Hit your goals faster, reduce stress, and have fun doing it in ONE easy step

Do you love Amy Poehler as much as I do?

Not only is she one funny lady, but she’s also pretty wise.

I stumbled across this quote from her today…

So true! 

For me, this quote applies to every aspect of my life: work, personal, spiritual, it goes on and on.

The power of community is REAL.

In this week’s podcast, I’m talking to the KING of community-building in the online marketing world…

Stu McLaren.

Have you heard of him before?

He’s one of the top experts when it comes to creating online membership programs. His multi-million dollar business – yes, I said MULTI MILLION – teaches people how to create communities of like-minded individuals who all share a common goal or interest.

This is a fascinating conversation and I’m dying to share it with you. 

So let’s talk about goals and how to find the community that will help you get there faster, easier… and usually in a much more enjoyable way!

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You have a goal. Let’s say it’s to have better balance in your life. 

You want better balance in your life because:

  • Your to-do list never seems to end… in fact, it keeps growing!

  • You’re working hard to make sure other people are happy and thriving… but have little time for yourself.

  • Your body is aching for a massage or a workout or yoga class… but you end up putting it off or skipping out because of other commitments.

  • The rushing around in your day-to-day is starting to cause unhealthy habits, like snacking on the go or drinking too much coffee. Or even snapping at the smallest things because you’re stressed out.

These are just a few of the MANY ways you know you’re out of balance. You know yourself best, so if you’re feeling out of sorts, it’s up to you to do something about it.

Now, you could try to reach your goal by yourself… 

But most of the time, you start off on your own and find it’s actually way harder than you thought. 

That’s why I wanted to share 3 ways to find the right community (your “tribe,” your “people,” your “girls,” whatever word you like!) to help you reach your goals.

3 Ways to “Find Your Community”

1. Facebook

Now, I know people these days are getting turned off from Facebook for various reasons. 

The divisiveness, the politics, the increasing hostility, seeing the true colors of people you thought you knew well… and not liking it (like you used to).

These are all valid reasons, but Facebook is also a place that has 620 million community groups (with over 1 billion people) worldwide! 

You can get away from Aunt Pat and her annoying posts to enjoy logging in again.

I’m about to introduce you to three of your very best friends on Facebook.

They’re called Snooze, Unfollow, and Hacking the Algorithm.

  • Snooze turns off a person’s posts for a blissful 30 days – use it if someone is on a tear about a topic you’re sick of hearing about or upsets you. 

  • Unfollow lets you remain friends, but stops any of their posts from coming into your feed – use this if 30 days is just not long enough for you but you don’t want the drama of fully unfriending them.

  • Hacking the Algorithm means you know what Facebook “likes” (see what I did there?) and use it to your advantage. Here’s one secret of the FB algorithm… the more you engage (meaning giving “likes” and comments), the more Facebook will serve up that person’s content. Over time, the people you ignore will slowly start disappearing from your feed. Hacking the algorithm is simple: like and comment on the posts you DO enjoy… and scroll on past the stuff you don’t. FB will start to catch on.

So don’t let a depressing feed stop you from connecting with like-minded people online. Clean up what you choose to engage with and go back to happy scrolling.

2. Create a “circle” with friends

This is a trick I’ve seen friends of mine do when they wanted to learn meditation. 

One of them is a meditation instructor and she was looking to practice leading a group. 

So, she asked a few of our friends if they wanted to join her in a “meditation circle” that met weekly for a 30-minute practice.

And everyone said yes!

What came out of that was a renewed sense of connection, community, and accountability with developing their meditation practices. A total win-win for everyone.

You can create a “circle” with just about anything.

I mean, what do you think a book club is?

Most importantly, your circle can have wine and snacks, if you want! (Save me some vegan mozza, please.)

So think about your goals… and see if any of your friends want to join a “circle” with you.

Maybe it’s Self-Care Saturdays or a weekly Zoom yoga class you do together. Or a daily check-in on your weight-loss goals with a recipe swap.

Whatever it is, you can formalize a community within your own social network if you already have the right people around you.

This is my personal fave.

Probably because I love a good challenge!

“Challenges” come in many, many forms.

I know you’ve seen them.

  • Gyms: “Lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks or get your money back” challenges.

  • Charities: The Ice Bucket Challenge where people (even celebs) “challenged” each other to dump a bucket of ice water over their head as an ALS fundraiser.

  • Biz: Tony Robbins recently ran a “Comeback Challenge” which was about helping people get their goals back on track during the pandemic; they were able to train with Tony and other renowned experts via live online videos on social media.
Challenges. Are. Everywhere.

If you have a goal, chances are there’s a “challenge” out there for you, with other people who are working on the same thing at the same time. I love them!

I’ve done challenges online. 

In person. 

With friends. 

With complete strangers.

With my family.

With my team!

To me, challenges are great because it’s a short, focused effort on just ONE GOAL. 

And you have a group of people who are psyched to do it too. There’s lots of support and encouragement and tips you never knew about.

I know when I join a challenge, my goal is to have FUN DOING IT.

That’s why today, I want to share a challenge I’m about to open… in just one week!

And, it’s for all of you time-strapped women who love your life but could use a little boost in the time-management department. 

It’s called the “Reclaim Your Time Challenge.”

This is a FREE, online challenge that takes place over 8 days starting on October 15th. 

I’ll be sharing my personal secrets to getting that schedule and to-do list under control once and for all!

This is the inside scoop on time management systems that the busiest, most productive people in the world use. There are even books written about it! 

I’ve read literally dozens of these books and tried just about everything they suggested. My “Reclaim Your Time Challenge” was made by weeding through all of their tips… and distilled it down into the best of the best.

Pretty sure Amy Poehler would agree.

If you find yourself feeling out of balance, Googling whether that personal cloning device you’ve been thinking about has been invented yet (I just checked… not yet), or find yourself so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to begin each day… 

Then this challenge is for you.

I’m going to show you how to take your already AMAZING life, handle All.The.Things., and still have time for yourself. 

Yes, actual time for YOU!

Best of all, we’re going to be learning how to get all the shiz on your plate done... and done WELL…

...while having FUN!
And hey, if you wanna bring snacks, I’m down.

So what do you say – you in?

If so, sign up for your free spot right now! 

And, if you’re not sure just yet, that’s ok. You have until October 15th to decide.

But don’t wait too long to make a decision. Right now I’m leaning toward this being a one-time-only type of deal, so I don’t want you to miss out.

Worried about time?

I got you.

I don’t have time to waste either.

This is straight-to-the-point, action-oriented content you can apply right away to approach time in a fresh way. 

But fun too.

You’ll see what I mean when you’re in there. 

He’s inspired me so much and I think he’ll do the same for you too.

Thanks for being here, and I’ll see ya online.

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