Trending Breakthroughs in Beauty + Anti Aging With Alex Dabell, Nutritional Innovator

I have to admit something to you.
I’m kinda bougie. All of my friends are kinda bougie.
And ya know what?
I own it. And I LOVE it.
To me, bougie means being selective. Discerning. Wanting the best.
Hey, if that makes me bougie, I’ll be bougie all day!
Especially when it comes to what I put into… and onto… my bod.
That’s why I’m super psyched to introduce you to Alex Dabell.
He’s the Director of Nutraceuticals & Innovation at my fav wellness brand, dōTERRA.
And I’m incredibly excited to ask him all my burning questions about the trending longevity and anti-aging movement.

And I know YOU’RE excited about this too… because you’ve been sending in your own questions too.
So today, we’re gonna find out exactly why the longevity movement is so hot… what products to try (and which ones to skip)... and what we should look out for next. 
BT dubs… Alex was instrumental in developing the wellness system I’ve been using for the last 4 months and I’m literally obsessed with, called MetaPWR.
You’ve probably heard me talk about this non-stop… or seen my Stories or Reels about it…

And it’s because I can’t BELIEVE the changes I’m experiencing myself.
From being way sharper mentally… to tighter, more radiant skin… to longer, healthier hair…
The MetaPWR system is upgrading how my body performs at crazy levels. Like, I’m legit aging backwards… it’s even showing up in my labs from my doctor.
He said my bloodwork is that of an 18-20-year-old. Meaning, my cells are performing like an 18-20-year-old.
Anyway, we’re gonna explore what’s IN this magic product line with Alex… and what you can expect when you get your hands on it too.
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Anyway… let’s bring on Alex… and talk all things longevity!
Interview Qs
Hey Alex, great to have you here! Before we get into all things anti-aging and longevity… can you share a little bit about your professional experience and what you do at doTERRA?

One reason I’m obsessed with MetaPWR is how powerful it is. With NINE kinds of collagen, plus NMN and NAD technologies that help reverse damage at a cellular level. Can you tell us about why these three ingredients are so impactful to reverse premature aging?

I know you’re super into science and body chemistry. You’ve told me about Collagen Amino Acids + why they are important. For someone who isn’t a scientist, could you break down what these are and how they change in our body?

What about tripeptides? I’ve seen this word everywhere… can you explain what they are and what they do for us?
What are some of the top benefits people have been seeing with MetaPWR? 
Most of the people who listen to this podcast are bougie like me. What makes MetaPWR better than what else is out there?
Do you feel super smart right now? I sure do.
Alex is so great at explaining the science – and why it drives the results that it does.
Not to mention, he’s clearly SO passionate about helping people live healthier lives.
In his free time, he literally researches scientific breakthroughs and brainstorms ways he can use them in his work.
He’s THAT into it – which I love.
And I super appreciate that he was down with me – well, US – being bougie.
Like I said, it’s not a bad thing!
I think you SHOULD have the best – especially when it comes to your health.
Quick reminder – ‘cause I know you’re gonna ask me, my DMs are legit full of people asking for the link LOL – 
But you can check out MetaPWR for yourself by going to my special webpage:
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I’ll drop you the link directly into your DMs… and you’re off to the races.
Can’t wait to hear what results you see when you start using the system yourself.
My husband, Wes, legit dropped a few pounds just in the first two weeks…
Plus, he’s experienced increased strength in his muscles.
Even his massage therapist commented on how strong, yet “smooth” (yes that’s the word he used) his muscles were.
And my hair and nail stylists can’t stop commenting on my new growth.
I’m tellin’ ya… this stuff is incredible. And it’s good for ya too. So you can feel secure that you’re taking in HIGH QUALITY ingredients that are CURRENT.
Not years old like what you’ll find collecting dust on similar products at your local health store.
Ok friends, that’s it for me…
Check out MetaPWR at… or drop me a comment on any of my social posts with the word REVERSE…
And I’ll see ya online.

