The Power of Vision: Know What You Want, To Get What You Need

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I help ambitious women like you, look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

So yesterday, I was sitting at my desk, head down, working on a new presentation…

And as I’m writing, this one thought kept coming up over and over again.

WHY do people feel overwhelmed?

‘Cause I’ve been hearing that a lot.

From friends. From my fam. From my community.

This feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Off-track. A little bit lost.

Maybe living in absolute chaos.

And being ok with it.

I’m sitting here hearing some of you silently nodding.Saying, “Yep. That’s me.”

So I’m asking myself, why is this?And my thought is…

I believe the reason you feel this way is – you may not have a VISION. 

Of where you want your life to be.

Now I totally get that the term “vision” may feel super ambiguous – so today, we’re gonna break it down.

Because what I’ve realized is, understanding what “vision” means (and coming up with your own) can be pretty darn hard to do on your own.

Doing it with someone else guiding you through a process is wayyyyy easier. And more effective.

Especially if that person has done the process for themselves… and has the results to back it up.

BT Dubbs, this is the sort of thing we get to do together inside the 10/10 Club.

  • It’s where I get to go deep with you  
  • Coach you  
  • Get underneath of what you still can’t see on your own - 
  • in a very small, intimate setting 
And not only show you how to create your vision…

For your life, your biz, your relationships, your health… whatever matters to you…

But we actually create a game plan to ACHIEVE it.

So your now quote unquote dream, becomes your reality.

Now I WILL say… this Club isn’t for everyone.

It’s reserved for people who are…

Ready to take themselves on.

Committed to leveling up.

Open to receiving what it is they actually desire.

And care enough to put in the energy to GET it.

Not just talk about it or dream about it.

But actually step into committed action. And SHOW UP.

That’s who I want in the Club.

If that sounds like you, definitely hop over to – and check it out.

Or you can pop into any of my social channels and just DM me the word CLUB.  

And when you do that, I’ll reply back with the link to join, plus 2 months free with your annual pass.

Ok so let’s get into what it means to have a vision for your life.

Vision is the drive that gets you up in the morning. 

So for me personally, I'm here because I know I make a difference with other women – like you.

I get to support you. Mentor you. Love on you.

And I know that what I have to share resonates with you.

I mean, you’re here, right?

And seeing that I make a difference literally FUELS me.

Nothing lights me up more than working with women who want to do better – BE better – for themselves… their friends… their families… 

And seeing the results and transformation that comes out of that connection.

Every day, I wake up and I think, “What do I get to share?”

“How can I help other women BE more successful?”

Not DO more things.

But BE a person who manifests success in their lives.

By the way, a lot of people define success as financial.

Which yes, I help with too…

But true transformation happens — achieving that vision you have for yourself and your life happens – when you shift your way of BE-ing.

It’s this combo of DOing AND BEing that is incredibly powerful.

Shifting your energy to align with who you truly are and what you truly want.

It’s absolutely game-changing when you finally get it.

So, the first step in casting or creating a vision for yourself is to ask you one simple, but pretty deep, question.

“What do I want?”

“What do I truly, truly want?”

For me, when I did this exercise (which, BTW, I’ve done over and over again for YEARS until I got to this answer LOL)...

I discovered I wanted to wake up knowing I was effing loving my life – because I was making a difference. 

Making a difference matters to me.

It’s my purpose.

I’m obsessed with the idea that I’m able to create a difference in the way somebody interacts with their spouse…

Or creates more time to connect with their kids – and have a 10 out of 10 relationship with them…

Or FINALY buys that beach house they've been dreaming of but they never thought they’d actually do. 

Just examples.

But that fuels me so much.

I’d say it all boils down to helping someone achieve something bigger than they never believed could happen.

And have the confidence and courage to break free from other people’s expectations – and blaze their own trail.

Let go of the norms they’ve been trained to blindly follow.

For example, my mom and dad (god love them) tried to tell me what to do my whole life. 

They sent me to the high school they wanted me to go to.

The college they wanted me to go to.

Nudged me to accept the job they wanted me to have.

Listen to their opinions on who I should date. Who I should marry.

(They still try to tell me what to do, LOL).

And back then, I did a lot those things… and I wasn’t aligned.

It didn’t feel right to me.

It was like wearing someone else’s ill-fitting suit.

And thankfully, I had my own vision of BE-ing in the world.

And once I trusted myself enough, once I believed… I began trusting my own intuition.

And taking committed action. Myself.

Taking risks – risks which paid off!

This is what I mean when I talk about having a vision.

Listening to yourself. Believing. And taking concrete actions to get it.

Even when it’s hard.

Even when it’s scary. 

Cause it will be.

But it all works out.

And I guess I always knew to follow my heart.

That the traditional path wasn’t for me.

And once I actually chose to believe in my own vision for my life – where I wasn’t locked to a desk working 9-5…living someone’s dreams.

