Here's What Kombucha, Turmeric & Oat Milk Have To Do With Email List Building?

Kombucha, turmeric and oat milk… what exactly do those things have to do with an email list?

You’re about to learn, my friend. 

It all comes down to the people you’re attracting to your list, and how their interests cross with yours. 

In other words, it’s about making sure you’ve got an audience of raving fans who become your subscribers to your email list and eventually ready-to-buy customers  who actually care about and are looking for the solutions you’re providing. 

Because here’s the thing about email: it’s not dead. 

most social media platforms have a conversion rate of 1-3%. And that means that if 100 people see your ad, 1 to 3 people will buy.

Not terrible. But when you consider you have no control over social media algorithms then it becomes obvious those odds aren’t really anything to build a business strategy on.

It means you have to diversify. Which is where email marketing comes in.

Now take a guess what the conversion rate of email is. 

It’s 50-60% of the people who open & read your emails.

So let's spend today's episode talking about how to grow your email list!