Your guide to the 5 hottest nutrition trends in 2021

I’m dropping knowledge today: the 5 hottest nutrition trends in 2021.

You know what’s crazy?

We (meaning humans) have been on this planet around 200,000 years.

And you know what many of us are still confused about?


You’d think that as we evolved and got more sophisticated, this topic would pretty much be on lock, right?


If it seems like every other day, some new report comes out about:

  • What you should be eating.
  • What you shouldn’t be eating.
  • How to eat.
  • When to eat.

And it makes your head spin, right?

Well, you’re not alone. 

Food confusion is REAL.

And check this out…

78% of people say they get conflicting info about nutrition.

And 56% say it makes them doubt their food choices.

That’s more than HALF of us!

We shouldn’t have to live our lives confused AF about what we’re eating.

So today, I’m gonna break it down for you.