extension of what you do in your offline biz… 

Or you’ve got an idea you’re really psyched about… but really don’t have any idea where to start…

Or you’ve got an online biz already – but you wanna automate more. 

So you can enjoy life more, while still helping people around the clock… and keep that money flowin’ with way less effort…

The last class is next week – on Wednesday, May 2nd at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern. 

In case you aren’t sure, an online marketing funnel is a super simple system to build relationships online. To nurture them. And then to simplify your life by automating some of it.  

You get to set it up once… and then it runs on its own. So you’re no longer limited to seeing results to the hours you’re awake.

Quick sidebar on why the 3 Biz Keys Masterclass is 2 hours…

It’s because I really can’t teach you about marketing funnels in less time than that – and have it be worth your time.

You may see a shorter tutorial on youtube or somewhere else, but it won’t be enough info for you to take it and run with it. 

With this technique on your side, you’ll be able to automate the #1 thing that determines whether you’ll be successful in business…

Building authentic relationships. Connecting. Relating.

I really hope you have a fresh understanding about imposter syndrome. And use the new hacks I just dropped into your toolkit.

And be sure to sign up for the 3 Biz Keys Masterclass on May 2nd!

I’ll see ya online.


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