How to recover from burnout – strategies that work

Let’s talk about burnout.
Around this time last year, I was starting to burn out… and I didn’t even really recognize it!
Here’s how burnout was showing up for me:
  • I felt like all the things I wanted to do just weren’t going the way I envisioned.

  • I became disillusioned about all the work I was putting in.

  • Sometimes concentrating was hard – even on simple things, like reading a book! I’d flip through several pages only to realize I had NO idea what I’d just read! 

  • There were times when I would get snappy and irritated at any minor inconvenience (ugh, I hate to admit this one). 

  • Zero short term memory. I’d be talking to someone and it would go completely in one ear and out the other – no recollection of what we had just talked about and decided to do. I didn’t really even remember the words that came out of MY OWN MOUTH.

  • I’d walk into a room and have NO idea why I went in there (although, honestly, that happens even when I’m NOT burned out, LOL).

In a weird way, when March rolled around last year and we were all forced to pause…

It actually gave me the chance to reflect on what had been going on and get back to basics.

Meaning, digging into my toolbox of hacks for burnout recovery – tips and strategies I’m sharing with you today.