Wow What a Week!

How are you feeling? I feel like I worked my butt off and I’m stoked for the weekend.

This week was all about asking for what we want and in the spirit of it all, I wanted to give you what I know you want and that’s a recipe for a doTERRA (tag) essential oil blend for bravery.

Because maybe you’re feeling a little bit of fear, or feeling a touch insecure about asking for what you want and that’s okay! Again, this is why we’re here together.

I know what it’s like to have to conjure up those brave feelings. I left my job as a lawyer to start my own biz and it was hella scary.

And then 15 years later, I left my second career as a yoga and Pilates instructor to start an online coaching and essential oils business.

Wow am I SO friggin’ glad I was able to walk away and start new journeys.

It takes courage to ask for what you want and step out of your comfort zone so just combine:
2 drops juniper
3 drops lavender
3 drops pink pepper

And you’ll be a biz queen (or king) before you know it.

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