The Best Way to Show Up For Yourself

Do you ever have that kind of day? You know the one.
Days when you would rather stay in bed. Or ignore all the calls. Or not show up in your business.
It’s easy to give in to those days, and convince yourself you need a rest. You might be thinking: “I deserve a break.”
I get it. I have those thoughts too.
(Psst- I’ve got a surprise for you at the end, but don’t be one of those peeps who read the ending first, okay?) And stick with me until the end here because I have a surprise for you.
While it’s true we all need to rest sometimes, we have to be consciously aware of when the body is saying - I need a break! - versus when it’s time to evaluate how we’re spending our energy. 
What if you had a secret in your back pocket that helped you consistently show up in your life and biz… even on those kind of days?
Good news, because I’m about to share with you THE secret to being consistent.
Listen to today's episode to find out what it is. 

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