Grow Your Email List + Make Money Too

Friends, 2020 has been quite the year. 

I know you feel it too. 

My biz has not been “business as usual.” My kids’ school situation is definitely not “business as usual.” Which means life is not “business as usual.”

And it’s a lot.

You know what’s gotten me through?

Taking action.

For me, that meant taking a good look at what I was offering in my business. And the biggest area I needed a punch-up was marketing.

Now, I’m not talking about refreshing Facebook ads or getting my Instagram grid *just right*.

I’m talking about finding new people I can serve with what I offer—and that means a fresh approach to marketing myself and HOW I do it.

It meant spending a few months really diving in and building (or rebuilding) my email list.

Because I know that email is where the magic happens. It’s the highest converting, most reliable way of communicating with the qualified leads that come in the door.

Now, you can do all the “normal” things like boosting Facebook lives, sending people to your site, or offering a free ebook...

But the biggest hack I learned came from my friend and marketing queen, Amy Porterfield.

Perhaps you’ve heard of her?

She has a top-rated marketing podcast. She’s got hundreds of thousands followers on Instagram. And she’s made an 8-figure business out of teaching people how to market themselves online, step-by-step.

So yeah, I’m going to listen to what she has to say.

The #1 thing Amy Porterfield taught me about marketing myself and reigniting my biz is to bottle up my expertise and put it into an online course. 

Me? An online course? No way.

That was my initial thought years ago when she put the idea in front of me. “Who am I to create an online course?” Hello, imposter syndrome.

But I sat with it. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed doable. A unique way to stand out from my marketing competition.

I had a few areas where I could provide value: network marketing, health/wellness, and coaching. And, according to Amy, that was more than enough.

I’d get “real” subscribers on my list. They’d either download a freebie, register for my webinar, or bonus: actually sign up for my course.

The first digital mini-course I ever created was called Social Downline. 

I created it a few years ago because I noticed so many people in my industry were struggling to move their business online. 

They just didn’t know how to do it. They needed to be shown how and why it would impact their business.  

My expectations for the course were low. Remember, this was a marketing tactic for me—not a new business venture. So I was pleasantly surprised with the couple of dozen people who enrolled.

Here’s what I learned from that experience: the people who signed up for that mini course—and the courses I’ve put out since—have stuck around and become part of my life. 

Many of them have joined my business, network, and social circle. 

If I hadn’t created my first mini-course, my biz wouldn’t have grown the way it has since.

Last year, when I redid my Social Downline course (after taking Digital Course Academy) I made over $96,000. My email database grew by 1,000 new members. 

AND last, but certainly not least, I had several new people join my doTERRA team after they completed the course.

Digital mini-courses completely revolutionized how I market myself.

Amy is the one who showed me how to do it better and more effectively so that is appealed to even more qualified leads.

So when I interviewed her on the podcast, I knew I had to ask her all my burning questions. The ones you probably have too, like:
  • Why an online course?
  • For someone who’s in network marketing or has an established business, what type of digital course would be a good fit?
  • Where should I start?
  • How do I decide on my avatar and then attract them to my course?
  • How do I price and sell this thing once I create it?
  • Will it really grow my email list?

Let me tell you, Amy’s answers are GOLD. 

Be sure to give my podcast interview with Amy a listen. I can honestly say it’s one of my favorites I’ve ever done.

And, if creating a digital mini course sounds like an intriguing concept to you, I am thrilled to share that Amy is offering a FREE Masterclass that goes even deeper into this topic. 

Whether you have a digital course in you or not (although both Amy and I believe everyone does), you’ll learn stellar marketing strategies.

I’ve attended many of her free webinar trainings before and let me tell you, you will leave with valuable, actionable advice you can use right now to reignite your biz in 2020. 

One of the best things about Amy is that she “gets it.” 

Meaning... she gets what business owners and marketers go through in a day. How busy we are, how our schedules are not normal, how we are balancing life and work and family and everrrryyyything. 

That’s why she’s offering this masterclass at several different days and times next week. 

I hope to "see" you there!