Can you be lazy & successful? With Laura Belgray

Today I have a lazy person as my guest.

Hey hey, don’t get mad at me… this is literally how she describes herself.

But despite her QUOTE UNQUOTE “laziness,” she’s actually VERY successful.

Not to mention… super fun to hang out with.

Hmmm… if she’s REALLY that lazy, maybe I should invite her to come to my Reclaim Your Time Challenge. LOL

That invitation is open to you too, of course.

We’re starting on Monday, February 7th.

It’s 5 days of learning all sorts of time efficiency goodness.

So you actually have MORE time to be lazy! LOL

Ok so back to today’s show…

But before I bring my special guest on… I wanna warn you.

We’re gonna be talking a lot about mindset today. About creative ways to be more successful… even when you don’t FEEL like it.

If you’ve been feeling stuck the last year… or like things aren’t going your way… or like you’re in this weird rut…

You aren’t alone.

And we’re gonna talk about it.

Because yes, I’m all about productivity…

But there are definitely situations that just ROCK me. 

So much so that I just can’t – for the life of me – get out of that funk and get back to getting shiz done.

Can you relate?

Case in point… a few weeks ago, my Facebook and IG accounts got hacked.

Not just hacked.

Completely deleted.

It’s been a mess, to be real with ya.

And the day it happened… I couldn’t do jack squat.

Despite having a bunch of shiz to do…

My whole day was thrown off. Not to mention my emotions were all whacked out too.

I mean… yes, it ruined my day… and the WEEKS afterwards… because social media is such a huge part of my biz…

But I actually felt a little violated.

Is that weird?

In any case… I soon realized I needed to pull myself up by my very cute bootstraps…

They’re new, by the way… LOL

…and take ownership of myself again.

Yes, I did put time and effort into reclaiming my friggin’ accounts… but I don’t have full control over that.
What I DO have full control over… is myself.

And how I show up.

For my team… my fam… and most importantly, for myself.

So here we are. 

I’m back to my routine. But with a twist.

Because I’ve doubled down on my intention to grow my biz… and to grow my friggin email list.

I tell you this story because… we all go through shiz. We all feel defeated… or lazy… or in a rut.

But it’s what we do with it that matters. What lessons we learn from it.

And that’s what I’m thrilled to talk to my lazy ass friend today about. JK JK

Laura Belgray is her name and she’s a TOP TOP TOP copywriting strategist.

She works with people like Marie Forleo… even has a course with her!

And she’s good friends with Amy Porterfield…

If you see really awesome writing on someone's emails… or webpages… or sales materials…

And they’re full of wit and humor and value…

Chances are, they’ve been influenced by Laura and her work at Talking Shrimp. That’s the name of her company… for real. LOL

So let’s get to it… Help me in welcoming Laura!

Interview questions:
  1. Hey Laura, it’s so good to talk to you! We’ve swam in the same circles for quite a few years but got to hang out a lot more over the past year on Clubhouse… Can you share a little bit about what you do?
  2. You’re a talented writer… and you teach people how to get paid for being themselves. Can you share a little bit about what this means?
  3. You describe yourself as an “unapologetic lazy person” LOL. But I know this isn’t entirely true… how does your laziness show up in your work?
  4. What is the day in the life of Laura Belgray like? How do you organize your time?
  5. You’ve been super open about being in a rut for a big portion of the last year. And I think a lot of people feel that way right now too. What tips can you offer to break out of the rut and get back to being a creative, productive badass?
  6. When it comes to mindset, what do you think separates the successful person from the one who continually struggles?
  7. We all have shiz fall apart on us… could you share a time when something didn’t go your way and how you used it as fuel for your own growth?
  8. Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you'd like to share?


Thank you Laura for sharing your immense wisdom today.

See, I told you guys she’s not REALLY lazy.

You can hear it in her voice, right?

You wanna see her get REALLY animated?Talk to her about Emily in Paris.

I love-watch it… she hate-watches it. LOL

But we both watch it.

Despite having busy schedules… and companies we run on the daily.

For me, it’s part of my necessary down time.

Plus, it helps me stay current on what’s going on in the zeitgeist / alt: Plus it helps me stay current with what’s hot in pop culture.

Which is important for my brand.

At least, that’s what I tell my husband when he asks me if I’m really STILL watching TV. 

“I have to know what’s happening in the world! I mean.. I’m a thought leader. DUH.” LOL

Go ahead and steal that excuse for any of your mindless activities, friends. 

And BTW, I actually schedule TV time.

I know, that probably sounds super dorky and weird… but it actually helps me avoid wasting time.

I’ve got a block of time set aside for my QUOTE UNQUOTE “market research.”

AKA: Netflix. LOL

It helps me unwind… relax… and so I include time for it on my calendar.

So I never feel deprived… or guilty that I’m wasting time by watching TV.

That’s just one of the secrets I’m spilling for ya inside my Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

How to create more space in your day for YOU.

Whether you wanna watch Emily in Paris or not… or use that time for something else you care about…

You’ll discover all the tricks to manage your time well.

So you can do alllll the things on your to-do list… and still have time for those personal desires you chuck out the window.

Because you value other people’s more time than your own.

Feel seen?I’ll show ya how to bust past this mindset block… and create a new, healthier relationship with time…

Inside the Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

And we kick off Day 1 of the 5-day challenge on Monday, February 7th.

So I hope you sign up.

Ok friends… that’s it for this week.

Be sure to give Laura a follow @talkingshrimp… 

OH! And make sure you’re on my email list! Go to and join there.

So I can send ya lots of cool hacks… goodies… freebies… and more.

Ok… see ya next week!