The Connection Between Mangoes & Mental Health

I’ve got a question for you -- do you believe it’s possible to relax even when you’re stressed?
I think there’s a common belief that stress and relaxation are polar opposites.
That you can’t relax at all until you’ve gotten your stress under control.
I’m here to tell you that’s counterintuitive. 
Wondering why I say that?
Here’s why -- if you never allow yourself the ability to relieve a little pressure when you’re stressed... that stress is going to mount to unreasonable levels.
Stress doesn’t remove itself, magically. 
I wish it did. 
But it doesn’t work like that. 
Releasing stress is a purposeful choice. 
Even when circumstances are out of your control, you can choose how you respond to those circumstances.
Stress manifests itself in two places - your mind and your body. 
Which means when you’re experiencing stress, you can choose to relax your mind or body in response to it -- or you can relax both. 
Truth bomb:  You can relax your mind and your body. 
And when I say “relax” I’m not talking about taking a 10 day vacation, sitting by the beach drinking mai tais… although that is nice. For some.
I’m talking about giving yourself a moment of peace. 

On today's episode I'm walking you through my favorite ways to relax when I'm stressed. Give it a listen, and let me know in the comments which hack you're going to try.