3 Secrets to Creating a Personal Brand

Whether you know it or not, you already have a personal brand.

I mean, think about this…

Do your friends always come to you for relationship advice?

Career tips?


Bachelor gossip? LOL

If people know you for a certain thing… guess what. 
That’s your personal brand. 

AKA your reputation. Street cred. How you roll.

Just like Vuori are known for the most comfy joggers on the planet (no joke, they are), you have your own particular set of skills you’re known for.

Just like Liam promises, he will find you...

Oh wait, I mean “they” will find you. As in your community. (Sorry, that analogy really went off the rails there but I’m sticking by it.)

When you have a small biz, it can be hard to come to terms with the idea that you have a personal brand.

Imposter syndrome loves to creep in when you start thinking at this level.

“Who are you to have a personal brand? Oh you *fancy* now, huh? Ooooh, you’re a brannnnnnddddd.” 

But I’m hoping that once you see that you already have a personal brand…

You can get over yourself, tell that negative voice inside your head to take a thousand seats, and own that shiz.

So today we’re going to cover the secrets for an authentic, compelling personal brand. 

And don’t worry, they’re super easy to do. In fact, you may already be doing them. 

If that’s you, take these tips as your hint to refine, define, and align them for your biz.

3 Secrets to Creating a Personal Brand

Brand Secret #1: Own your personality

When it comes to the word “brand,” lots of people feel like they’re supposed to fit into some sort of mold. 

Like they need to suddenly be super profesh or speak a certain way.

But personal brands are different. 

In personal brands, people are attracted to you and what you have to offer. 

We’ve all seen enough Hallmark movies to know that if you try to pretend someone you’re not, it’s never going to work out for you in the long-run.

Faking it just isn’t sustainable in your biz. 

When you own your personality, you create a personal brand.

So say yes to your inner icon and use it to your full advantage.

Brand Secret #2: Embrace your flaws

Now, that’s not to say that when you own your personality, you get to weaponize it.

I mean, we’re not 15 anymore. Your biz isn’t necessarily the place to throw your middle fingers up in the air and scream, “This is who I am, deal with it.” 

There is still room to grow, evolve, and learn in your personal brand. 

Perfect is boring. And your flaws are what make you special.

Since I’m in a Lady Gaga mood, let me tell you some things you probably don’t know about her.
  • She’s battled mental illness. 
  • She’s struggled with eating disorders. 
  • She’s been called “eccentric” and “weird” in her life and career.
Most people would see those things as flaws and choose to hide them. 

But Gaga uses these “flaws” as strengths.

Literally millions of fans are obsessed with her. Not just because she’s super talented, but because she’s shared her “flaws” – and found a rabid community who relate to her. 

So think about what your flaws are. 

How can you leverage them in creating an authentic connection with your community? 

Brand Secret #3: Share your gifts

With a personal brand, you gotta be ok putting yourself out there.

Instead of seeing it as showing off or attention-grabbing… 

What if you looked at it as sharing?

We’re all taught in kindergarten that sharing is important. In fact, it’s a value we as humans come to expect from one another.

When you look at it this way, sharing your gifts, talents, and knowledge with the world is a whole lot less daunting.

In fact... it’s what you’re supposed to do.

One way to do this in your biz is by putting your expertise out there for others to receive.

The best way I know how to do this is through an online mini-course.

Not only are you able to connect through the power of your personality… you are adding value to someone else’s life at the same time.

People want to work with those they know, like, and trust.
And a digital mini-course is a super effective (and scalable) way to do it.

Now, let’s say you’re like me and when you decide you want to learn something, you choose someone you relate to.

Someone who motivates you, pumps you up, and makes you feel good about what you’re doing.

AKA: The Lady Gaga of biz training. LOL

Well, my friend, that’s Amy Porterfield.

And actually, here’s Gaga talking about Amy right now…

😉 And here’s something else you gotta know about today’s business landscape…

The title of “course creator” is now just as prestigious as being an author.

It literally sets you up as an EXPERT in your field.

Even if you see yourself as just another person in a competitive industry.

This is your shot to STAND OUT.

The cool thing is, learning HOW to create an online course is actually easy peasy.

Amy just opened the first module of her Digital Course Academy training program that walks you step by step through how to create a profitable, super impactful online mini-course.

This happens once a year MAX.

So you totally gotta take Amy up on this offer to go inside the first module.

There are downloadable guides for each of the key decisions, including
  1. Choosing Your Course Topic
  2. Getting Clear on Your Ideal Customer Avatar
  3. Selecting Your Course Type 
  4. Crafting a Stellar Course Name
  5. Pricing Your Course
  6. Choosing Your Course Content Creation Strategy
  7. Scheduling Your Launch Dates
She has it open FOR FREE – RIGHT NOW.

I’m an affiliate for her this year because this course was sooo impactful for me.

Definitely check it out. Here’s my personal access link so you can get in and look around for yourself:

I mean it’s free… why not look at how a pro like Amy shares her own knowledge?

It’s a huge opportunity to learn from a top expert in online marketing.
I hope this helped you become more comfortable with the idea of building a personal brand in your biz.

I mean, you’re already doing a lot of it anyway… without even trying.

Once you learn exactly how to channel your work efforts through the lens of the 3 secrets we covered today, you’ll realize it’s way easier than you think.


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