Creating a Habit of Gratitude Journaling

I have a bold claim for you: gratitude journaling literally has the power to shift your entire life. 

How can I make this claim?

Well, to start, there have been scientific studies demonstrating this fact.
Their conclusion? 

The simple act of focusing on gratitude has the ability to rewire your brain. 

Yes. It can create brand new neural pathways in your brain. 

And these new pathways open your mind up to better ways of living. 

The research out there shows practicing gratitude impacts your well-being in these ways:

  • Increased resiliency
  • Reduced stress and depression
  • More joy
  • Better focus
  • Increased productivity 

In other words, gratitude improves your holistic happiness. 

And that means if you haven’t tried journaling what you’re grateful for, now’s a great time to start. 

If you want to learn more, listen to today's episode!

Plus, head over here where you can get this habit stack as a PDF. It includes a checklist for each part of the stack, too.