Post-pandemic PTSD recovery tips

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by the last year. LOL

Yeah… my hand is up too.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel like your best self.

But ya know what?

That’s totally okay. Expected even.

We have endured a year and a half like no other.

It was rough on allll of us. I bet it took a toll on your biz too, right?

Well, I’m gonna tell ya why…

Because if you’re a business owner, you and your biz are completely linked… 

No matter who you are, you’ve probably felt the effect and the weight of this traumatic year.

And now, this summer there’s been a shift -- a sense of “normalcy” is creeping back in.

Things are opening back up… but it’s still a little weird.

It’s almost like we have this underlying sense of… well, what now?

And do you still feel kind of naked without your mask? Or like you forgot something when you left the house?

Today I’m gonna share tips to get your mind and body back into prime condition… ready to tackle your biz.

So you can head into fall with a solid growth plan… with your eye focused on business… because your mind and body feels so good. 

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Now I know that’s super exciting… but let’s get back on track. I wanna go back to something I said at the top of the show…

Which is that YOU are the foundation of your business.

It’s true, right?

They totally go hand in hand. Especially if you’re a small biz owner or a solo-preneur.

Which is why, my friend, you hear me talking about this allll the time.

You gotta take care of yourself! I mean, you can’t pour from an empty glass.

I wonder if you’ve been noticing the same thing as me lately… 

It's like we all have post-pandemic PTSD.

Some more than others, I would say. Like, for example, I’ve been excited to get back out in the world… see people, have people over…

But there are a lot of people who just aren’t ready for that yet. It’s too overwhelming. Even when I offer a day at the beach… I’ve had friends who ask things like… “HMMMM but will there be PEOPLE there?” LOL

Does that sound familiar? LOL

Here’s what I’ll say…

Post-pandemic PTSD is totally a thing. It’s actually normal if you’re feeling like you’re not ready to go back to quote-unquote “normal life”. 

For A LOT of us… things we didn’t think twice about before are now causing some anxiety.

There’s all these new FIRSTS… 

Like… the first time eating inside a restaurant again.

The first plane ride since COVID hit.

The first time being in an Uber or Lyft.

The first social gathering without masks or staying six feet apart.

And here’s a big one for a lot of people… the first concert surrounded by strangers.

One of my friends is going to a show she’s been waiting for for TWO YEARS… 

And she told me she knows she's gonna be looking at everyone around her suspiciously. 

It’s like she’s pre-anxious about being around thousands of people again. LOL

Now, I’m gonna guess that the idea of doing these things probably excites you…

But you might also have some nervousness about it. Like, it feels a little WEIRD, right? 

It’s actually stressful. LOL

OMG, has this happened to you? Like, here in San Diego, it’s ok to not wear a mask in public… but sometimes I feel… a little naked without mine like I mentioned earlier. 

Or like I might be doing something wrong. 

So I always keep a bandana or cotton mask in my pocket. 

You know, just in case the rules changed while I was sleeping and I haven’t gotten the memo. LOL

That’s the kind of PTSD I’m talking about!

I’ve been chatting with people in the health industry -- and they say that the #1 thing their patients talk about is having social anxiety. 

Like, at unheard of rates. 

So, today I’m gonna give ya 3 hacks to ease your anxiety and get that pep back in your step. Which means your biz will reap the benefits too.

So, hack #1. SLEEP.

Sleep is pretty much one of the best things ever…

And when you feel stressed AF… or things aren’t going your way… or there’s a lot of change in your life… it’s probably one of the first things to be deeply affected.

And when you don’t get enough quality sleep, it can affect all areas of your life.

It’s tough to be motivated to show up in boss mode when you’re freaking exhausted.

So that’s why prioritizing healthy sleep habits is my number one hack today!

And here’s how you can do that…


Yep, you heard me. Regular exercise is restful sleep’s best friend.

Most of us have sat more than ever before for the past 16 months.

This may have caused you to go up a pant size…

Which is why yoga pants are a true gift from above.

I think I’ve purchased 20 new pairs since March 2020. LOL

But it’s also contributed to your messed-up sleep.

Physical activity, even just a neighborhood walk, will improve your sleep habits.

So put down the remote and vegan chocolate chip cookies and get your booty moving! LOL

And here’s another reason why you feel like your sleep sucks…

Too much screen time.

Wayyyyy too much.

Zoom fatigue is a real problem.

With the shift to remote work and social distanced video chat hangs, we’ve been staring at screens more than ever before.

Which says a lot.

Because we already had some excessive screen time habits.

