How to Break Free from Excuses + Live Your 10/10 LIfe

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I help ambitious women like you, look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

Do you know an “excuses addict”?

That’s a name I have for people who always seem to have an excuse, slash story, slash negotiation, slash “reason” (air quotes on reason obviously LOL)...

As to why something hasn’t happened yet.

You know what I mean…

Statements like:

  • I’ll start after the holidays.
  • I’ll start on Monday.
  • It’s late already, I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • I need to finish XYZ first.

People get REALLLLLL creative with their excuses.

But what if we got REALLLLL creative with our solutions?

I saw a social post the other day that really stuck with me.

It went something like: 

“Keeping your word (to yourself + others) matters. 

There’s always a price to pay when you're not in integrity and don’t keep your word. 

A major step into your own transformation is saying ‘yes’ + then sticking to your commitment.“

I mean WOW.

Love that. 

I’ve really worked hard to get out of that excuses mode myself.

To be real with myself about my priorities—what I DO want—and then taking committed action to get it.

But not everyone’s like this.

Or, at least, not as often as they’d like to be.

Think about how often you—or maybe someone you know—say things like… 

  • “I’ll start that on Monday.” 
  • “I’ll do it tomorrow.”
  • “I’m too busy right now.”
  • “When I get back from my trip.”
  • Or maybe even “I’m too old to do that…” 
It’s one thing if you use those words as an excuse for something you don’t really wanna do…

Though honestly speaking into truth—that you just don’t want to do it— is more impactful.

But if you DO want to do whatever it is… 

…if it’s something that takes you closer to your vision…

Saying words like that to yourself and others is how you actually close yourself off to what’s POSSIBLE in your life. 

You can do anything that you want. 

You just get to figure out how to make it happen. And then follow through.

In my 100% is Possible, 100% of the Time interactive experience, which is coming up on Thursday, July 27th by the way…

We explore a key area of life most people want to experience a 10/10 in.

Feeling great in your body. Energized. Confident. Motivated.

Mental health on point. 

Emotions balanced and grounded.

With that on lock, everything else tends to flow more easily.

Abundance and opportunities seem to come your way more often.

You’re happier—more content. Which attracts positive, high vibe people into your life.

AND your personal relationships are better.

Anyone resonate with that?

Inside my 100% is Possible, 100% of the Time experience, I literally guide you through the process of creating a 10/10 life you’re completely obsessed with. 

I can’t tell you what that looks like for you.

But I CAN help you find it for yourself—and then create a plan to get it.

I’ve set up a special link where you can go to drop your name and email….

And when you go there, I’ll know you listened in today—and pass along a super special rate for this event.

One thing to know—when you show up, you’re committing to being on camera and participating.

The whole time. Yep, the whole 2.5-3 hours.

This isn’t a “sit back and listen in” sitch.

Or multi-task while doing laundry or replying to emails.

This is deep work—so you get to be fully present. And engaged.

And what I’ll tell you is—actually what others who have gone through this interactive workshop with me before—is that you walk away with a strong roadmap of what you want…

Why… and HOW you’re gonna get it.

You’ll walk away activated and excited and PUMPED that you get to make your dream life happen.

BTW, if you’re on my team, this is a definite game-changer for you.

Particularly if you haven’t been seeing the outcomes you want in your life OR your biz.

There’s actually a super foundational reason WHY… and that’s what we’re going DEEP into on the 27th.

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So, as I mentioned, pretty much everyone I know wants to feel strong, confident, and energized in their body.

They want to feel and BE happy. They want balanced emotions—to sleep well with zero anxiety.

To be psyched to get out of bed in the morning.

And that comes when you take good care of yourself.

But health and wellness is a funny thing…

We don’t even realize how much we want to feel good … until we don’t.

‘Cause NOT being at 100% SUCKS.

And being imbalanced in your body, mind, and/or emotions actually zaps soooooo much time, energy, and—as you’ll soon discover with the story I’m about to share—money.

Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.

I’ve had multiple health issues throughout the years.

To start off, I grew up with some pretty major digestive issues… had ‘em for over 20 years…

Then, probably related, I lived with terrible anxiety… stress… even depression in my life… 

I’ve completely started my life over from the ground up several times.

And then there were the digestive issues AGAIN… resolved those.

And what I realized is, when I’m not strong and energized and healthy, everything falls apart…

And then gets worse.

So once I had this epiphany, I got super committed to taking care of myself—mentally, physically, and emotionally.

And that’s how I live my life now. Literally every day.

You may find this hard to believe, but not everyone in my family shares my massive belief, or passion, for health.

No judgment, they have different values.

It’s funny ‘cause people kinda assume that my entire family is vegan and into collagen supplementation etc etc.

And that’s not the case.

Or at least, not every single day.

I live that way… but everyone else is, to put it nicely, a bit less committed.

Anyway, I share that because when I’ve told a few people about the health issues my husband was experiencing earlier this year, they’re really shocked.

