How to Handle Most Anything With 3 Simple Thoughts

Have you ever thought...: “Ugh, why should I even try?”?
I mean, I know when you’re constantly working to improve yourself, it can be challenging not to focus on perfection. 
You may feel like if you can’t do it perfectly, it’s not worthing doing.
Maybe you even consider not doing it perfectly a  failure.
So, instead of taking that risk, you avoid doing it completely.

But this kind of mindset not only sets you up for failure, it creates unnecessary stress.
If you’re in the habit of viewing life as all or nothing you're probably in a constant stream of stress.
Even if you don’t realize it.
The good news is, I’ve got 3 thoughts you can try on. 
To shift your thinking.  Why thoughts you ask?
Because what you think or what you believe influences your actions. 
Internalizing these 3 thoughts will help you feel less stressed.
You’ll feel empowered to handle what life throws at you.
And you won’t be trapped in the “all or nothing” mindset that’s driven by perfectionism.