The #1 Anti-aging Ingredient You Need Right Now

I’ve been on this whole anti-aging and longevity kick lately.

Which is like the NEXT LEVEL of what I’ve spent the last 15 or so years investing my time and energy into.

Optimizing my health… boosting my productivity… 

As well as helping others create healthier, wealthier lives they’re OBSESSED with.

And since I started using my latest anti-aging and longevity system –

Which I break down, step by step for ya in a private podcast you can listen to by going to

Or by dropping the word LONGEVITY on any of my social posts –

I’m seeing incredible benefits.

Like, near-daily.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

I’m over 50…

Which some of my newer friends can’t believe.

And you’d never guess from my wardrobe or Spotify playlists. LOL

But it’s true.

And recently, my doctor ran tests that show I have a physiological age of 18-20.

Meaning that’s how my body is performing. 

Whaaaaa? I know. Crazy.

Pretty soon I’ll be younger than my daughter Madeline. LOL

She’s 13 and mannnnnn, she’s gonna hate it when that day comes. LOL

If you’ve been following along with my recent wellness journey…

Then you know I’ve been hyping up all the NAD, NMN, and Collagen supplementation that’s literally the hottest thing in health.

And I’m sooooo into it ‘cause I find all the science of metabolic and cellular health so fascinating.

But there’s actually one OTHER key ingredient I wanted to share with you today.

It’s called Resveratrol.

Maybe you’ve seen this ingredient listed on your skincare labels.

Or on supplement bottles. 

Resveratrol is an anti-aging superstar – AND it’s all natural.
You can get it naturally through certain foods – like grapes, blueberries, cranberries, peanuts, and cocoa.
Which, depending upon where you live, you may have nearly-unlimited access to.
For example, have you ever noticed that French women seem to age better than pretty much anyone else?
Maybe it’s a myth or a stereotype… but have you seen Juliette Binoche? 
Case. Closed. LOL
Anyway, the French way of living has been said to be the secret to aging gracefully.
Which might seem surprising given that the country is known for cheese and wine. LOL
When you dig a little deeper… it’s likely due to a diet that has a lot of Resveratrol in it.
Which is a compound found in the skin of red grapes – ya know, the ones used in the wine-making process.
And while I personally don’t drink, I am sure you’ve heard that a glass of red wine is actually good for your heart.
So, maybe it’s a win-win!
Resveratrol is a plant compound that acts like an antioxidant. 
And antioxidants work by preventing or slowing damage to cells caused by free radicals…
The unstable molecules produced by the body as a reaction to environmental toxins and other triggers.
Like air pollutants… the food we eat (especially processed foods)...
The chemicals we use in our homes and on our bodies… 
Free radicals are EVERYWHERE. 
And they get into our cells, speeding up the aging process…
And giving us unwanted symptoms like fatigue, headaches, lowered immunity, sensitivity to noises…
All sorts of things we assume are part of the aging process.
Which isn’t true!

What Resveratrol can actually do is collect these molecules and neutralize them.
Reducing the damage they do, cutting the inflammation they cause… and therefore, over time, reduce aging.
Scientists are also researching the impact resveratrol has on NAD production.
When we’re young, our mitochondria are super effective.
And mitochondria are basically like the energy engines of our cells.
It’s why little kids have oodles of energy – it’s those happy, healthy mitochondria loaded with NAD enzymes that keep them fueled up.
And bouncing off the walls. LOL
But as we age, we produce less and less NAD.
Which is why we tend to slow down… get sick more often… and show physical signs of aging.
So the solution seems pretty simple, right?

