3 Simple Ways to Turn Your Biz Dream Into a Money Making Reality

Let’s talk about dreams.

Not the ones you have of Brad Pitt carrying you out of a burning house in his sweaty muscular arms…. 

Or the dream where you and Oprah go on a girls week-long getaway to Thailand and become besties for life.

I’m talking about your biz dreams! Your goals! Your passions! 

2019 is the year. 

The year you let go of your fears, say goodbye to toxic relationships, transform negative thought patterns and seriously — GO FOR IT.

Friends, it’s time for you to step off the sidelines, get in the game, and start pursuing your online biz dream. 

Like...right now. 

Marie Forleo is the modern day version of Wonder Woman. She is the online biz superhero of our time and has been a mentor of mine since I went through B-School with her five years ago. 

She’s a friggin’ pioneer in the online world and if you want proof that dreams do come true. If you’d have asked me 5 years ago if I’d ever have a podcast, let alone have Marie herself as a guest, I’d have given you a blank stare. But here we are… don’t miss this episode!

Following your dreams is not this pie-in-the-sky unattainable fairy-tale thing. It’s FOR REAL. If I can do it, if Marie can do it, so can you.

How do you think I felt when I quit my job as a lawyer in a boutique law firm to follow my own dream?

How do you think it felt when everyone looked at me like I was bonkers when I said I wanted to be a yoga and Pilates instructor instead?

How do you think it felt when I needed to ask my family for their unwavering support in helping me invest in B-School with Marie so I could pursue my own online biz dream?

It was scary, exciting and damn, I’m glad I did it.

Because now I’m earning 7-figures, traveling around the world, and feeling pretty fulfilled and hella grateful.

And if I would’ve listened to everyone else’s doubts and fears, including my own, you best believe we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

Marie has taught me a lot over the years and I want to share some of those tips with you. Keep in mind I’m paraphrasing here and if you want to learn more from this biz Wonder Woman, check Marie’s B-School. You’ll be glad you did.  #pinkyswear.

Follow Your Biz Dreams Tip #1 — Take Responsibility for the Energy You Allow in Your Life

Thanks Marie, that’s a big one. 

I totally agree with her that every one of us who dreams and creates things faces voices of dissent from people we know, people we don’t know and worst of all — our inner Debbie Downer. 

It’s up to you to let go of those negative thoughts in your head, and stop surrounding yourself with people who bring you down. 

Success is a mindset and our thoughts are so friggin powerful. 

If you keep hanging out with people who gave up on their own dreams and tell you that your dreams are stupid….well...time to kick ‘em to the curb (not literally of course!). 

It’s time to surround yourself with positive people and start noticing your thought patterns. 

Remember we talked about your inner Mean Girl a few weeks ago? (link to that blog), Yep, that’s your inner critic and you can shut her up. 

Start thinking positive, start following people who inspire you, and start believing in yo’self!

Follow Your Biz Dreams Tip #2 — The “Wouldn’t it be Great if….?” Exercise

I love this exercise!

Marie does this with her team when they go on retreats and it’s resulted in huge things in her biz.

Try it.

Finish that sentence. 

I’ll go first to get you started.

Wouldn’t it be great if…..

  • I started meditating every morning instead of waking up and scrolling Facebook (PS I do this and it does wonders for my productivity)

  • I stopped telling myself I can’t do it and started asking myself “what would a person who CAN do this actually do?” 

  • I got out there and started networking with like-minded people.

  • I started taking that course I’ve been wanting to take.

  • I travel to Hawaii every year with my family because I can afford to take a vacay.

Hmmmmm isn’t this fun?

This is an awesome exercise because it triggers your imagination and opens up a world of possibilities and in the words of Marie — “everything is figureoutable”. 

Follow Your Biz Dreams Tip #3 — Frame Your Dream

Now that we’ve gotten rid of those nasty thoughts, negative people who are holding us back and we’ve opened up our minds to all the possibilities, it’s time to write.

I learnt the power of writing things down years ago and I love that Marie pushes this too.

I want you to close your eyes and think about what you want in your biz life.

Do you want to go to nutrition school, become a health coach and help others be their best healthy self? (nobody beats IIN babe, check ‘em out)

Do you want to take your digital course biz to new heights?

Do you want to quit your 9 to 5 and start up a biz from scratch?

Whatever you dream is, envision it. In specific detail.

Then get a pen and paper and write it down.

When you write down your goals, you are way more likely to achieve them.

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty inspired to do some writing of my own.

What’s your biz dream that you’d like to achieve in 2019 and where are you going to start? Let me know in the comments and let’s inspire each other!

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