Destress Without Food (Here’s How)

I wonder if you can relate to this scenario:

You’re feeling triggered.

Maybe someone said something upsetting to you.  You had a negative experience. 

Or you remembered something stressful. Whatever it is, it puts a dent in your day.

So. You find yourself reaching for that hidden bar of chocolate.

Or a glass of wine.

Ok mine is always a vegan one from Plant Power over here in Encinitas.  

Whatever it is, it’s a coping mechanism you know isn’t great… but it does help you feel better.

No judgment here. 

Because I think we’ve all had those moments. 

Moments where we’ve wanted to distract ourselves with a little bit of happiness in food form.

You know... rather than deal with what’s really upsetting.

Today, I’m sharing three ways you can lower your stress levels. 

And none of these involve food.

The truth is: food isn’t a coping mechanism.

Food is nourishment. Food is fuel.

Food is a way to make sure your body is functioning at optimum levels.

And that’s all it should be.  

So, I’ve got a few coping mechanisms for you on today's episode.

And, if you’d love a list of additional ways you can destress without turning to food, then you’ve gotta get your heads on this checklist I put together.

Use the form to download it. The checklist has 20 hacks to help you destress.