Without going massively into details (primarily for the sake of time ‘cause WHEW, it’s been a lot lately, LOL)...

My husband, Wes, started experiencing some heart-related issues a few months ago.

And because we were in it

I’ve come to realize what an absolute CLUSTER the American health insurance system is.

Yeah, I know, we’ve all heard this… 

But when it affects YOU—it REALLY is shocking.  

And frustrating.

As if going through a major health scare isn’t bad enough, then you have your insurance company denying your claims.

Or denying the facility your approved doctor is conducting the surgery in.

I mean, honestly… do we ask the surgeon to make a private visit to our home instead? 

Or set up shop in the parking lot so we don’t even have to pay a “facility charge”?

I also didn’t know to ask—right before going under anesthesia—if the anesthesiologist they chose is also covered.  

I’m telling you, it’s shocking.

BASIC shit not being covered.

Which makes it 100 times worse.

I swear to you, I’m convinced insurance agents are literally trained from the beginning to deny any claims—and deny them multiple times.

And that it’s on YOU to determine if you have the stamina to get your claims approved.

No joke, this is going to be the plot of the next season of Squid Games. LOL

Who can last the longest!

Melanie in Claims or Hayley Hobson? LOL

I’m comin’ for you, Melanie. JK

Anyway, I’ve discovered WAYYYYY more about the insurance industry than honestly, I ever wanted to know.

Like how many loopholes and red flags are in your policy that you may not be aware of.

Even when you think you’ve gone through the protocols and jumped through the hoops—there will be unwelcome surprises on the other side.

Lemme run ya through a few of the mind-boggling health fees we got handed to us:

  • A 90-second stress test for Wes’s heart? $3,700.
  • ONE bottle of medication? $700.
  • ONE 90-min ER visit? $11,900.
  • A bandaid – $300.
  • And then 2 office visits and a pre op – over 12k.
Yeah. That’s 30 grand right there.

30 grand BEFORE the actual heart procedure.

I am not sharing this with you to complain.

I’m sharing this because it’s disgusting.  


Shocking how our system is operating like this. 

And the OTHER thing I discovered is… you can negotiate with the billing department.

As if you’re in Turkey haggling over the price of a Persian rug.

Or in Mexico negotiating the price of a blanket or a piece of pottery.

You can literally go to the billing department and say, “I don’t have the money. Here’s what I’m willing to pay…”

And they’ll work with you on it.

Or tell them, “This is an unreasonable price for the services provided.”

And they’ll slash your bill in half. Or less.

Wild, right?

Well, so here’s why this situation goes back to the 100% is possible idea… and not living in excuse.

I could have slipped into “I can’t” or “We can’t” mode super easily.

Most people would have thrown their hands up—or accepted this as the option being handed to them.

But instead, I really took my “How CAN I?” mindset—and applied it to this health situation.

And discovered new solutions.

The point I’m trying to make is… 

There are SO many more possibilities available to you.

IF you decide to be open.

Ask questions. Get curious. Get CREATIVE.

Use the “how can I?” mindset to go after what you want.

This story is also a really great reminder to take care of yourself and prioritize your health.

That’s what a 10/10 life looks like to me… 

Having the energy, strength, motivation, and MEANS to do everything I wanna do.

Whether that’s shopping organic produce and not getting my panties in a bunch because my fav chips cost $6.99 a bag.  

Or taking the afternoon off to go ride e-bikes with my daughter at the beach.

(And then grab her a Boba milk tea and the new tinted moisturizer brush she “needs”. Because every 13 yo “needs” tinted, glowy moisturizer and the appropriate brush, right?) 

Or hopping on a plane and flying off to the Middle East, like I just did. 

Truly incredible, by the way.

Big recommend.

What my 10/10 life looks like may be completely different from yours.

And that’s amazing!I still wanna help you achieve YOUR vision of that 10/10 life.

That’s what we’ll do together inside my upcoming workshop, 100% is Possible, 100% of the Time.

Again, it takes place Thursday, July 27th from 10am-1pm Pacific.

Which is 1pm-4pm Eastern.

It’s a truly interactive (key word there, interactive!) 2.5 - 3 hour experience where I’ll literally guide you through the process of creating a 10/10 life you’re completely obsessed with. 

This is a process I know is life-changing—and I’m holding an intimate space for people like you who are FULLY committed to go all in. 

Because we’re going deep.. there’s a limited number of seats available. 

So let me know you’re committed by going to

Or DM me the word: 100.

The number is fine or type out the word ONEHUNDRED (with no spaces).

And I’ll shoot ya that link directly.

I hope to see you there.

And I hope this episode has given you the opportunity to reflect on the excuses you’re telling yourself about why you haven’t gone after something you want.

Life is short, my friends.

Don’t live with regrets and delayed goals.

Find out what you love and what you want… and go after it.

I’m here to help you with that, if I can.

Ok, that’s it for me…

Hope to see ya inside the workshop… and as always, I’ll see ya online.