5 Steps To Your True Purpose

Does “finding your purpose” sound a little overwhelming?

It kinda seems like this distant thing we’re all searching for....

Our brains are designed to find order in chaos. 

We search for patterns of meaning in everything. It’s like we’re walking up to everything we love, asking “are you my purpose?”

But what if I told you there was a way you could walk through a process that helped you uncover a deeper meaning behind your everyday actions?

Because there is.

Maybe you have a sense of what your deeper meaning is.

But chances are it’s probably a little vague, like - “I want to help people feel better.”

That’s definitely a noble cause, but how will you know if you succeeded?

Vague thoughts and feelings are difficult to connect to. 

Here’s the truth, you can’t really find a lifelong purpose in a vague thought, right?

That’s why I’m giving you 5 steps to get closer to your purpose (aka, your WHY). 
Here’s the thing, when you fully identify that deeper “WHY”, 

  1.  You’ll be totally connected to your purpose (which will create unstoppable momentum).

  1. You’ll find it’s easier to not only make progress but communicate your dreams (and what you stand for) with others.

That deeper WHY  is driving your forward movement. 

You might be thinking “well that sounds great in theory, but how do I do that?” 

Don’t you worry my friend, I’ve got a system; it’s called “5 Levels Deep” and I’m going to walk you through it (aren’t you lucky haha). 

Before I dive in, I want you to know you can use this exercise over and over - in your life or your business.

Any time you feel stuck or unsure of your next step, pull this exercise out again to reconnect to your purpose. 

ANNDDD I’ve got a worksheet for you (LINK TO FREEBIE- I'm suggesting so I can’t) to help you go through this exercise, so go download it now and let’s get this party started!. 

Level 1: Focus on something in your life or biz that you think is your WHY

What do you believe is your purpose right now? There’s no right or wrong answer here, just pick one.

Let’s go back to that earlier example. You believe your WHY is: you want people to feel better.

Once you’ve settled on that, ask yourself - “Why do I want people to feel better?”

Think about the answer to that question. Maybe it’s as simple as - “because I want people to feel better at every level.”

Nice! You finished level 1, let’s go to level 2. 

Level 2 - Ask yourself “why?” again

Sticking with our example, the next level’s question would be - “Why do I know the products I have can empower women to feel better?”

Really think about this answer. 

We’re peeling back the onion on why this matters to YOU. 

It’s okay to take some time to sit on this.

Once you have it, let’s move on to level 3.

Level 3 - You guessed it- Ask yourself “why?” again, in response to your Level 2 answer

I know it seems a little trivial, but this exercise is SO important. 

If you aren’t clear on your WHY, you’ll struggle to communicate it and you certainly can’t live by it. 

So stick with me here. What’s your why to your level 2 answer? 

Level 4 - Ask yourself “why?” again, in response to your Level 3 answer

Each level forces you to peel back deeper and deeper.

You’ll start connecting pieces of your life or your business to deep experience, thoughts, or even memories each time you go a little deeper into your WHY. 

(PS- it’s totally okay and even good to feel a little emotional here. It means you’re on to something.)

Level 5 - Ask yourself “why?” one last time, in response to your Level 4 answer

By now, you should have uncovered a very deep WHY behind your purpose.

This last why is the most important. 

Because the answer to level 5 is usually your true purpose. 

One question I get asked all the time is “Hayley, how do you show up in your business so authentically?” 

It’s my level 5 WHY! This is my driving force. 

What’s so amazing about this is you’ll begin to see if you’ve truly been living out your purpose - or if you’ve been diluting it or changing it to fit other people’s opinions.

It’s not just about figuring out your purpose - it’s about using this purpose to create the life you want to live.

When you get to this fifth level, you should have intense clarity on what you’re doing, as well as what your next steps should be.

If you’d like to grab a process sheet you can have handy at any time to walk you through 5 Levels Deep, use the form here to download one for free.

XO, Hayley

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