Produce more NAD.
Which IS possible… 

BUT, the thing is… we can’t directly impact NAD production DIRECTLY.
But by introducing more Resveratrol – and NMN enzymes – we CAN improve NAD production.
So we kinda come at it from a side door.
And that means we help our bodies fight inflammation… fight premature aging… and give us back the energy and vibrancy of our youth.
Now what I’ll tell ya is…
While, yes of course, you can eat the original food sources to get more Resveratrol…
Most of us are exposed to sooooo many toxic sources of free radicals… 
And soooooo much of it has built up inside of us for years and years and years…
That we actually need more than what’s available in those foods to give our cells a fighting chance.
I mean, unless you wanna eat a ton of grapes every day… in which case, I do not envy your digestive tract. LOL
And that’s why supplementation is sooooo powerful.
The anti-aging and longevity system I use is so technologically advanced that it’s 12 times more bioavailable than any other option out on the market – meaning the body can absorb it better.
AND, Resveratrol is super versatile.
You can eat it… or put it on your skin.
Your body soaks it up super well either way.
Which is pretty rare.
And it has tons of amazing benefits for your skin, not to mention the internal systems of your body.
The MetaPWR supplementation system I use, it’s loaded with Resveratrol. 
In addition to the NMN, NAD, and collagen technologies that fuel up the mitochondria with energy…
The combo of these nutrients has helped me:
  • Keep my blood pressure at a healthy level.
  • Reduce excess weight and bloat.
  • Protect my sometimes-overworked brain, LOL.
  • In fact, it’s helped improve my memory
  • And given me natural, feel-good energy all day long.
Not to mention, this combined with my already-healthy lifestyle will help lengthen my lifespan.
‘Cause I really wanna be here to meet my eventual grandchildren.
Maybe take THEM to their first concert like I got to do for my own daughter.
Side note: Did you hear the members of BTS are being called into the Korean army?  
I get it, duty calls. But saaaaaaaadddd. At least for me and Madeline.
For hundreds of years, people have been talking about the fountain of youth – and how it’s this mythical thing.
But there really are some naturally occurring ingredients in this world that act as sources of real, sustainable, safe-for-ya regeneration.
Now, it doesn’t mean you can just drink red wine, and eat chocolate and strawberries all day and be like, “Woohoo! I’m healthy AF.”
I mean – I WISH. LOL
Being intentional and consistent about how you consume Resveratrol is how it works.
What I’m personally noticing is that since I’ve brought MetaPWR into my daily routine, I absolutely see a difference.
Reversing wrinkles IS possible…
Extending your feel-good shelf life is possible…
And soon, living to 150 is gonna be possible.
And not like a decrepit 150.
BT dubs, I saw this meme the other day, and it kinda blew my mind.
You remember that show “Golden Girls”?

Of course you do, you have good taste. LOL
Well, the ladies on that show were supposed to be in their 50s.
Except Sophia, obviously.
Isn’t that nuts?
I look at myself in the mirror and am like, OMG we’re almost the same age.
The thought that I can be eligible for a retirement community in 2 years blows my effing mind.
Women in their 50s used to be considered old.  
At least in the 1980s.
Now it’s like, ‘We’re just getting started, baby!” LOL
We may be “golden” but we ain’t OLD.
I mean, I’m running around with my teen daughter, going to shows with her, wearing bikinis, and growing my TikTok empire…
Can you imagine Dorothy doing that?

I mean, I kinda can ‘cause she’s a badass queen, but times have really changed in the last few decades.
I’m not sure how I got on this topic, but anytime I can talk about the Golden Girls, I’m gonna do it. LOL
Anyway, what I’m getting at is…
We do NOT have to be resigned to aging the way our grandparents did.
Letting life pass us by… and sit around in a Laz-ee Boy recalling the good old days.
Every day is a good day if ya ask me.
With all the technologies and breakthroughs happening right now, it’s a brand new world out there.
You can ditch those wrinkles without going under the knife.
You can slip back into your skinny jeans without depriving yourself to do it or running 65 miles a week. 
You can feel stoked about life… full of energy… 
Without hitting Starbucks 3 times a day. 
Although that’s legit Madeline’s dream day. LOL
Especially if we’re getting Starbucks inside a Target. LOL
Longevity isn’t just a dream for future generations.

It’s happening NOW.
And that’s why I wanna give you the inside scoop on what that looks like.
What’s literally possible RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.
And share all the research I’ve done for you… and how I’m personally using these breakthroughs to age backwards.
I mean, even my doctor says so.
So, head on over to my private podcast… which you can access by going to
Or, if you’re following me on social, just drop me a comment with the word LONGEVITY.
Then you won’t have to type it all in.
You can just click the link I’ll drop for ya.
Next time you’re at the grocery store, grab some grapes, peanuts, and strawberries.

Just to get a jumpstart on your Resveratrol. LOL
Or head on over to my podcast to get a full list of what to get and what to do.
Without breaking the bank or wasting time and money trying to figure it out on your own.
Thanks for being here friends… and I’ll see ya online.