Why Are You More Tired AFTER Your Vacation?

OMG, last week I traveled to Edmonton and can I tell you I am STILL tired? I’ve been in bed by 7:45pmevery night!

I came home with a bit of a headache, feeling slightly feverish and I could barely think straight.

That story has played out a few times this year. It’s almost like my body is changing. (Women, you know what I’m taking about, right?) I also think I get super dehydrated going back and forth between different time zones.    

So I’m not just talking about when I travel on biz. I’ve felt this way after personal trips, too. Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation after my vacation! Land-crash-burn. Know what I mean?

Now, I travel a lot. (Geez, I probably spend half my life getting where I need to go.) 

Some of my longer trips are made up of short stops in several places. It’s not unusual for me to fly into a different city every day. 

Last fall I was in Europe for 8 days. During those 8 days I visited 3 countries. I was in a different country every other day! 

Wanna know my number one defense against travel burnout? It’s super simple and it minimizes a ton of stress. 


I make sure to know my schedule well in advance so I can handle as many details as possible before I leave home. 

Here are a few of my challenges and solutions: 

Getting enough rest when I am changing time zones

I make rest a priority. I try to not schedule anything before 10am when traveling—or even 11. That gives me the rest I need in the morning.

Finding the right kinds of foods (I’m vegan)

By checking out local food sources in advance, I know where I can meet my dietary needs.  A bag of chips at the airport isn’t going to cut it.

So I pack healthy snacks for times I am unable to find what I need. And speaking of packing….  

Packing lightly 

Yeah, right. I’m a clotheshorse and I accessorize. But I try to coordinate as much as possible so I don’t have to pack as much.

You only need ONE pair of shoes that works for everything. Or wear a comfy pair and pack the heels! You can wear the same pants with a different top. Yes, know one will know. Change the jewelry or add a scarf!

Taking time out for ME

        Listen in … this is sooooo important! 

Whether I am working at home or traveling, I make time for ME. 

Okay, so not always. 

But when I skip this self-care step, I pay for it. 

Exercise and yoga are a huge part of my day; two things I do for ME. Along with my essential oils regime, they keep me balanced. 

But trying to maintain an exercise routine from 10 different time zones would be crazy so I don’t plan to exercise on huge business trips. I would rather sleep and catch up on work. 

I get my exercise fix in the day after I get home and make sure I’m in top shape prior to departure. 

Stepping out of my balanced home life and into a whirlwind of travel begins with anticipating what I will need and planning ahead. 

So I make it a priority. My vacations are vacations now.  

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation AFTER your vacation? How can you plan ahead when you travel? 

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