Turning Feelings Into Actions

Hey my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to the Whole You Podcast where I share tips to help women like you implement healthy hacks and habits so you can eat smarter, rest better, and get it ALL done.

I’m not sure if you know this… but I am a HUGE believer that mindset directly impacts your success.

And not just biz success -- but yes, it’s important there too…

But LIFE success.

Everything from finding your path in life… finding the right partner… and finding your PURPOSE.

And then… taking that and turning it into ACTION.

It’s literally what creating healthy habits is alllllll about.

Mindset + action = success.

This month in Habit Hackers, we’re talking about PRODUCTIVITY.

So action is a big focus right now.

I know I’ve mentioned it, but Habit Hackers is my private membership group for entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals to literally HACK their way to healthy habits.

Meaning super fast. And super effective.

And of course, mindset is really what pours the gas on making those intentions about getting healthy actually turn into action…

If you’ve got some habits you wanna hack… you should totally check out the group.

Ok so today’s topic is about how to take what you FEEL inside… and turn it into serious action.

I’ve got a really special guest today who is an empowerment life coach.

Whoa, that sounds awesome, right?

Maybe you know this and maybe you don’t, but I’m also a life coach… but how I use it in my biz is totally different from how my guest today, Amanda Escobedo, does.

For me, I don’t really focus on private clients anymore.

I use coaching in a group setting… like through my Habit Hackers membership group… online courses I put out… books I write.

Amanda is really into 1:1 coaching.

So it’s truly a personal, custom approach.

She’s here today to share her insights on how mindset is literally the way you break past whatever’s holding you back… and how to step fully into your very best self.

Amanda’s all about action, so we have a lot in common!

I can’t wait to talk about this today, so let’s get started and welcome Amanda.

Interview questions: (Amanda’s website is a great place to source questions)

  1. Amanda, I’m really excited you’re here today. Could you share a little bit about what a life coach IS and DOES?
  2. I’d love to hear a little bit about how you got started as an empowerment life coach.
  3. How can someone get really clear on their current mindset and take a practical step toward changing it -- is there an exercise you recommend?
  4. Many of the people who listen to this podcast are small biz owners. What would you say are the top 2-3 blocks that are holding them back from their full potential?
  5. How do you cultivate mental resilience?
  6. We’ve all had it tough the last year… what are some practical tools we can use when we hit a rough patch in our lives or businesses?
  7. I’m all about creating healthy habits… what are some mindset hacks for people who want to hack their habits but can’t seem to make them stick?
  8. For people who have jam-packed schedules, how can accountability be a useful tool in their lives?
  9. Can you share a story of someone you’ve worked with to overcome a habit-related challenge in their life?
  10. What’s one final tip you’d like people to know about discovering their purpose and making it be their life’s work?
  11. Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you’d like to share?
  12. Amanda, how can people connect with you online? Do you have a website or social account you want to share?
Hayley closing CTA:
How amazing was THAT conversation, friends?

Amanda is SO SMART and KNOWLEDGEABLE on this topic.

It’s super inspiring.

Because here’s the thing… the last month or so, people have been feeling like they’re finally turning the corner after the chaos of the last year, right?

And for many of us… it’s kinda put us into this “Well, what do I do NOW?” kind of space.

Or like we know what we WANNA do… but kind of stuck in the HOW part.

That’s why I wanna remind you that it’s totally ok to GO SLOW.

To pick ONE action… or habit… and work on it until it feels natural and normal.

Like Amanda shared, this is where mindset makes all the difference.

Especially when it comes to healthy habits.

I mentioned at the top of the show that this month’s theme inside my Habit Hackers members-only group is productivity.

Now, most people tend to put productivity into the category of WORK… but it doesn’t have to live just there.

It can be how you approach your time… even your personal tasks.

And when combined with mindset to be clear on what the BIG PICTURE is for you and your life… it’s super powerful.

Like, let’s say your big picture is to build a happy, healthy family.

I hope you can see how some of the mindset hacks mentioned today can help you make that happen.

And the baby steps you can be doing each and every day toward that goal.

And yes, creating HABITS that not only help your fam be healthy and happy… but help YOU be that too.

Because you are the foundation of your life.

And it’s super easy to get lost in that when you’re focusing on everyone else.

But making sure YOU’RE good and YOU’RE in the right mindset, headspace, productivity space… it’s the key to making it allllll happen.

So to get new ideas for hacking your health habits… and some of that accountability and support Amanda said is so important…

Check out Habit Hackers.

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So two birds with one stone.

Now there’s a productivity hack for ya… LOL.

Have yourself a beautiful, hopefully WARM week wherever you are…

And I’ll see ya online.