7 Habits of Successful, Healthy, and Happy Entrepreneurs

It’s both demanding and rewarding to be an entrepreneur in today’s high stress, “go-go-go” world, amirite? 

That’s why you gotta take good care of yourself on the daily.

Which means creating healthy habits.

Entrepreneurs, biz owners, and creative professionals often have different needs and challenges than our corporate, 9-5 buddies.

So let’s talk about 7 habits that can specifically help entrepreneurs like us lead more successful, healthy, and happy lives. 

7 Habits of Successful, Healthy, and Happy Entrepreneurs

Habit #1: Keep your biz separate from your private life.

In our digital age, there’s one simple way to keep your biz in its rightful place...

And that’s by NOT inviting everyone into your personal social media world.

I know this sounds counterintuitive for a small biz owner… but it really WILL save your sanity.

And the sanity of your friends and family. LOL

For instance, on Facebook, create a business page and promote your biz there. 

Keep all business-related communication and contacts there, too.

I highly suggest keeping a personal profile for ONLY family and friends. 

You don't want to cross those lines.

I’ve seen it go wayyyyy wrong if you don’t set proper boundaries.

In fact, this is something newbie network marketers do wrong A LOT.

It actually can harm your relationships in real life!

So do it the smart way… have a personal account and a separate biz or creator account.

Habit #2: Start scheduling your work life.

Another great habit successful entrepreneurs cultivate is to start and stop work on time. 

Yes I know this one is super hard.

Especially if you’re in the early stages of your biz… and you feel like time is money.

But here’s what you totally gotta realize.

If you don’t manage your time well, and you let your biz completely take over your life, you’ll run the risk of burning out. 

And when that happens… all of your effort and hard work… well that shiz won’t matter anymore.

Time management is not just for your biz… it’s for your whole freakin’ life.

It’s crazy easy to let your biz run right over you.

And if that’s allowed to happen day in and day out, then you’re gonna have a serious problem in the long run. 

Implementing a solid schedule is a smart move.

When you make your schedule, be sure to incorporate activities for your private time.

Things you actually enjoy.

Maybe it’s hitting that new dance fusion class (Madeline’s hip hop has got me thinking)… 

Or getting together with your girlfriends for dinner.

Or ya know what? Go right ahead and schedule binge watching Ted Lasso.

Have you seen that show?

OMG, it’s sooooo freaking good. 

Totally worth the Apple TV subscription alone. LOL

So yes, drop your fun time activities into your calendar… and let nothing interfere.

Especially not with your Ted Lasso time. LOL

If you’re sensing an emerging theme so far… it’s that we entrepreneurs are notoriously bad about setting boundaries between work and personal life.

One thing you can do is simply set a timer on your phone as a reminder to log out of all of your work-related platforms. 

My friends… I. Mean. Everything.

Your work emails, your social media platforms... everything.

Save and close your docs. 

Shut that laptop down.

When you're done for the day… You. Are. Done. 

Habit #3: Diversify your income.

If you wanna be a happy, healthy, and sane entrepreneur…

Don't place all your vegan eggs in one basket! 

I mean, how many times have you heard THAT in your life?

Ok maybe not the vegan thing. That’s definitely a me spin. LOL

But you know what I mean.

Not having your eggs all in one basket refers to how you make your money.

You gotta learn how to diversify your revenue streams.

If you don't diversify and you keep your whole biz in just one area...

Not only are you playing a dangerous game that’s dependent upon the economy, you’re also losing out on serious financial potential.

So you gotta find out what “diversification” means for YOUR particular biz. 

Stay solid in what’s working… put most of your energy and focus there… but engage in “calculated risk” – AKA dabble in something new at the same time.

Diversification is a growth strategy. 

Explore all the possible services or products you can provide – even if you don’t execute on them right away.

Have a list of OPPORTUNITIES.

Putting your eggs in many baskets is a fantastic way to optimize profitability.

