Thinking of Becoming a Network Marketer? THE TIME IS NOW!

Ahhhhhh, ‘tis a beautiful time to be alive in the network marketing world.

In the wonderful age of the internet, opportunities once thought to be impossible, have become super-crazy-awesome possible.

Like seriously, can you imagine how difficult it was to build a business before world wide web existed?!

It breaks my brain just thinking about it.

Especially if you’re just starting out, there are now soooo many ways to reach your audience and grow your network marketing business — for free.

And in this case, free = freedom!

Webinars, social media, events, emails, blogs….

The opportunities for reaching your ideal client are endless.

There are so many ways to market yourself.

Eric Worre is a network marketing guru…(maybe you’ve heard of him?) and lucky me he was a guest on my Whole You podcast this week. Definitely check it out.

According to him, the world of network marketing is still relatively new — even though around the world, the industry has a combined revenue of about $200 billion with over 100 million people working in it full-time and part-time.

Crazy, right? The best part is this is just the beginning.

There are lots of reasons why people have and continue to jump on board the networking marketing cruise ship.

Maybe you need a side hustle.

Maybe you’re trying to earn some extra cash to afford dance classes for your daughter, or to send your son to Europe to study.

Maybe you want to give it a go full-time (like me!) because you saw an opportunity you really believe in.

I got involved in network marketing after quitting my job as an attorney for a law firm….yep, it was sucking my soul.

And then I became a Pilates and yoga instructor...which didn’t work out simply because I was sick of getting paid by the hour and being a slave to someone else’s schedule...

(Chalk another one up for network marketing!)

But the reason why I went into yoga and Pilates, and then studied to become a Certified Health Coach and then Life Coach was because I really do believe in wellness.

I’m not sure if I found doTERRA or it found me....but next thing I knew I was doing something that really embodied what I stand for — helping people live healthy lives.

So why has there never been a better time to become a network marketer?

Let’s start with social…

Seriously, not bragging here but look at my Facebook — hellooooooo opportunity!

I have almost 75,000 followers who have clicked “like” because they’re picking up what I’m throwing down.

They want to hear from me.

They want my latest essential oils recipe.

They want to know about my new book.

They want to know what it’s like to work a 14-hour day while still being a hands-on mom, on top of being a life coach...while I’m running webinars and getting my FB live game on.

Nevermind Facebook groups... where you can really start seeing some growth in your network marketing biz.

*Sigh*, this really is the best time to do what we do.

Facebook groups help you beat the algorithm cause guess what? The highers up in FB world like groups. Groups are all about building community.

With a group for every niche, topic and industry, this is a great place to generate leads and build your following.

Social media is just the beginning. Say hello to blogs, emails, webinars and content marketing is where it’s at. 

All these things can be done at little to no cost...and if you’re having trouble getting started, there are many free resources online made just for you, biz babe.

Maybe you want to start with a website or simply a blog.

Both offer a great platform for introducing people to your brand, selling your product or service, educating people and gaining new leads.

And it CAN be done on the cheap.

Really, don’t worry about having the fanciest website. There are some network marketers (hell...even traditional businesses) out there with the WORST websites...but they’re making millions in sales.

Free and amazing way to connect with potential customers numero dos: Start and grow your email list. 

I looooove email marketing.

It’s even more effective than social media because you’re in control of your email list...unlike social algorithms.

One thing you can try is offering a “freebie” or a lead magnet. This can be done from your website, landing page or blog.

Basically, you give your potential leads something of value, something irresistible...and in exchange, they give you their email.

If you’re selling doTERRA oils like me, maybe you’re giving them a recipe for a blend. Or you’re giving them a cheat sheet on how to make the most out of their essential oils.

The ideas are as endless as your creativity. 

In the end, however you’re getting someone to give you your email address...those leads are golden. And can make a huge difference in your biz.

However you decide to go about it, the world of network marketing is awaiting your enthusiasm and most importantly, your story.

Be real with your audience. Engage with them. Open up to them.

You can be a success in network marketing if you can relate to people. 

Just read the words of my dear friend Eric Worre (ahem, 
seriously check out the podcast, he’s amazing):

“In many ways, learning to tell your story is one of the most important strategies in Network Marketing. Not only does it make you relatable, but it prepares your prospect for the challenges ahead.”

And thank goodness, in this day and age, we have all these incredible opportunities awaiting us at the ends of our fingertips, with just a click of a mouse.


What is your favorite way to reach your audience? What have you had the most success with so far? Emails, your website, a blog? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know.

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