Where I wasn’t popping prescription meds 24/7 to cover up the symptoms of my chronic health conditions…

Where I wasn’t locked into a salary someone else decided I was worthy of…

Then I began to HAVE the financial and time freedom I wanted.

I began to SEE that me living MY truth was actually inspiring others to do the same thing.

And that motivated and fulfilled me like nothing else.

Now, I’m not saying you have to have my same vision…

But my vision is to SHOW you what’s possible… when you create and then follow through on your OWN vision.

So that you believe you can do it too.

Because the thing is…

Without a super clear, lasered-in vision, it’s hard to whip up the ambition or motivation to achieve anything.

Yeah, I said achieve anything, really.

It doesn’t have to be in your career.

It can be in relationships.

With your spiritual connection.

With how you look and feel inside your bod.

If you can see it, you can be it.

So let’s say you get it.

You DO want to find your vision… 

You DO want a better life for yourself and your fam…

You DO want a life of meaning and purpose and fulfillment…

A great first step in finding YOUR vision is to journal about what you really want out of life…

Write it out like a story.

And make sure it FEELS damn good to you in your body.

Then declare your vision. 

Literally say it out loud.

Vision-casting isn't about telling the universe, “Hey, give it to me!” 

It’s about visualizing what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

It’s an internal knowing of what you want.

Then declaring it. Out loud.
And staying true to that vision. 

It’s about imagining what you’ve been trained to believe is impossible. 

And deciding it's perfect.

No matter how old you are. 

No matter how much you know or don’t know.

It’s about opening yourself up to possibility.

It’s about tapping into your brain, your subconscious, and your body to find it.

And THEN you can focus on and figure out the steps to create it – AKA: the HOW.

And then get committed AF in turning it into a reality.

‘Cause I do wanna acknowledge that finding your purpose can be HARD.

Many of us look OUTSIDE of ourselves to find our purpose.

Maybe it’s our kids.

Or our jobs.

Or our roles in life.

And when that goes away or changes – or just doesn’t fit anymore – we get thrown off course.

Maybe even have a bit of an identity crisis.

Has that happened to you?

Or maybe someone you know?It’s pretty clear when you see it on the outside.

It often shows up as:

  • Feeling uncomfortable.
  • Agitated.
  • Insignificant. 
  • Maybe even a little depressed.

And then it begins to show up as making big promises and not following through (AKA: letting people down and breaking your word.)
Or not showing up as your real, fun, authentic self.

But these “symptoms” or “side effects” to not having a purpose are actually extremely helpful!

These triggers can help you tap deep into your subconscious mind and peel away the layers of yourself that need work, or need a new purpose, or that you haven’t thought about in a longgggg time.

Yeah that’s what our triggers can do for us!

These triggers can help you tap deeper into your true, authentic self in ways that aren’t possible normally. 

So, I invite you to take on this mindset shift…

And whenever you have an emotional trigger or physical pain, get curious! 

There’s something you get to bring up to the surface… go into a deep dive.

Ask yourself, "What does this mean?"

Really tap into your mind + body. 

I know, without a doubt, that having a clear vision and waking up every day with a purpose shifts everything.

But I wanna make this super clear...

No one can do the pushups for you.

I can’t create your purpose or your vision.

I can’t drum up your motivation for you.

You – and only you – are the one responsible for your own vision.

It’s up to you to decide you WANT a purpose… 

Put in the energy.

Ask for help when you need it.

And make it happen.

You have to be super intentional about how you call it in. 

AND you have to take the actions needed to make it happen. 

Now, that said… I AM totally down to help you with the WHY and HOW part.

Particularly if achieving your vision means doing something you’re obsessed with.

That’s why I created the 10/10 Club.

To get close and intimate with you – to do this deep work, show you what’s possible… and then help you create your own game plan to turn it into your living, breathing reality.

I’ve done it for myself – so I know it’s real. 

And I know it’s possible.

And I’ve helped hundreds of women like you do it, too.

So if today’s message struck a chord in you… I encourage you to listen to that little cue your body is sending you.

That feeling of “YES, this is what I want” – and lean in.

Even when the cues are discomfortable.

Come join us inside the 10/10 Club.

And speed up the results you’ve been dreaming of.

By committing.

In a group.

With support.

With guidance.

With someone who knows her shit and LIVES it on the regular.

Again, the link to see what the Club is all about is

Or you can pop into any of my social channels and just DM me the word CLUB.  And when you do that, I’ll reply back with the link to join, plus 2 months free with your annual pass.

And if you're not totally sure want to test it out for a week, just ask me for a free week and I’ll send you a link to join us.

And I wanna reiterate this.

‘Cause I really mean it.

The 10/10 Club is only for those who are committed to finding their vision and putting the energy into making it come true.

No half-assers. I want full-ass people. LOL

If that’s you, I want you in the Club with me.

Got it?Ok friends… that’s it for me this week.

I’ll see ya online – and ideally in the 10/10 Club!