Cutting Room Floor: 
Hi Hayley,
Tell your friends to be truly big, they should should really be using the best, and doTERRA has the best. We took our time to provide the best. We aren’t always first to market- we’re best in market. 😉
Some additional thoughts below….
This….from Corey’s convention presentation….42%, the products!
We have no preservative.
We aren’t shipping water, so we’re more portable, sharable, and environmentally friendly.
Our Advantage powder stick pack is >60% actives by weight.
We have 12 active ingredients, including 9 types of collagen tripeptides (>70%) from only one of our active ingredients. Many others only have collagen (who knows how much in tripeptide form?) and maybe a couple other ingredients. We have natural NMN, natural, stabilized NADH, resveratrol, sea buckthorn, rose love apple extract, Sicilian blood orange extract, etc. along with our >70% collagen tripeptides.
Here are some thoughts/context regarding collagen amino acids (hydroxyproline specifically) and tripeptides (3 amino acid fragment).
Collagen Amino Acids
Collagen structure is formed from a triple helix of protein or polypeptides (similar to DNA’s double helix) – three polypeptide strands around an axis stabilized by hydrogen bonds between the three polypeptide strands.  The smallest unit of collagen is a tripeptide, made of three amino acids.  

The most abundant amino acids in collagen are Glycine (Gly), Proline (Pro), and Hydroxyproline (Hyp).  These 3 amino acids make up roughly 50% of collagen amino acid content. The most common sequence is Gly-Pro-Hyp.  Hydroxyproline is created from the conversion of proline to hydroxyproline involving vitamin C (conversion process depicted below).  This is why we provide the liposomal vitamin C with the collagen tripeptides….it facilitates the hydroxylation of the proline amino acids to create more stable collagen.
Tripeptides can be absorbed via a tripeptide transporter in the gut.  Peptides larger than a 3 amino acid tripeptide (i.e. >500 daltons) must first be digested before they can be absorbed. If they are indiscriminately digested in the gut, they lose their value for chemotaxis and stimulation of collagen synthesis by the body- more on that below. This is a critical differentiator of the collagen in Advantage. This is why we use specific endo and exo peptidase enzymes to hydrolyzed our marine collagen to create the highest tripeptide fragment content.
Hydroxyproline aids in the stabilization and strength of collagen since the extra hydroxyl group (-OH) can form additional hydrogen bonds within the collagen fibril (see pic above).
Collagen Peptide Chemotaxis
“Chemotaxis” – the concept of the body directing cell types (i.e. fibroblasts) to a specific area of the body in response to a chemical gradient in the body.  What this means is that the hydroxyproline content serves as a “chemical stimulant” to recruit fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen.

Tripeptide Content
As you know, we have emphasized in our presentations and marketing materials, the amount of tripeptide content tightly correlates with the efficiency of oral collagen supplementation to stimulate new collagen synthesis – through chemotaxis of fibroblasts which synthesize new collagen as well as being able to absorb the collagen tripeptides through tripeptide transporters in the intestines (larger collagen peptides must be digested before than can be absorbed for either new collagen synthesis or used as an expensive amino acid fuel source).  This is what is meant by molecular weight, or daltons.  In order to be efficiently absorbed, the molecular weight of the protein/peptide needs to be <500 daltons.
Our marine collagen tripeptides have a minimum spec of 6% hydroxyproline content, or about 38 times more hydroxyproline content than the competitors mentioned.
In addition to the hydroxyproline content, it would be great to know what percent tripeptide content competitor collagen is. Ours is >70% tripeptide content (less than 500 daltons), and this is a primary distinguishing factor of a useful/quality oral collagen supplement. Many competitor products only talk about collagen or collagen peptides ….nothing about tripeptide content. I have seen other collagen suppliers boast about a modest 15% tripeptide content (example:
Hope that helps, let me know how it goes. 👍