I mean, my entire team is remote… so we are looking at screens allll freaking day trying to get shiz done.

Now, you know I’m obsessed with blue light glasses…

So if you don’t already have them, get on that. They seriously help with eye strain and headaches.

But while they ARE effective, they’re more bandaids than anything.

Too much artificial light exposure will mess with your melatonin.

And that messes with your sleep.

So put the screens away by a set time each night. I say at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.

This will let your eyes rest and help your mind wind down.

Maybe try reading a real book… a real one. Not on your Kindle.

What a concept, right?!

So now that you’re getting your sleep habits back on track…

You gotta make sure to have a little work/life balance.

I promise, it actually exists. LOL

That’s something else a lot of people have struggled with recently.

When there is no separation of work and relaxation space, it can be hard to get out of constant work mode.

So you gotta have discipline. When it’s time to turn off work time… you gotta literally turn it off. 

Not just set your laptop to the side for an hour while you eat in front of the TV. 

Or worse, eat in front of your laptop. LOL

The goal is to be done with work for the evening by a certain time... and not thinking about it until the next day.

Is your brain exploding right now? LOL

This can be even harder when you are running your own biz.

I’m definitely guilty of sometimes blurring the line and not having the best balance. 

Especially when I travel… which has been A LOT the past few months.

But, lemme tell ya, you need work-life balance.

I need it.

We ALLLLLL need it.

It’s so important to recharge and not overwork yourself!

This is where you gotta use your tech addiction to your advantage.

Emails tend to take up a lot of time, right?

I saw this stat the other day that says on average, people spend more than 5 hours per day checking their email.

Ummm, what? That’s not ok.

Here’s a trick to fix that.

First, turn off notifications. 

If you still have the sound alerts on for email, you are literally making yourself crazy. Turn that off immediately. 

You do not need to let email interrupt your flow on the regular.

Second, try to check email only 2-3 times a day. 

Once in the morning -- AFTER you have spent an hour doing your most important work…

And once before you shut down for the day.

If you’re in launch mode or have a big project going on, give yourself another mid-afternoon checkpoint.

Try to spend as little time in email as possible. 

Imagine what you could do with those 5 hours a day back in your life...

Speaking of email, your calendar is usually synced to it.

Use your calendar not just as a tool for giving other people access to you…

But also as a way to block off time for work… AND to build relaxation into your day.

Novel concept here but… actually take your hour lunch break.

I had a friend recently tell me that she has the world’s worst boss.

Makes her work long hours. 

Doesn’t give her breaks or a real lunch hour.

Tells her to work on weekends if she wants to get ahead in this business.

Before you get ready to call the labor board, you should know… she’s self-employed. LOL

When you work for yourself, the little breaks you had working for someone else go out the door, right? You become the world’s WORST BOSS… to your only employee. YOU. LOL

So, set reminders to get up and walk every few hours.

Add your workout classes in to keep you on track.

Schedule time to drink more water! LOL

You gotta prioritize your self-care in your schedule…

Because that’s what will keep you going in the long run.

Otherwise, burn out is bound to getcha.

Cultivating a daily routine of relaxation and self-care is key to recovering from post-pandemic PTSD.

In order to bounce back from stress and anxiety… so your biz can thrive… there’s one more thing you absolutely need to know.

You can’t get anywhere without giving yourself a little grace first. 

What do I mean by this?

I mean, giving yourself credit…

Acknowledging the struggles and anxiety....

Finding any silver linings…

And figuring out how to move forward.

We all need to give ourselves credit for just making it through the past year and a half.

No matter what difficulties have been thrown your way…

We’re now seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

So go ahead. Admit how much it sucked.

And pat yourself on the back for being here today.

So what, you put on a few pounds…

(Again, remember the beauty of those yoga pants!)

Forgive yourself if you went a little MIA from friends...

Or you gave in to extra screen time for your kids.

We all did what we had to do to keep ourselves afloat.

So be gentle with yourself.

Be kind.

You are not the person you were before March 2020.

None of us are.

But that does not have to be a bad thing.

I don’t want you to forget the lessons you learned.

Or some new hobbies or habits you picked up.

Keep up those daily walks.

Stick with some Zoom calls over in-person meetings.

Stay home when you feel like it.

And move forward with whatever comes next.

You’ve proven to yourself that you can handle anything.

In life.

And in your biz.

So have some grace!

Please, go hug all your loved ones.

Invest in your growth.

And find some joy and laughter again!

You have EARNED it.

And then go be the badass biz boss, I know you are.

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Ok my friends… have a wonderful, RESTFUL week.. 

And I’ll see ya online.