My 3 go-to wellness hacks for when work is super busy

We’re heading into the holiday season which means that for many of us, it’s peak business time!

So what happens during this time of year when:

A) you’re stressed,
B) you’re super busy,
C) there are more delicious treats around than usual?

Yep, your wellness routine tends to go off the rails.

That’s why I want to share my 3 go-to wellness hacks for when work is super busy (yes, I see you lurking there, holiday season!)

And, I’m giving you 5 more healthy hacks to try in a free download (link below), so there’s oodles of wellness ideas in today's article for ya!

Now, before I get into the hacks themselves, I want to share the magic trick that keeps my wellness routine on track, even during the season of cookies, candy, and longer hours than usual…

The secret is: I LIKE my wellness routine!

I purposely created one that I enjoy so I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself or missing out on any of the good stuff.

This is because I know that if I don’t do certain aspects of my wellness routine, I pay a high price, physically and mentally (which means the people around me often do, too – LOL!).

So here they are...

My 3 Go-to Wellness Hacks for When Work is Super Busy

Hack #1: I prioritize daily exercise like I prioritize clients

Tell me if you relate to this scenario…

Around this time of year (usually a couple weeks before Thanksgiving), I start prepping for the holiday rush in my biz.

Things like: 
  • Manage the increase in doTERRA orders and new members joining my team.
  • Look at my biz financials and start making plans and budgets for next year.
  • Do a year-end review of which of my digital programs and courses had the most impact.
  • Brainstorm what I’d like to do or re-do differently next year.

It’s a crazy mix of planning, reviewing, and managing the day-to-day.

And for many people, when you’re working more hours and running at a hectic pace, regular exercise usually starts to slide down the priority list. 

Personally, on the days when I don’t get a good workout in, I feel stuck! 

Like my brain can’t process anything right, and my body feels achy, and I just feel YUCK… you know?

My digestive system doesn’t work as efficiently either.  (Is that TMI?)

So I make sure I get at least 30-60 minutes of exercise each day by booking it into my schedule.

And everyone on my team and in my family knows it’s a priority to me.

I treat this commitment like I would an important team meeting, or a client call, or some other business task that I would think of as a top priority.

I mean, would you bail out on a customer or a client appointment because you wanted to get a spreadsheet finished or a case of essential oils labeled?

No way, right!?

So I treat myself like my own client by prioritizing exercise as a key business tactic.

Because when you are your own boss or you hold a major leadership role for your job… 

...there’s no greater asset than yourself.

Hack #2: I use essential oils for focus and clarity

This started for me many years ago when I decided to leave my 9-5 job and start my own business. 

The two main challenges I was having at that time were focus and productivity.

Because, as I soon found out, when you work for yourself, the accountability game completely changes!

What I discovered was that essential oils like Rosemary, Lemon, and Spearmint were really helpful for me in buckling down and doing the work… when no one was watching.

Because it’s super easy to cheat yourself, right?

I mean, when I worked for someone else, I would NEVER think about blowing off a commitment or deadline.

But in the early days of starting my biz… oh man was that easy to do!

Even when I had a ton of shiz to do.

My two favorite ways to use these clarity-boosting essential oils are in a diffuser near my desk in my office. And yes, you can blend them all together!

And I also like to use them as a roll-on, especially if I’m on the go and not at my desk for very long. Just add coconut oil as the base.

So on those hectic days where you stare at your screen or find anything else to do besides sit down and actually get shiz done? 

Try essential oils when you feel that mental fog creeping in... something that smells good to you and gives you a boost of energy and focus. 

Hack #3: I give myself daily mental rest with meditation

This wellness tactic I call upon to get through the crazy seasons in my biz and my life because no matter how physically drained I am at the end of the day…

When work is really busy and I have a lot on my mind, my brain somehow misses the memo that I’m tired.

It’s still chugging along, processing information from the day, thinking about what’s coming up tomorrow, recalling little details and moments… 

Spinning spinning spinning.

Regular meditation helps me with this.

Meditation is a super popular topic these days but many times I hear busy women say, “Oh I can’t meditate… I can’t turn my mind off….” or “I can’t sit still that long.”

What if I were to tell you that’s not the point?

Meditation isn’t about reaching a goal or sitting in a specific pose.

It’s about giving yourself a chance to relax (physically and mentally) and create a little whitespace in your day.

There are many kinds of meditative practices out there; it just takes some trial and error to find something you like and works for you.

Here’s a partial list of ways to create a meditative experience:
  • Listen to a guided meditation in an app (even Spotify has some!  But my fave is my Braintap app)
  • Breathing exercises
  • Moving meditation, like taking a walk somewhere quiet and just being with yourself
  • A simple body scan, where you sit quietly and bring awareness to the different areas of your body one at a time (pro tip: you can even do this one in bed!)
  • Enjoy free meditation or affirmation videos on YouTube

So instead of lying in bed feeling exhausted with your mind still swirling, I’m hoping you’ll try out some form of progressive relaxation technique in the evening before you go to sleep.

Because here’s something big you ought to know…

The performance of your business is directly related to your personal performance. 
And as we head into a busy holiday season, many of us tend to slide in our wellness routines because we seem to forget this fact!
But it’s 100% true and should be top of mind when we step into the 3-ring circus we call life, day after day.
Now, for that freebie I mentioned, it’s 5 simple habits that can be included in your routine starting today. 
They don’t take a lot of time and best of all, everything on the list is absolutely free and easy to do.
You don’t have to buy anything, order anything, or schedule anything (YAY!!). 
I hope these go-to wellness hacks inspired you to try something new and to keep YOUR wellness routine a priority as we head into the busy holiday season together. 
That’s it for now – thanks for being here and I’ll see ya online.


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