How I Stay True to My Wellness Habits When My Family Isn’t On Board

When you began your wellness journey, were you met with resistance? 

I definitely was. 

In my family, I felt like the black sheep while I pursued holistic modalities to heal my body. 

I’m the daughter of a radiologist. Which meant conventional modern medicine was always used to treat everything. 

And that amounted to years of me growing more and more dependent on medications to manage my symptoms. 

It wasn’t until I began experimenting with alternative forms of integrative and proactive self care that I found freedom.

This was years ago. 

At the time, I began experimenting with supplementation and nutrition. 

I began receiving regular acupuncture treatments. 

And the more I leaned into my new lifestyle, the more questions I got from those closest to me. 

Intellectually, I knew their concern was coming from a place of love. They wanted to make sure I was doing what was “best”. But it still often annoyed me and felt like they were  judging me.

Listen to today's podcast episode to hear how I deal when my family isn't on board with my wellness journey.