How to Make Selling Feel Good: With Intention

We all know the kind of “salespeople” we don’t wanna be.

The hounder. The “just in it for a buck” person. The manipulator. 

Many of us struggle with the “sales” portion of our jobs. It’s like we see ourselves as *those* people.

But here’s what I’ll tell ya…


You can be a *good* sales person by being yourself.

The trick is to change your approach to selling.
AKA moving from “transactional” to “intentional”.

And I’m gonna give you 4 hacks that’ll have you being intentional AF in your brand new sales approach.

Here’s a sneak peek of where we’re going…
Tough love time…

Without sales, your biz literally cannot be successful. 

You’re in this to make that money and grow your biz.

Otherwise, you just have a hobby.

So how do you become effective at sales without becoming that salesperson?

Great question.

Lucky for you, I’ve learned a ton from my friend, Neal Tricarico.

He is a rockstar in sales, who has created a new and friggin amazing sales approach.

Where we’re going today is what Neal preaches from the rooftops on the daily:

Throw away the outdated transactional approach of sales, and replace it with an intentional one.

I know, I know. 

What does that all mean?

Let’s break it down.

Transactional Selling vs Intentional Selling

Transactional sales

The transactional selling model follows a 7-step process:

  1. Build Rapport.
  2. Find Need.
  3. Present Solutions.
  4. Ask for Sale.
  5. Compare Price.
  6. Overcome Objections.
  7. Close.

Remember that negative sales vibe?

Those were probably transactional sales methods. Which is why it may have felt uncomfortable or icky to ya. (Trust me, other people feel the exact same way.)

The majority of the time, the salesperson doesn’t like hounding, chasing, or interrupting you either. They’re just trying to do their job and be successful in their own way.

Their focus is the sale, and they’ll do whatever it takes to complete it... 

...whether you really need their product or not. 

It is just a transaction to them. 

You know why? Their income depends on it.

I mean, have you ever agreed to purchase something just to make a salesperson go away and leave you alone?

And no, I’m not talking about Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of your grocery store.

Those girls are brilliant and ridiculously profitable.

PS: But have they come out with vegan Thin Mints yet?!


Sorry, got distracted. Back to the point…

Don’t make people feel like they’re a transaction. 

You want to feel like you matter, right? So does everyone else.

This is why changing your sales approach is so important.

Out with the old and in with the new! Let’s dive into the “intentional sales” approach now.

Intentional Sales

The intentional selling model is also a 7-step process, but there are some key differences.

  1. Shift Focus.
  2. Establish Rapport.
  3. Diagnose Need.
  4. Build Value.
  5. Create Buy-In.
  6. Overcome Objections.
  7. Enrollment.

The most important part of the intentional sales approach is shifting the focus from just making a sale to making it about the customer.

Instead of “what can I sell you?” the questions become:

  • Who is my customer?
  • What problems is she currently facing?
  • What does she need?
  • What can I offer her?
  • How can my product make her life better, easier, more efficient, etc.?
Intentional sales is about relationship building and trust.

When you do it right, it looks like this...

And when you do it wrong, it looks like this…

Relationships are the single most important part of having a successful biz.

So it makes perfect sense for your sales approach to be a mindful one and centered around them.

Building, nurturing, and maintaining relationships should be a core part of running your biz.

Because the only thing better than a new customer is a reliable repeat customer! 

Now, how do you embrace these mindful practices and get yourself a crap ton of repeat customers?

Just keep reading…

How to Be Intentional AF when Selling

Hack #1: Stop making it about you.

We’ve all heard the expression, “the customer is always right.” 

Don’t take it super literally, they can be wrong. We just don’t always tell them that… 😂

It really just means that it’s about the customer... and they’re who your focus should be on. 

Yes, you’re a boss babe and killing it as a biz owner...

...but when you are making a sale, I’m sorry to tell ya, but it’s not about you.

Your biz – and you – are there to help your customer.

So get to know them and make them feel important

Don’t be preoccupied with trying to close the sale, because your customer can tell when they’re just a number for you. 


Be engaged, open, and show genuine interest in getting to know your customer and her needs.

When people find a biz that makes them feel seen, heard, and provides concrete solutions to their problems, they’re gonna come back for more.


Hack #2: Be allies, not enemies.

When it comes to sales, you never want to think about it being you vs. the customer.

You’re supposed to be on the same team.
You either both win or you both lose.

Your biz doesn’t win when you wear someone down into making a purchase. 

Even if a sale was made, if your customer doesn’t feel like she got the service or product she was looking for… well then, no one wins.

Because she won’t be coming back.

And definitely won’t be recommending your biz to others. 

You may think it’s a win, but if you use a poor method to make a sale happen, you lose a lot more in the long run.

You and your biz only win when your customer also feels like she’s won. 

You want to be allies, teammates, partners, accomplices, and maybe even friends.  

There’s a mutual interest between you and your customers. 

You need to always remember this.

So embrace and celebrate it.

Preferably with a sparkly beverage of your choice (hand me that kombucha please).

Hack #3: Play detective.

Anytime someone makes a purchase – whether personally or professionally – it’s to solve a problem or fulfill a desire.

Moved into a new apartment and it feels too empty and cold?

Buy some cute home decor to cozy it up.

Your kid spilled some juice on your white carpet?

Buy some strong carpet cleaner. (And maybe a sippy cup… who cares if your kid’s 12 now, LOL)

Your dog is out of artisanal, organic, farm-to-table snacks? 

This is a catastrophe. You bring him to me. Don’t ask questions, just hand over the dog. 😉🤣

Anyway, I think you get it.

A customer comes to your biz to give her solutions to her problem or a way to fulfill a desired outcome.

Find out what it is.

So do a little fact finding here…

  • Why do they need you?
  • What’s the root of their issue?
  • What are their priorities?
  • What’s the big picture?
  • What’s their timeline?
Be a detective and learn as much as you can about this customer and her needs. 

She may have come to you for one specific thing, but if you truly understand her overall needs and build strong rapport, you may just find great areas to upsell her in... (AKA: offer value that is mutually beneficial).

It’s amazing what can happen when you show real concern and learn how to ask the right questions.

It’s sales. I mean, a lot of sales.

Hack #4: Don’t resist objections.

No matter what you’re selling or who your customers are, you’re bound to be hit with some objections at some point. 

You don’t want to start expecting them from every prospect, but you need to be prepared when they do come.

Meet those objections with excitement, not resistance.

This is an opportunity.

So here’s how to deal with objections using the intentional selling style:

  • Show her support.
  • Listen to her concerns.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Turn it into a question for her.
  • Prove that your biz is her answer.
When a customer is serious about making a deal, it’s natural to get cold feet and need some reassurance. 

If you’re immediately defensive when receiving any push back or objections from a potential customer, that’s not a good look for you or your biz.

That’s why it’s so essential to build a strong relationship with your customers.

You can even bring up common objections in stealthy ways that show her what an expert you are in your field. 

She needs to feel comfortable with coming to you about these objections, and you need to be professional and knowledgeable enough to address them calmly.

Just be mindful and keep the customer’s needs and priorities at the forefront.

Because happy customers come back for more. 

I totally believe in the power of intentional selling. 

It’s been my approach for something like two decades now (wow!).

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