Dream Big Blend

Have you been listening? I hope so. Because this week, we talked a lot this week about following your dreams.
It takes hard work to go after what you want but I promise it’s worth it. 
It will pay off.
But first you gotta dream big and you gotta understand your dreams are in your hands, and your hands alone.
And whether or not you go to B-School like me, or take your own path, make sure you don’t put limits on what you can do. Don’t close doors. 
Only open them.
I want to help you get a restful sleep so you can dream big in sleep-land too. 
Sleep is SO imperative.  Without the rest (real rest) our body needs, we are moody, aggravated, edgy, itchy, all the adjectives. Not to mention our skin doesn’t look its best, digestive system is off and it’s challenging to maintain a healthy weight.
I came up with a blend that will help you calm your mind, de-stress from your day and help you unwind so you can sleep like a babe.

Just combine:
3 drops roman chamomile 
2 drops vetiver 
2 drops bergamot
Add to your diffuser and sweet dreams. :)

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