Reiki Your Biz With These Two Strategies

I think you may be wasting your time on your business.

Yep. Just shootin’ straight with ya. 

All that time you’ve spent following up with leads, sending emails, writing social posts… may have been a huge waste. 

In fact, if I were you, I’d just stop. For a minute anyway.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Those things have their place for sure. But… unless you’re also leveraging these two very specific strategies I’m about to share with you… all those efforts you’re putting out…? 

They’re the equivalent of you taking a match to money and lighting it on fire. Because your time spent on anything is the same as money spent, right?

I’m not trying to hurt your feelings. #promise

I think, as business owners, we go through phases of intense work… like the tasks I mentioned just before… and obviously without that phase, you’d never get anything done.

It’s literally the work of your work. Right?

But you aren’t a machine, my friend. If you spend all your time working without ever lifting up your head to consider the strategy behind your work, missteps will happen. 

And that focus on strategy is literally what we’ll be covering today. 

Because….. something tells me …. you have no shortage of ideas on what TO do. But you may still need a little strategy on HOW to do.  I.e strategize?

Like when it’s time to step back and take in the big picture.

Think of it this way: it’s very much like how a Reiki master approaches a client. Someone comes to them because they’re feeling stuck. And of course there could be a variety of reasons, right? The Reiki master has to assess where a little fine tuning is needed, then dissolve the blocks so their client can get back at it. 

And that’s what I’m about to share with you - How To Reiki Your Biz with two very specific strategies. Once you master these two strategies, you’ll be able to bring balance and purpose back into the work you’re doing.


The first way to Reiki your biz is to spend some time alone analyzing your business at a higher level.

I literally mean: shutting off your notifications, not checking your text messages or voxer, no email, no IG DMs, no mindlessly reaching for your phone to scroll, none of it. I mean turning off the noise and spending time analyzing the mechanics of your biz.

When you do this, you’re looking for a few specific things. 

You’re looking at your processes, where they are not working or where they may actually be  failing you. 

You’re asking yourself how you can improve them -> This can be anything from how you follow up with leads to the tools you use to schedule your social posts. 

During this analysis, you’ll be reviewing the copy you’re putting out there on social media, FB Lives, a newsletter or blog and examining what kind of engagement it’s getting (I knew it, you weren’t looking at that were you?). 

If it’s falling flat, you’ll ask yourself “Why is this happening”?

You’ll take a closer look at your marketing campaigns (you know you have them every month, right -> a new product launch, theme for the season, program you’re running) and you’ll be tuning in to whether they are even attracting your ideal client or not. 

And if they aren’t, no biggie.  You’ll ask yourself how you can you fix it. 

You're taking the TIME, my friend.  So you know how to connect with them on a deeper level, solve their problems AND so they will eventually become your raving fans and buy from you.

These are just a few areas of your biz you can hone in on.  When you take a step back and peer in, you’ll find a whole lot more to examine.   

And yeah, this task may feel a little overwhelming. But setting aside the time to do it is the difference between seeing a different outcome in your business than the one you’re getting…. Or not.

This is why I mentioned earlier that simply being “in” your biz and doing the work without any assessment is like setting a match to money. 

If you never take the time to Reiki your biz, how will you know if what you’re doing is first of all working?  And second of all even worth it? 

In fact, this task is so important that I recommend you block it out on your calendar quarterly. 

That last part is key because if you invest this time in your business but you do NOTHING to implement what you’ve learned, then you’ve literally robbed yourself of time you can never get back. 

Which, again, is like setting something on fire. 

And that’s hella dumb. Just sayin’.

Now here’s the second way to Reiki your biz: spend time in the company of others who know more than you.

You know, like other entrepreneurs or coaches you can learn good biz baddass stuff from.  

In other words, spend a little time at a live event (or watch a livestream of an event), sign up for a group program or a mastermind.

When you’re doing that kind of work by yourself, identifying places to improve and mapping out your next steps… you’re going to have a little Come To Yoga moment: 

You may find out you’re lacking resources, connections, or knowledge. #thatsagoodthing

Because let’s face it… while we, entrepreneurs are scrappy people, we don’t know everything. 

Like I always say… that’s Grrreat News. If you knew everything and were where you are right now, you’d have no place to go, right?

There are a million events out there, but I’d bet my fav hair scrunchie there’s only a handful that are meant for you and where you are right now.

Being smart with how you go about this means you don’t waste money attending something you’ll get nothing out of. 

It means zoning into an area you want to be your new area of genius.  

Like if you realize, during your deep dive you suck at copywriting, you should be signing up for that copywriting workshop with that boss babe whose words slay.  

It means understanding that your limitations around Facebook ads doesn’t mean you’re dumb… it just means you need to find a training taught by someone who can teach “FB Ads That Work To Dummies”.  #kidding.  

It’s the difference between trying to figure out what your branding strategy is when your background is in World Religion instead of just googling “live event branding coach near me” and let the girl who does it right, well… do it right and teach you.

You get what I’m putting down?

Make in-person events work for you. Treat them like the continuing education they are. 

And hey, I think you need to get this concept to: money spent on conferences, or events, is an investment in your success. 

I mean the connections you make alone…. I can’t even….

Get picky about the events you attend. 

Guard your time like you’d guard your oat milk latte. 

Because when you view events like this, you open yourself up to magic happening.

So I’m going to ask you to do two things.

The first is: go to your calendar and block out some time to deep dive into your biz and analyze it. 

In fact, to make this super duper easy on you, I’ve put together a reference sheet you can download that will walk you through the key places you need to analyze. 

The second thing I want you to do is to attend an event, or a livestream, or get involved in a group of some sort and start networking, absorbing, learning and continuing your entrepreneurial education.

You can knock this second task out right now, in fact.

How, you may be wondering? 

Haha well I’m glad you proverbially asked me. 

My annual biz event, Consciously Creating Your Whole You Live now has livestream tickets available and one has your name on it. 

CCWY Live is your one-stop event for all encompassing Biz training. 

I put together a rockstar lineup which means at the end, you’ll step away with clarity on brand strategy, attracting your ideal client, ways to improve your copy, how to approach paid marketing, ideas on improving your photography, and how to get your mindset in the right place.

Yep. Everything you need to Reiki your biz is there and ready. 

Head over here to get your livestream pass, then head to your calendar to block out your deep dive time.

Stay attuned, my friend.


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