It’s Staring Me Right in The Face

Hey There!

Well, here we are! We’re full-on into the holiday season and for those who celebrate, I wish you happiness and joy. 

Can I tell you that after a year of business commitments and travel, I am SO looking forward to peaceful family time and hunkering down in our beach house in Cardiff, my little community in North San Diego County?


Now, I’ve had a blast this year and I’ve also gone through a bunch of personal changes in 2017.

I know that circumstances don’t need to be different in order for me to be happy or content.

Rather, it’s MY THOUGHTS about those circumstances that create my reality. By changing the way I look at things—my perspective—my WHOLE experience shifts.

For example, I work mostly from my phone. And emails, messages, and phone calls were literally overwhelming to me because I “believed" that I had to respond immediately. 

And I “believed” that if I didn’t answer immediately, I’d get super backed up and fall behind on everything.  

But I realized that I was allowing technology take control over my life. And now I am choosing to believe I am in charge. I do not have to answer anything immediately.  The world can function quite fine if I block out certain times in my calendar to return emails and texts and work on projects.

Integrity begins with me.

I am so looking forward to next year – for me and for YOU. So stick around. I’m sharing my journey in my upcoming podcasts and video series.

I‘m facing a busy year. My book, The Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils [LINK] is on the market and in just a few months, my second book will launch.

AND I look forward to hearing about YOUR successes and plans for the future!



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