What exactly IS a marketing funnel, anyway?

You ever have those questions you really wanna know the answers to… but are kinda afraid to ask?

Like you feel like you’re *supposed* to already know… but you feel embarrassed that you don’t.

I see that happen a lot when it comes to marketing.

So today, we’re gonna break down one buzzword that sounds simple enough… but many people don’t truly get it (or won’t admit it):

Marketing funnel.

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So let’s get back to why you’re here...

What Exactly Is A Marketing Funnel, Anyway?

Very simply, a marketing funnel is an online way to move a prospective client or customer from point A to point B… all the way to an eventual sale…. in an automated way. 

It’s helpful to imagine the shape of a funnel.

In your business, the top of your funnel is where you capture the most people. 

And as they move down the funnel, they basically choose whether or not to keep engaging with you.

If they choose to opt out, that’s totally ok. They’re not your people and you don’t want to waste your precious time chasing after them.

And at the bottom of the funnel where things are the most narrow, those are your most engaged peeps.

They’re the most likely to buy… so they’re the most valuable to you.

Let’s break this down into practical steps via an example.

Top of Funnel

Let’s say you have a network marketing biz. Maybe you’re like me and you’re in the essential oils biz.

What would attract your ideal client the most? As in, what does she want or need?

Maybe she’s a stressed out woman who puts everyone else first… and struggles with sleep. (Sound familiar? LOL)

What can you put up on your website as an offer that would entice her to join your email list?

Because – spoiler alert – that’s the main goal at the top of the funnel.

You want that email address because studies have shown that the majority of people buy via an email (way higher percentage than social alone).

So you could decide to put together a little tip sheet of 5 ways to fall asleep naturally… using essential oils.

That’s an obvious and perfect top of funnel giveaway you can offer on your website.

Top of funnel is all about awareness.

In this case, your ideal customer or client has identified a need, problem, or desired outcome… she's on the hunt for a solution here. 

Which is exactly what your freebie offers. At little to no risk whatsoever.

Tactically, you need a way for her to join your list. In most cases this means a webpage with a form.

It needs to be connected to an email platform that will automatically kick out an email delivering the guide she’s opting into.

Here’s the magic of this… You set this up ONE TIME… and then the automation handles delivering the content and welcoming her to your world.

And it does it for every other person just like her. Hello scalability!

Middle of Funnel

Ok so let’s say she bites on your sleep guide... and now she’s in your email list.

You wanna warm her up.

It’s kinda like dating. LOL

You can’t just ghost on her… and then come back a few months later when you want her to buy something from you.

You KNOW the kind of response you’re gonna get with that approach.

That’s the marketing equivalent of not having any followup once she downloads your guide.

You also can’t hit her with a sale email right away. That’s like asking her to marry you on the first date.

And I know you might be a “90 Day Fiance” fan… but that’s not gonna cut it in the marketing world. LOL

So, you gotta date a bit.

In email marketing that means you want a series of messages that:

  • Add value.
  • Share your story.
  • Connect with her on other related challenges she may be having.
  • Show her how you can help.
From a tactical perspective, you write maybe 5-7 emails (or whatever you feel your ideal customer or client needs to feel welcomed to your world and valued).

You walk her through a process of getting to know, like, and trust you.

Which is the foundation for any strong relationship. DUH.

Once you write them, you go into your email platform, load them up, and connect those emails to that optin form she came in through.
Again… this is something you do one time… and let the automation handle the rest.

Middle of the funnel is also where you start weaving in mentions of your products.

At this point, your prospective client probably isn’t ready to purchase yet… but she does feel an affinity toward you. 

There are a few ways you can deepen that relationship and take action with you. 

Things like:
  • Opening and clicking in your emails.
  • Joining your private Facebook group.
  • Opting into your free interactive experience, such as a webinar, online training, or goal-oriented challenge.

Every action is building a relationship. She’s literally saying YES to you with each click, signup, or comment.

If only real life relationships were that clear, am I right? LOL

Ok so once you’ve checked this off the list, you’re ready to enter the promised land…

Bottom of Funnel

Remember that funnel shape?

All your best leads are heading toward the bottom, which is where you want them to be… because it’s where asking for the sale has happened.

And because you’ve nurtured the relationship the right way… you’ve earned the right to ask for the sale.

It’s like… the value has stacked up and somewhere in your ideal customer’s mind, she can’t believe how much your tips, tricks, and content have already helped her out.

She feels prepared, inspired, empowered – and ready to buy.

But you gotta pick the RIGHT thing to offer.

Often one of the first barriers to purchase is price. Time is another biggie.

So if your first offer makes her feel like:
  1. It’s too expensive, or
  2. It’s gonna take way too friggin long to complete or see results… could have the best possible offer ever – and she won’t say yes.

So personally I recommend starting small.

Maybe you bundle up an ebook with a mini-kit of oils to go along with it. Or you offer a 1:1 consultation to help her create a 6-pack of oils to help her with sleep, stress management, and relaxation.

These are a couple of examples of lower-ticket products and services to put into your marketing funnel – which you set up once and automate via email.

In your offer emails, be very clear about what you want her to do.

Only choose ONE action.

If you offer more than 1 thing to do, chances are she’ll choose nothing.

One more note here… never stop adding value!

Even when she’s made a purchase, you never stop delivering the same informative, nurturing approach she’s grown to expect from you. 

You gotta remember… even though most of these interactions are digitized, there’s a real person on the other side of that screen. And her experience once she purchases is just as important as before she hands over her credit card.

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I hope this article helped you feel more confident than you actually KNOW what a marketing funnel is… and ready to learn how to actually implement it into your own biz.

It just takes a little time and practice… but I believe in you. You got this!

I’ll see ya online.


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