Why Creating a Digital Course is a Biz Game Changer

Over the last decade, maybe you’ve noticed this new thing (honestly, I’d have to question whether you’re actually alive in 2019 if you haven’t noticed it) called the Digital Course. Online learning isn’t really new, but anyone being able to create a course is kinda new. 

It seems like everyone really does have a course. Your dog probably even has one so he can teach other dogs how to fetch their owners’ Kindles.

I friggin’ love digital courses.

I remember the first one I took. It was with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and it was what inspired me to become a Health Coach. At that time, I was looking for ways to get in control of my own health. 

It was exactly what I needed in my life then and it’s part of what put me on the trajectory that’s landed me here today… writing this post to you about digital courses. #meta

But hey, my point is not to travel down memory lane. My point is to get you to think of something you may have not yet considered (or maybe you think you’re not cut out to do… you’re wrong, btw):

Open your mind to the possibility that, in this information-hungry world we live in, maybe you have a message that needs to be turned into a course.

I talk a lot about your potential in your biz, about how overcoming your limiting beliefs can unlock your success, and how you can totally create the life you want.

But what does all of that mean if you don’t have a tool to make it happen?

Here’s your tool: spread your wisdom (and make some money) by creating a digital course that you can sell over and over again. 

I’ve created a few online courses so I’ve got some nuggets in today's episode that you’re gonna wanna note as to why I think this could be your next big break.

And if you're ready to jump in with both feet now, I've got a special treat for you!

My business mentor, Amy Porterfield, aka Digital Course Creation Queen, is hosting a live webinar where she talks about the 3 behind-the-scenes secrets to creating successful digital courses. 

It’s called “The 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Digital Course Success - How to Build, Launch and Grow a Thriving Digital Course Business Without Hiring a Big Team, Constant Overwhelm or Momentum Crushing ‘What the Heck Do I Do Next?’ Syndrome.”

It’s a big promise… and I know Amy will deliver.

This masterclass is the culmination of EVERYTHING she’s learned in building and launching 6 successful digital courses with a combined revenue of over 8-figures.

Are you an existing course creator who wants to 2x, 5x, or even 10x the number of students you enroll this year (while replacing your 1-on-1 client work and done-for-you services)?

Or an aspiring course creator who wants to make sure you’re building and launching your course the RIGHT way with the most updated strategies and techniques?

… Then you absolutely need to head over here to claim your spot in class!