Here are some ideas of how you can expand your offers within your niche:
  • Offer consulting on a topic you’re an expert in.
  • Write an ebook on your experiences and advice you have for newbies in your field.
  • Create an online mini-course you can sell on your website – or offer for free to generate fresh leads.
My friend, it’s time to start growth hacking. And you do that by expanding your offerings in a strategic, intentional way.

Habit #4: Progressive rest daily.

Let’s talk about my fav pastime: sleep. LOL

Call it rest, downtime, Netflix and chill, whatever… I can't say enough about how important progressive rest is in the busy life of an entrepreneur. 

I mean, sure, rest is important to everybody…

But you can't be a successful, healthy, productive, legendary entrepreneur without adequate sleep.

So you gotta stop viewing rest as an optional part of your life. 

Because it's not. It is literally essential.

So here's a couple of hacks that can help.

1. Get in the rhythm of scheduling a sleep pattern. 

A sleep pattern means a consistent time you go to bed… and wake up. It’s actually a real habit you cultivate!

2. Reduce your digital distractions. 

That friggin smartphone can really make you feel like work is more important than your downtime. So turn off all notifications on your devices – your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

In fact, go ahead and set hours for your “do not disturb.” I mean right now. LOL

Setting your nightly DND will help you not get pinged and dinged every time a new notification comes in.

You know just as well as I do… when you are tired AF, you don't get shiz done!  So make it a habit you prioritize.

Habit #5: Take care of your body.

Staying on track with a healthy lifestyle is absolutely mandatory, in my book. 

No one feels good when they're sluggish and sick… so listen to your body. Whatever it needs – make sure you put it on the top of your priority list.

Trust me, your body will tell you. You just gotta learn how to listen.

Number one action step here is… start and maintain healthy habits, like eating better. 

Keeping wholesome snacks high in antioxidants near you all the time is a great way to incorporate better food choices.

Did you know that one of the most common ways we let our bodies down is not drinking enough water? 

Staying hydrated is important for the body and mind.

Another great health hack that’s a daily must is exercise. 

And I don't mean running from one meeting into another. HA!

Set some time aside each day to do something active that you enjoy. Taking a HIIT class, jogging, riding your bike, or doing a super fun hip hop cardio class are all great options.

And actually, many successful entrepreneurs think up their best ideas while getting their sweat on! 

Habit #6: Cultivate mental awareness.

Experiment with daily activities that bring focus and clarity.

The lifestyle of an entrepreneur is hectic to say the least – we need to dump the stress. A LOT.

Obviously my fav method is meditation. This mindfulness practice can help you focus better... which leads to enhanced productivity.

Here’s a little known fact: Meditation is a growing trend among successful entrepreneurs. 

Oprah’s a huge fan. Gwyneth Paltrow. Russell Simmons. Marc Benioff. 

All daily meditators. It’s totally a thing.

Practicing meditation every day actually changes the way your brain works. 

It’s not just for focus and attention. Although those are two primary benefits. 

It’s also responsible for changing negative thoughts and moods into positive ones.

And mindset is HUGE when it comes to being successful AF.

Habit #7: Remember your value as a person.

We spend so much time building up our biz (and online persona)... sometimes we forget we're more than the public version of ourselves we created.

As entrepreneurs, of course we want our biz to succeed! But I’m here to tell ya… it can’t be at the expense of internal happiness.

So you gotta consciously PRACTICE turning on your “mental filter” before starting work. 

It really helps to make the distinction between who you are at work and who you are at home. 

The REAL you.

You are SOOOOOO much more than your biz.

If you’re like me, sometimes when you take a hit at work, you absorb the blow personally. But no matter what happens at work you gotta remember your intrinsic value – and pursue what makes you happy.

You can’t have success without trials and… yes, failures.

But do NOT let them define you.

You gotta keep on truckin’ and realize that your value as a person is not defined by your business. AT. ALL.

Incorporating these 7 habits into your daily life can help you become a more successful, happy, and productive entrepreneur.

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Hope you found today’s article insightful… and that you’re adding Ted Lasso to your watch list right now. 

I’ll see ya online.


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