Never fail again: How to ensure you achieve any goal

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately…

I mean, it’s nearly the first of the year… 
DUH – it’s what everyone's talking about RN.
What’s fascinating is… there’s one particular type of goal that nearly always fails.
New Year’s resolutions.
Did you know that?
Of the 41% of Americans who make New Year's resolutions…
Only 9% are successful in keeping them. Yikes.
One of the main reasons I see people fall out of their resolutions is they lack vision and therefore, there’s very poor goal-setting.
In other words, lack of vision and lack of intention lead to not having a doable plan – that fits into how you actually live your life.
Because with New Year’s resolutions, soooo many people want to completely revamp everything.
Create these lofty goals they THINK they want… but aren’t actually meaningful. Or true. Or based in reality.
There’s zero INTENTION to them. 
And very little forethought on the sustainable HOW aspect.
Which is what I set out to address when I created my OWN Goal-Setting Workshop.
My signature workshop shows you how to set intentional goals from a soul-deep level – for both your life and biz. 
This isn’t about blindly following my roadmap for success.
It’s about creating your OWN action plan – following a specific framework I offer you.

Once you complete this 1-hour class, you’ll walk away and the overwhelm will be gone.  Clarity will sink in.  

And you’ll have a customized action plan that’s doable for you – based on your unique lifestyle and priorities.

Normally I offer this virtual workshop for $97…

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Ok so back to New Year's Resolutions…
And why only 9% of people actually follow through on them.
Here’s my hot take on this.

It’s my opinion that people have gotten soft.

At the sign of inconvenience or struggle or commitment… most people give up. 

I could give you a bazillion examples of this.

For one, did you know that most people ditch their resolutions before March 1st?
Yeah, less than 8 weeks into a 52-week year… they peace out. 

So what does this tell us?

That soooo many people talk the talk… but don’t walk the walk.

Here’s another example – one from my own biz.

I work with a lot of people in a group coaching setting.

So I hear allllll these amazing dreams and personal goals week after week.

Like: I’m gonna double my sales this year.

I’m gonna lose the 5 pounds I picked up during the holidays.

I’m gonna eat better this year. Add more veggies, cut back on meat, be mindful of sugar.

I’m gonna stop working so much and actually have a LIFE this year.

These are all beautiful goals. Totally worthy. AND totally doable.

But not everyone takes action or follows through.

So what happens? Nothing.

Your biz stays flat… or maybe even dips… 

You STILL eat the same way you did… those stubborn excess pounds stay firmly in place… 

And you keep feeling heavy and slow and achy and just unhappy inside your body.

Or, you don’t reorganize your schedule and miss out on those fulfilling personal relationships… for the sake of working 24/7.

Point being… without conscious change, without urgency – another year goes by with the same (or worse) results.

So let’s flip the script on this.

Let’s get REAL about it – and let’s do it together.

I’ve put together 3 coaching hacks to actually help you start taking ACTION.

Because what I absolutely know is that once you start taking action… you’ll start to see results… and that builds momentum. 

The first step is always the hardest. 

And that first step is to identify WHY you’re not taking action.

And BT dubs… I’m not looking for surface-level excuses.

The quote-unquote “reasons” you may tell yourself.

You’ve got tons of stories you make up. Just like me.

I want you to go deeper than that.

And… Be. Honest.

  • What are you avoiding?

  • Do you REALLY want the thing you say you want?

  • What beliefs, fears, or insecurities are stopping you from making a change?
Once you can answer those questions with complete honesty… 

Breakthroughs happen.

You can apply conscious action to overcome whatever that thing is.

Let’s say you want to drop some excess pounds. 

This is a super common resolution.

Which also pops up again right before bikini season. LOL

You probably have stories you tell yourself about how you got here:

  • Working too much.
  • The holidays.
  • Stress.
  • Don’t have time or money to go workout.
  • Family obligations, blah blah blah.
You may use the word “reasons” – I use “stories”.

Know a great thing about stories?


The beautiful thing about coaches is…

We literally don’t give a flying eff WHY you are where you are.

Coaching is all about “What are you gonna do from HERE – to get where you wanna GO?”

As in: the present and the future.

Yeah, it’s good to know the past for context, but we don’t dwell there.

Stop looking in the rear-view mirror. The best place to be is right here. Right now. 

SO… in the case of saying you wanna get back into fighting shape, to have more energy, live longer, look better, and FEEL better… 

The key is to understand the REAL WHY behind the lack of results.

Ask the ugly questions. And give the ugly answers. 

