My Ultimate Summer Routine Revealed: How I Create Time for Work, Play + Self-Care

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I help ambitious women, like you, look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

You guys, my favorite season is here!

Today is OFFICIALLY the first day of summer. WOOHOO!

Nothing beats a day in Cardiff (AKA my happy place).

I’m not even kidding.

Literally, people ask me and Wes to go on trips with them during the summer — and my first gut reaction is to say no. LOL

For example, my friend, Shanda, just asked me to come to Puerto Rico. Again. LOL.

Which, of course, would be absolutely amazeballs.

But I always wanna say no ‘cause there is no place I love more than my beach house in Cardiff by the Sea, in San Diego county.

No joke, after a trip or stressful period, there is nothing I want more than to have an ideal Cardiff day – and get back into the daily flowwww. 

Actually, I did a Reel about my summer routine the other day and got so many messages about it, so I thought I’d drop ya some deets on it.

‘Cause the thing is… just because it’s summer doesn’t mean healthy habits and routines go out the door.

Can’t stop, won’t stop. LOL

Oh, and if you were one of the peeps asking me where to get my summer wellness essentials—which I’m gonna drop on ya here in a sec…

I’ve pulled them all together for ya at

That’s F-A-V-S.

I’ve made it super easy for ya to get your hands on them, too.

It’s literally one click.

Plus today, I’m gonna run ya through a few of my must-have beach and/or poolside essentials.

Ok so, summer routine…

I typically wake up around 6am (yes, even during summer LOL)...

Brush my teeth, meditate, then pop out to an early morning workout at F45.

I love to get my workout done first thing in the morning so I feel energized and alert the whole rest of the day.

Plus, there’s something super empowering about finishing a big to-do first thing.

While everyone else is still asleep. LOL

After working out, I slap on my fav summer sunnies, my Diff eyewear (Cruz style) .

And it’s time for some coffee. Because obviously.

You guys know I love my coffee, right?

So on my way home, I either swing by Better Buzz — which is a local San Diego coffee shop — and grab a cold brew coffee with a tiny plop of vegan foam (not enough to “break” the fast)…

Or I swing by my local hangout, Zumbar.

Ooops, they changed the name to the Rose Hill Purveyors (which I really don’t get)---and grab an Americano with steamed oat.


Then I head back to the house to have my morning bonding time with Madeline.

And make sure she gets her skincare routine in.

Not that it’s hard to get her to do it ‘cause she’s obsessed with all things skincare and beauty.

But still… she just graduated 8th grade, so I make sure. LOL

Most summer mornings, she’s heading off to surf…

So I make sure she applies her Face Mineral Sunscreen with Daily Moisturizer under her makeup — and actually, all over her bod.

Nothing’s worse than having fun at the beach all day and coming home looking like a tomato.

Not only does it hurt like a mofo, but it’s actually super damaging to your skin.

And it’s gonna show up 15-20 years later on ya! 

No bueno.

So, here’s your PSA guys…

Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen first thing in the morning.

Even if you’re not out surfing or sitting in the sun.

And reapply every few hours.

It’s just a good year-round habit.

Especially so you don’t develop skin cancer or speed up the aging process.

So once Madeline’s slathered up and out the door… 

I move on with MY summer routine.

Which usually means kicking into a focus time block.

So I roll on my fav focus essential oil blend, called InTune. 

I apply it to my temples + the back of my neck – and plug into the focus block I have set on my calendar.

I really love this blend – it’s got these really good-smelling, uplifting and earthy aromas. 

It helps me focus and stay on task through the day… especially when I have a lot to do.

As you likely know, I’m an intermittent fasting devotee.

So, around noon, I take the MetaPWR Metabolic Assist before having my first meal.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’m literally OBSESSED with it.

Not only does it help manage cravings, but it also increases energy and vitality, supports overall metabolic health.

And I’ve even seen many of my friends release some of the extra weight they were carrying on their bodies — and couldn’t release any other way. 

AKA: helps add years to your lifespan.

And ensure you’re bikini bod ready. I love the high waisted cheeky bottoms. LOL

So the rest of the day generally looks like taking my dog Xander for a walk around the block, and getting us both some sunshine.

Run through meetings and other work blocks.

Then sign off of work around 3. 

Unless I have some kind of personal appt I book mid day just to take a break, like a lash or nail fill.  

In which case, I’ll stay at my desk until around 4. 

The joys of being your own boss, my friends! LOL

Then I usually pop on my Joah Brown hoodie… and walk down to the beach to watch the sunset with Wes and Xander.

Grab dinner with Wes and/or with friends.

Watch a Netflix show. Like Selling Sunset. 

I know I know… but I can’t help it. It’s soooooo good.

Did you see my stories a few weeks ago when I was out for vegan sushi in La Jolla and realized I was across the street from their new La Jolla office and they were literally filming the Grand Opening?

Then, I do my evening winddown and skincare routine.

And in bed by 9PM.

Ready to do it all again the next day – with my sunnies, my hoosiw, and my 3 summer wellness essentials, which again are:

  • The Face Mineral Sunscreen Daily Moisturizer.
  • The InTune essential oil roller for focus and productivity.
  • And the MetaPWR Metabolic Assist capsules before my first meal.
If you’re interested in trying them yourself, I have a special link for you…

That has all 3 of them bundled together for easy check out at: 

PLUS, I’ve passed along my wholesale discount for ya, ok?

BTW, if you have any good summer shows you recommend, definitely DM me and let me know.

I polished off Queen Charlotte, A Man Called Otto, and Firefly Lane in like 2 days. 

So I’m always looking for something new to add to the list.

Especially after spending the day out with my fam and friends at the beach – and being outdoors.

That’s it from me today, guys.

I hope YOU are enjoying your summer too, and making the most of it.

I’ll see you online.

Or maybe at the beach! LOL