Shifting Your Brain and Overcoming Massive Obstacles with Ashleigh DiLello

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the Whole You Podcast where I teach holistic wellness entrepreneurs and creative professionals like you how to market and sell your products online. So you can live a healthier, wealthier life.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you CAN’T do something?

Maybe it’s an old boyfriend, partner, or parent who made you feel like you’d never amount to anything.

Who, for some reason, didn’t believe in you? 

Or wanted you to stay small. Play it safe.

Or be afraid.

That someone who kinda made you wonder… even when you knew you had something bigger inside of you.

Maybe, like my special guest Ashleigh DiLello today, it was doctors. 

Who told her she wasn’t going to live past her teenage years.

But she literally said EFF THAT – and thank God she did. 

Because her belief in herself allowed her to rewire her mind-body connection and overcome a life-threatening disease.

And yennow what? She’s THRIVING today.

Not only is she thriving… she overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to become an elite athlete, TV and Broadway star, Mind Coach, and motivational speaker.

Plus, she’s an incredibly successful online entrepreneur.

Which I know, based on conversations I’ve already had with her, has been so fulfilling and freeing for her.

Imagine what it would be like to overcome your own trauma like she did. And find a way to tap into your own healing – again, just like she did. 

Well, you're going to find out in a sec because Ashleigh is here. 

And she’s created Bio Emotional Healing®, a revolutionary method based in neuroscience that helps clients around the world finally break free from emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, anxiety, and chronic pain to thrive in their lives.

And you can bet I’m gonna ask her all about it.

You can see why we’re buds, right? LOL

I remember multiple turning points in my life…when I took the leap and created something new.

Like, for instance, an online business a little over a decade ago. I definitely had a lot of limiting beliefs and anxiety.

Where were you back then, Ashleigh?? LOL

Well, while I didn’t know Ashleigh at the time… I did look for my own mentors.

Ie. Marie Forleo.

You’ve probably heard me talk about her for years because of the impact she had on my life + biz.

I started signing up for her free online marketing classes… and was so blown away by how smart, practical, inspiring, AND caring she was… I decided I could not NOT,  signed up for her B School course.

And BT dubs… the reason I’m sharing this with you is because Marie has two free trainings coming up next week.

So if you have a biz already and want more online sales and more impact from your efforts…

Or you’re new to this whole entrepreneur thing and want to do it right from the start online…

Without wasting a ton of time or money… or wondering if any of the tactics those quote unquote “gurus” are doing online even work…

Marie’s heart-centered approach will totally resonate with you.

It did for me – and still does.

I still go back through her course even now – almost a decade later.

Anyway… she has two free classes on Wednesday, February 15th and Thursday, February 16th.

And I just know that what she teaches will resonate with you and move the needle in your own biz. 

You can sign up for her free classes by going to – or dropping the word Laptop Life on any of my social posts.

When you drop that word as a comment, I’ll shoot ya the link right away.

Ok so I wanna get back to Ashleigh, because I find her completely fascinating… and I know you will too.

Let’s welcome Ashleigh to the podcast!


Hey Ashleigh! 

I shared a little bit before you came on about how you overcame a life-threatening illness at 13. Could you please tell us more about this and how you decided not to let it hold you back?

Can you tell us a bit about Bio Emotional Healing® and how it helps your clients?

Is there a technique or hack you can share LIVE with us today?

Many of the people who tune into the podcast are entrepreneurs, can you share a bit about your own entrepreneurial journey?

What is the #1 mindset challenge holding entrepreneurs back from having the prosperity and time-freedom they really want out of life?

Is there anything you’d like to share that I haven’t asked you about yet?

Isn’t she something? ?

I’ve loved interviewing her, first on my Summit and then here because we’re so aligned in our values and vision for what’s possible when you lean in and give 100%.

When you have a vision… when you actually FEEL it in your body… and you are driven to GET. IT… 

Literally nothing can stop you.

Sure, you may not know the exact roadmap to get where you want to go…

But you get to figure that out.

Sometimes the path is not laid out in front of you. Yet.

But as Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figure-out-able.”

And not only is that the title of her best-selling book… it’s also the mantra she lives by.

I totally believe that everything is figure-out-able.

AND that you do NOT have to do it all on your own.

When you do it all by yourself, you may ending up feeling stuck. And staying small.

So what would it be like if you leaned in for support? 

Decided it was OK if you don’t know how to do everything.

DUH – no one does!

What would it be like if you decided to commit to your vision and do whatever it takes to make that vision happen?

Maybe that vision is to create a profitable business. 

A business that doesn't have you worrying about the state of the economy. Because you know money is flowing in no matter what.  

That’s what I wanted too.

So that’s what I created. 

So if that’s true for you too, quick reminder about my friend Marie’s upcoming TWO free classes coming up next week.
 Wednesday the 15th and Thursday the 16th.

And yes, it’s free to get in.

Let her know I sent you by going to – or, if you’re on IG or FB… drop the word Laptop life on any of my social posts. 

I’ll see it and will DM ya all the deets directly.

That’s it for me today, friends…

I hope you feel as inspired and activated as I do after hearing from Ashleigh.

Now get out there and do amazing things!

I know you have it in you. 

I’ll see ya online.