Sell With Soul: 3 Subtle Ways to Get People to Buy Your Services

We communicate our wants and needs every single day.

When I go to my favorite cafe, Logan’s, down the street, I ask for an Americano with steamed almond milk or a Tumeric latte. 

When my 9-year-old daughter Madeline wants a new hairdo to match Jenny Parker in Adventures in Babysitting, I take her to the salon.

When I go for a workout, I sign up for the class that’s going to get me pumped!

Notice I didn’t feel like I was pushed or pressured into any of it….

I got what I wanted and so did the cafe, the fitness center and the salon. 

It’s time to change your marketing and sales mindset my friend.

You’ve been communicating what you want since you were born.

Crying to your mama for food, a new diaper... a flashy toy.

Madeline markets herself to me everytime she wants an ice cream or more time on her iPad.

Marketing and communication encompasses everything we do in our lives and businesses, and you probably don’t even realize you do it on the regular.

And when you’re marketing yourself and communicating effectively, to your ideal client — you’re not selling, you’re giving people what they want.

The only time we feel like an overweight unkempt sleazy salesperson with mustard stains on our shirt is when we’re selling to the wrong crowd, or selling in the wrong way.

Be confident in what you’re selling, know who you’re selling to and let the marketing games begin! 

People want to buy what they want, but they don't want to be sold to. 

They don’t want to be nagged and pushed and pressured.

They don’t want to see stains on your shirt.

So how do you get people to buy into you, your product or your service?

1. Help them realize how their need can be fulfilled.

You don’t want to just buy a sweater, you want to buy a sweet top that makes you look and feel good.

You don’t want to just buy a course on manifestation, you’re seeking personal growth and fulfillment.

Communicating what you have to offer effectively and people will see how your offer can change their lives.

In the words of my good friend Neil Patel: Sales is simply telling people how to get what they want. 

(PS Neil is the guest on my podcast this week and is a master at selling without selling!) [INSERT LINK]

Think of yourself as biz ninja — helping people get what they want, without them even realizing it. 

Are you selling a holistic wellness product?  

Instead of saying - hey you, buy this essential oil and give me your money - again, educate your potential customer on how that oil or the lifestyle you’re living is going to make THEM feel.

See? You’re already a biz ninja. 🐱‍👤

2. Know your ideal client and what they want

If you’ve put the time in and you know who your ideal client is and what they want (and seriously, if I haven’t drilled the importance of having an ideal client avatar by now into your fabulous biz brain…so help me…) — marketing becomes as easy as adding some friggin’ frankincense to your diffuser.

When you’re communicating with your audience, listening to them, treating them with empathy, and hearing their concerns — you can truly sell them something that’s right for them.

You can give them what they want, because you know what that is.

You can answer their questions and help them navigate through the uncertainty.

Because you know them just as well as you know your bestie.

3. Get Real

It’s time to get out the tissues, put on an episode of Sex and the City and get real.

LOL, okay maybe not, but you do need to connect with your potential client or customer on an emotional level. 

And that means being genuine and setting a foundation of trust by possibly offering them something for free.

We’ve talked freebies before but they seriously are a great way to build your list, grow your audience and speak to your posse.

If you don’t believe me, you should.  It’s how I built mine.  ;-)

People can sense if you’re genuine. And by giving a little, you’re going to get a lot.

Are you selling social media management services? Give people a quick and easy guide on how to grow their Instagram following!

Are you selling a health and wellness product?  Give your peeps an quick and easy guide on how to sleep like a baby all night long!

Boom, you heard your client’s needs, you gave them something tangible, you’ve shown them your an expert in your field and maybe just maybe, you’ll get a call from Will Smith because he wants you to manage his Instagram or because he knows you’ve got the solution to that sore throat his kid has had all week. 

Yah girl. 

You can sell without selling. It’s the key to quality marketing.

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to selling your product or service? Let me know in the comments so I can help you out!

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