  • Does it seem like too much work?

  • Do you believe you’re gonna work super hard and not have the outcome you want?

  • That not getting the result you want sill deem you a “failure”?

  • Will it say something about you that you’re afraid to share with the world?

  • Is someone ELSE telling you that you need to lose weight… and it’s simply not an actual priority for you at the moment?
You may be wondering about this ugly questions / ugly answers thing.

It’s because tons of us – especially women – have been taught that our real answers are wrong. They’re ugly. They’re bad. We can’t say what we really feel or think.

So we train ourselves to be fake. To pretend. To LIE.

Which is, of course, inauthentic.

The idea of hard work is one many of us pretend we care about… but don’t actually want.

People are apathetic.

I mean, what do you think the diet industry is all about?

People would rather reach for a magic pill – consequences be damned – to have the bod they want. ‘Cause there’s a belief that exercise and eating well takes too long.

If we were honest about WHY we don’t do what we say we’ll do – said the ugly truth out loud – we’d actually be free. 

Full disclaimer: this is hard to do. 

I ran into this scenario two weeks ago. I could sense other people wanted me to take, or in this case, I should say, not take a specific action.

And I almost caved. In order to, you know… people please.

And then I realized: what I wanted to do was a full body YES for me. 

It was part of my vision. So, I could not, not, take action. 

I bet you know what I’m talking about.

Because you’re not average.

You’re born for more.

You get to dig deeper.

Ask yourself the hard questions. 

Allow yourself to FEEL and ACKNOWLEDGE the discomfort for a minute.

And then make new choices that suit who you truly desire to be.

Ok… so let’s move on to the second step.

Once you have your goals… and you have your plan…

Attach rewards or incentives to your actions.

It’s a sneaky way to hold yourself accountable.

And actually hack your brain chemistry to do it.

You see, there’s a chemical inside our brains called dopamine. 

It’s our feel-good hormone.

And when you attach an incentive to your goal – something you really really want – like a VIP pass to Disney, lol… or tix to Bruce Springsteen’s potentially last tour (hey, Im’ a Jersey girl), your brain shoots out little doses of dopamine to help you get there.

Like dangling a super juicy carrot. Which is a big incentive if you’re a vegan like me. LOL

And when you actually ACCOMPLISH your goal, BOOM – you get a big ol’ hit of dopamine.

So you’re amped to do it again… and again… and again.
This is actually what makes games and other things so addictive… they tap into the natural rewards center we all have… and our innate desire to win… to create the cycle of behavior they want.

So this is how you can create a HEALTHY addiction cycle… to achieve any goal or desire you want.

BRUUUUUUUCE! (any other Bruce fans out there?)

Now, this last coaching tip is on the tactical side.

And that’s to plan your routine.

Ask yourself what needs to happen with your current time management systems to CREATE time to execute your goals?

Because as my friend Marie Forleo says, “If it ain't calendared, it ain't happening.”

What do you get to shift on your calendar to create time?

Is getting up an hour earlier the best plan for you?Is offloading other responsibilities gonna carve out time you need?Are there activities you could stop doing entirely to generate more space for your goals?

Inside my Goal-Setting Workshop, I help you go through this process… to identify the blindspots, blocks, and habits holding you back. It’s like magic!

I gotta tell ya… one of the top revelations people who complete this class tell me is that they are shocked by how easy it is to CREATE time… reduce their busy-ness… and still get all their shit done… while being HAPPIER.

Without realizing it, most of us waste tons of time each day, 

Or we’re unrealistic with our time, which leads to over-committing and under-delivering.

The good news is YOU are the designer of your days.

Sure, you have commitments. We all do.

But in the Goal-Setting Workshop, I’ll help you break through this mindset… create new habits to jumpstart your results…

And begin to get more done with less effort… so you have the space and energy to put toward your goals.AND – best of all – you’ll walk away with your own complete 90-day action plan to follow.

This is the plan you create for yourself.

I’m simply your guide… helping clear out all those stories holding you back… getting you to your true ROOT desires…

And offering you the simplest, easiest path to

Based on what’s important to YOU.

You can unlock the complete Goal-Setting Workshop class AND the action planner workbook RIGHT NOW for just $20.23 – down from $97 – for a super limited time.

It’s waiting for you at

Or drop the word GOALS on any of my social posts. 

I’ll see the link, shoot ya a DM… and you’re off to the races.

That’s a wrap on 2022 my friends…
Happy New Year… and I’ll see ya on the other side… in 2023.